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Created by TheMadHatterr on Saturday, April 07, 2012

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[that awkward moment when someone gives you a handshake that lingers a bit too long.]

He had been staring at her throughout the whole meeting.

He was completely shameless, winking at her and licking his lips in a provocative manner, even going as far as to rub his leg against her own from under the table.

He had received a sharp kick to the shin for that one.

[Name] gave an irritated sigh, forcing herself to look away from Eridan Ampora, who was currently wiggling his eyebrows at her, flashing what she supposed he thought was a charismatic smile.

The meeting had been hell, all because of a certain scarf-wearing, egotistic, self-righteous asshole sitting across from her.

[Name] shot Eridan what she hoped was a deathly glare, before pointedly looking the other way.

Feeling he was not receiving enough attention, the pompous man pouted, before getting an idea, cheeky grin curling on his lips.

Feeling a hand slide up the inside of her thigh, [Name] shrieked.

All eyes now trained on her, she blushed bright red.

“Something wrong, [Name]?” Her boss inquired, pointedly glaring at her.

“Uh, no, sorry.” She quickly apologized, hanging her head in shame.

“Good.” And with that he continued with his speech.

Thankfully Eridan didn’t try to pull a stunt like that again, allowing [Name] to ignore him throughout the rest of the meeting.

Once the meeting was over, her and her colleagues rose form their seats, shaking hands and making small talk.

[Name] felt her stomach drop when a certain someone strode over to her, cocky smirk dancing on his lips.

“[Name], was it?” Eridan questioned idly, holding out a hand for her to shake.

Like he didn’t already know.

[Name] gritted her teeth together, begrudgingly taking his hand and giving it a short shake.

Though when she went to let go, he didn’t.

Instead she felt something being slipped into her palm, before her hand was finally released.

[Name] glanced down, reading what was on the small slip of paper.

His number was scrawled in messy handwriting, complete with an ‘xoxo Eridan ;)’ at the end.

Seething, [Name] fixed her gaze on the pompous man, who was merely smirking at her.

“Call me.” Was all he said before winking at the sputtering [h/c] woman and exiting the room.

“That little fucker!”

The room instantly fell silent, once again all eyes now on [Name].

“Um, I mean… that little trucker!”

After a few more seconds of silence everyone just went back to his or her conversations, though [Name] did receive yet another glare from her boss.

Well, that was awkward.

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