The Curse of Beauty(Info)Percy Jackson Love Story

Created by goldenheart2272 on Sunday, April 08, 2012


Name:Kenzie Winters


Godly Parent:Ares

Years at Camp:4

Personality:Sweet,Kind,Honest,Loyal,Trustworthy,Hyper,Crazy,and Smart

Likes:Singing,Dancing,Fighting,Storms,Traning,Candy,Traveling,Hanging with friends,Climbing trees,Swimming,and Flirting

Dislikes:Spiders,and Guys trying to impress her


Birthday:September 2nd

Fav Color:Neon green

Fav Animal:Black Panther

Weapons:Bow and Arrow,Swored,daggers,Spear,and Her Voice

Past:She is Ares Favorite child so Aphrodite put a curse on her,the curse of beauty.So at the age of 7 she has been cursed with beauty.When she came to camp it took them a few hours to find out that she was a daughter of Ares and every boy has been head over hells for her.

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