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Are you the Hero of Brightwall? If not, is the Hero of Brightwall male or female in your forum, and are they good or evil? I'm not the Princess. She's a benevolent hero to be sure, but her naive idealism trys my patience.
Name or a title/nickname if you want: Amelia Saker

Young Adult

As far as she is concerned, Captain Saker is her father. Of course he isn't biologically, as he doesn't possess hero blood, but she cares for him and has never questioned him about the matter. Unknown to her, the mystical seer Theresa is her grandmother, which goes a way to explain her hero bloodline and fiery red hair. It was Theresa who left the infant Amelia on Saker's doorstep, her intentions as manipulative and self-serving as ever.

Appearance: darkenedmage___damien_kottfeldt_by_lackless-d4utg3p.png

(Include postive and negative traits) Amelia is calm and intelligent, but also surprisingly witty. She is very charming, with an air of slyness that never seems to fully go away. Her demeanor to most is silver
-tongued, and critical to anything she finds impractical. She shows little to no remorse for her actions, even when those actions occasionally include the murder of innocent people. To her, the end justifies the means, and she absolutely refuses to lose Albion to the coming darkness or the rebels. Really though, what do you expect from a girl raised by a group of bloodthirsty mercenaries? A certain amount of apathy comes with the territory.
How others see you- Amelia tends to appear charming and crafty, albeit somewhat cruel. She's generally well liked among her troops, and does try her best to make sure they have the training to survive the upcoming battles. While her tactics to control the masses can seem heartless, her trusted Majors understand the necessity of her actions and are unlikely to betray her to the revolutionaries. If not for that loyalty to her, King Logan would have great difficulty maintaining order among the ranks of his own army.

I'm good at manipulating people into doing what I want, lying when necessary, stealing, and my aim with a pistol is excellent if I may say so myself (though I still envy how much more experince Reaver has, I'm nowhere near his level).

Let's see...I like power, money, fighting, balverines, dogs, my troops
, Saker's mercenaries, and rare pistols. I have a few unique weapons of my own, with my favorite being the Red Dragon. This pistol once belonged to Wicker, a hero who was said to be the finest shot Albion had ever seen. Until Reaver came along, that is. After hearing of Reaver's rising fame, Wicker foolishly sought him out and challenged Reaver to an honourable duel, hoping to settle once and for all who had the greatest skill... Reaver's reply was to shoot him in the head. I find the story very amusing, as I can completely see Reaver doing just that! I'm not Wicker though, and I'd never be stupid enough to question Reaver's skill, so lets hope I don't face the same fate. I like my Red Dragon, but I'd do anything to get my hands on a Dragonstomper .48. Unfortunately for me, I dont see Reaver ever parting with any of his. Knowing that he killed the other four owners to get the weapons, I don't dare to even ask him about it. Still, I enjoy watching his in action. The man never misses a shot!
Losing, boredom, hobbes, hollowmen, the Bowerstone resistance, the Crawler

