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00Daryl Dixon. The first time I heard the name there was no one in this world I hated more. Our first encounter was with his knife at my throat. I wounded him, and from that point on we were at each other’s throats. Hating and insulting one another, avoiding each other. All at the same time while growing closer without really wanting to. Forced together by the oblivious Rick, we now stood with a bigger problem on our hands. The complications of feelings were something I would gladly be without, but I didn’t have much of a say.

Now, face to face with Daryl, staring each other down, it came down to one thing; did he have feelings for me. That was the question that I was sure he wouldn’t answer, and I couldn’t read from the expression on his face; maybe because it was dark, but likely because he was so good at hiding behind his grimace. However many times he gave me that grimace, I still couldn’t get passed the thought that it made me feel bubbly inside. To me, it felt like he was studying me, trying to figure out how I felt.

Whispering, a little angry with him for being so confusing, I grabbed his wrist, “You kissed me, remember?”

“Ye? So?” He muttered back, yanking his wrist away from me.

“What are you trying to do, Daryl?” I snarled his name. “There’s something going on… here.” I said, pointing to him and then to me.

“Nah, get out.”

“I’m not leaving until I get an answer out of you!” I said, raising my voice.

Daryl lowered his eyes, finally dropping them from mine. There was a strong competition between us, and that was bad for the situation. Neither of us wanted to admit that there were obvious feelings sparking between us. Daryl finally snapped, but it wasn’t good. “I ain’t got no feelings for you, now get out.”

And that’s when I snapped. I raised my hand to slap him, striking him hard on the cheek. It took everything in my person to not punch him, and instead resorted to a slap. I shut my eyes immediately after and waited for the returning blow. When it never came, I slowly opened my eyelids and looked at Daryl. He was looking down at his hands. When he looked up at me unblinkingly he eyes asked everything before his lips did.

“Ye didn’t actually think I was gonna hit ye?” Daryl asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

I listened as my breathing slowed, having been jagged and rapid in fear. So much time had passed, but I was still conditioned to flinch anyways. Sure Daryl had a temper and often acted on it, but it was clear he wasn’t someone who would hit a woman. I had seen it in his eyes; they didn’t resemble Jackson’s, my ex-boyfriend, at all. Still, I had flinched in his presence and he was either going to take offence to it, or think I was panicky and unstable. When I refused to look into his eyes, he spoke up.

“I ain’t the type of guy to go around hittin’ women.” Daryl said, cautiously but defensively.

“…Sorry… It’s just a… reaction.” I replied in complete monotone.

“Well it shouldn’t be.” He retorted, unsure if he should be mad at me or at the reason I expected to get hit.

I knew I had outlasted my stay, so I pulled my hand away from Daryl and exited his tent as fast as I could. I wasn’t even thinking about being quiet now; I just needed to be away from him. Dropping onto my sleeping bag, I winded myself temporarily, but didn’t even take it into thought. My mind was racing at a hundred miles an hour. Now that Daryl had seen every weakness of mine: feelings, past, and even how I stumbled in risky situations- I was now entirely an open book to him. My mouth was bone dry and I was wide awake, feeling slightly nauseas. What was I going to do?

When morning finally came around, I was the first person up because I hadn’t slept. Being quick to make a fire as soon as the sun began to rise, I grabbed a few things from my bag to make myself some food. I was sure dark circles were under my eyes, and I probably looked a bit crazed. As people began to emerge from their tents, I avoided eye contact and focused mainly on my food, which was a quick salad with what I had gathered, and the remainder of my almonds. I ate slowly and stared into the small flames of the fire. I had barely slept more than an hour between hours of thinking about the past and more recent events.

I dreaded the moment that Daryl got out of his tent. How was I going to face him now? I knew that if anyone was around when I saw him, I would not be able to hide anything. Telling myself I needed to be stronger to survive, and that my game was going to be off if I didn’t forget about everything that had been happening. Figuring my only chance of doing this was going for a walk and clearing my head. It was, luckily, another nice day out, perfect for a walk. I heard Daryl talking to someone; Carol. They were arguing about something. Without turning to see what it was they were talking about, I got up and walked to Rick.

“I’m going out for a bit, just clearing my head. I won’t go far, and I shouldn’t be more than an hour.” I told him, just making sure at least one person knew I was gone in case they decided to leave.

“A’ight, don’t go too far.” He said, looking at me like a friend.

I smiled, needing that at the moment. Nodding at him, I made sure my bow was secure on my shoulder and strode off to the road. Not knowing the area very well, I knew it would be dumb to wander too far and end up getting myself lost. No, I was smarter than that, so I left a trail of twigs to lead my way home, feeling a little like Hansel and Gretel. The air and sun were nice on my skin, and I took off my jacket just to appreciate the sunshine while it was still around. The whistle of the wind over the trees, and the blue sky were all just what I needed.

Finding a large Mockernut Hickory tree that was being shone on by the sun at a perfect angle, I checked my surroundings and quickly wandered over. I said I wasn’t going to be gone long, so I needed t make every second count. Finally sitting down and leaning against the trunk, I released a deep breath of refreshment. It was extremely refreshing to be away from Daryl and even the rest of the group. Having gotten used to being alone, then suddenly in such a large group, it was something I was having a hard time getting used to.

I began to think about Daryl now. With him not being around, it was easier to lay out my thoughts and really think about what was going on. He had come on to me, and my only explanation would be that he was either lonely and I had been the first to reach out to him, or there was some underlying feelings for me. When I came on to him, he did kiss back, briefly, before shoving me away. Assuming he had probably decided it was best not to form relationships, he was going to block me out. Then, he seemed concerned about how I flinched away from him, expecting him to hit me. What was that about? Why would he care about my past? The questions burned in my mind, racing in circles and reappearing over and over until I let my eyes close momentarily. I told myself to stay awake, but my body was shutting down from having been up all day. I couldn’t stop myself from drifting off.

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