I don't know where I came from or who my relatives are, but I'm certainly a hero. As an infant, someone left me on Captain Saker's doorstep in the mercenary camp. He found me there and took me inside, only to find a note adressed to him in the folds of the blanket surrounding me. It was vague, only stating that I was his responsiblity now and my name. The signature at the bottom of the note read "Theresa," but surely this could not have been the same Theresa that now guides the rebel princess in her attempt to gain the throne. Why would the blind seer have had me in the first place, and why give me to Saker, unless she somehow foresaw my involvement in the coming war all those years ago? Could she have known that I would meet King Logan and join his fight to save Albion, or am I just being paranoid? Theresa and I may share a similar hair color, but I certainly don't posses the ability to see the future like she can, and I've never heard of her using a gun like I do, so I presume we aren't related, but I can't be sure.
Saker did indeed raise me. His sense of honor was too strong to allow a child in his possession to fend for itself or be sent to the Bowerstone orphanage, and he was not disappointed with the results of this decision. I was only about five years old when I started showing signs of being a hero. I grew into a fierce mercenary, able to utilize the magic of will, the sword blows of hero strength, and my utter favorite, skill.
I met Logan shortly before he inherited the throne. He had gotten separated from his men on one of his many expeditions. The young man was injured and confused, and ended up wandering into the mercenary camp by accident. I recognized him as the prince immediately, but the two guards at the entrance didn't. The morons pulled out their swords and ran at him, with every intention of murdering him. I saw this little scene unfold from the watchtower I had been standing at, and I yelled for the men to stop their
attack. I knew they heard me, but in the heat of the moment they dared to disobey my orders, something I do not tolerate. I calmly unholstered my pistol, and just before the first idiot swung his blade I fired, my bullet piercing right between the mercenary's eyes. He was dead instantly. The other turned towards me with a look of pure terror and confusion. I smiled at him before shooting him in this chest, directly at his heart.
After replacing my pistol in it's holster I went down to meet the young prince. He was wary at first, but gradually came to trust me after I invited him inside and tended to his wounds. Once he had gotten a proper meal and a night's rest, I accompanied him back to the palace to insure his safe return. Not long after that event, the old hero king died. As the eldest sibling, Logan took the throne, and he quickly offered me a position as a general in his army and military advisor. Obviously, I accepted and have since become good friends with the king. I can't say the same for the little princess, though. She seemed to take an almost immediate dislike to me, and I to her. We simply avoided each other, and, for awhile, life was peaceful in the castle.
That is, until our trip to Aurora.
I had been eager to accompany Logan's expedition, as I had never visited the desert land.
As you probably already know, things went terribly wrong. The darkness attacked us, killing all our men and leaving Logan seriously wounded. I was in bad shape myself, but I managed to get us to safety in the Aurorean village. The healers there nursed him and I back to health, and we left soon after recovering. Logan made a promise that he and I both knew he couldn't keep, telling Kalin we would return with troops.
After returning to Albion, Logan's demeanor began to change dramatically. He had always be a very serious king, but before the darkness he had always been empathic to the needs of the people. Formerly, I was the pragmatic, ruthless one, and he was the stable voice of the people. Now he was focused only on strengthening his military, using any means necessary. Taxes were raised, children were put to work, and people starved on the streets. I can't say I disapproved of his actions though, it has given me more freedom to train and control the military any way we need to in order to save Albion. I've stood by his side the entire time, my loyalty unwavering.

Are you a hero or an average person?

Unfortunately none, though I've always wanted a dog.

What would be your theme song(s)?
You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring or Assassins by Anarchy Club

Getting to Know You Better
1. Are you better at using skill, will, or strength?

I'm best at fire-arms (skill), but I'm also proficient with magic (will).

Do you have an job other than adventuring?

Royal General and occasionally a mercenary ;)

3. What’s your opinion of Logan and his rule?

I am quite fond of Logan, and I will remain loyal to him. His rule has been strict, but it is to save the peoples lives. Not to mention it has benefited me immensely.

4. What’s your opinion of Aurora and the Crawler who has ravaged it?

I like the city of Aurora; it's a shame that the Crawler is terrorizing them. Having experienced the Crawlers power firsthand, I know exactly how terrifying it can be. I dread the day that the darkness takes hold in Albion, as I cannot be certain we will prevail.
5. What’s your favorite place(s) in Albion/Aurora? Why?
The mercenary camp is my favorite place because it's where I grew up, and because I enjoy going back to visit Captain Saker. I also like the castle (who wouldn't?), and, as strange as it sounds, Bowerstone Industrial. I like that polluted place mostly because, so long as I'm not wearing my purple elite guard uniform (I never wear the helmet like Logan's normal elite guards), I can go there and the people are so caught up in their own misery that they rarely recognize me. Since becoming King Logan's general my presence has attracted attention from the citizens in most areas, and it can be rather annoying at times.

6. Least favorite place?
The Shadelight Dungeon in Aurora, were the Crawler and the Children reside.

7. Where were you raised/were did you come from?
The mercenary camp

8. Favorite characters?
Logan, Saker, Reaver, Connor, Ben Finn

9.Least Favorite characters?
Page, Elliot, Sir Walter Beck, Boulder, Crawler, Sabine

What You Think of Them

Logan: He's probably my closest friend. I get him to loosen up from time to time, and he keeps me from becoming too heartless. He's a kind man at heart, and it kills him to see his people suffering as they do now. I wish I could be of some comfort to him, but I wouldn't want to give him the wrong idea about our relationship. It would make things awkward between us if he thought I had feelings for him. Don't get me wrong, he is attractive, but a certain pistol-wielding tycoon has already caught my attention. Besides, if I am related to Theresa, Logan I would be related, albeit very distantly.
I find him nearly as irritating as the king's younger sister. I was thrilled when Logan ordered his execution, and I even got to be the one to shoot him.

Sir Walter Beck:
I know he means well, but he's bloody annoying. He's always interfering with Logan's plans, and I have serious concerns about how much information he may have gotten to the rebels. He was most likely passing information to them even while he was at the castle, and surely has spies here now. I told Logan to get him away from the princess, but he refused to believe that Walter could turn his own sister against him until it was too late...

I never really bothered to talk to the butler. He seemed to make a point of avoiding me, so I imagine he didn't think very highly of me. Perhaps he was afraid? I don't really care much, honestly.

The dweller leader's old and senile these days isn't he? I seriously doubt he'll be much help to the princess in her silly revolution, but I'll be careful not to underestimate his madness.

All bronze, no brains. I would love to put a bullet through his thick skull if he dares make a move against the king.

Major Swift:
I've only met him a few times, but he seems the type to join the resistance. He wouldn't be much of a threat by himself, but he does have the loyalty of his men. Unfortunately for him, I to have troops loyal to me, and the royal guard has better weaponry. I hope we don't have to kill him, as he is a wonderful soldier, but I won't hesitate to do so.

Ben Finn:
He's actually quite amusing, but he is against Logan's rule. Therefore, he is my enemy and I cannot show him mercy. It's a shame really; he has potential and he's not bad with a gun either.

Connor (the white balverine):
Ah yes, the Silverpines outcast and balverine leader! I like him. He'll get his revenge on the those pesky villagers if I have anything to say about it, for the right price of course. Mercenary habits die hard, I suppose.

That damn sewer rat! Please, don't even mention her name around me. How dare she lead a resistance against the throne! Logan is trying to save this kingdom, so who cares if a few peasants die in order to achieve that goal? Who cares if people in Bowerstone Industrial starve if it means cheaper labor for defense? Page is dead if I ever lay my eyes on her. I frequent Bowerstone Industrial fairly often to scout for rebels, so she better stay wherever she's hiding if she values her life.

I sympathize with her and her people, I really do, but I simply can't waste my forces on a foreign land. I would have kept Logan's promise to her if Albion had the resources, but we simply don't have any troops to spare. Still, I've fought the darkness before and can scarcely imagine the horrors her people must endure living there.

He's an intriguing man, thats for sure. I've truly never met anyone quite like him. I've heard he never ages by sacrificing people to something called the Shadow Court. Can you imagine anything more wonderful than immortality? I'm envious to say the least. Anyway, I've also learned he's the hero of skill, though I never really doubted he had hero blood after seeing his marksmanship skills. He's self-centered, pleasure seeking, and has a total disregard for loyality. Most people would hate his guts, but I find him irresistible- not that I would ever just tell him that. The last thing that man needs is someone to stroke his ego. I don't doubt that he would betray me if it benefitted him, but I still like his company. I don't question my own judgment often, but of all people, how can I be attracted to the most cunning and devious man in all of Albion? I'm in way over my head here.

I've heard stories about her, but I've only met her once myself. She advised me to accept Logan's offer of becoming his general, and made it clear that my involvement in this war was critical. I can't help but wonder what connection she has to me, but I know she's just as manipulative as I am, and will not reveal any more information than she has to in order to get whatever it is she wants.

Captain Saker:
He's a bit of a brute, but he did a fine job of raising me. If it weren't for him who knows where I would be, or what I would be doing right now? I wouldn't trade my mercenary training for anything, I always enjoy going back to the camp to see him from time to time. If the princess harms him, I'll have my revenge by personally slaughtering everyone in her precious resistance, and not even King Logan will be able to stop me, I swear it.

For Oneshots, Rating: Whatever you choose as the rating for yours.

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