Fable 3 Life: Reaver's Idea

This is based on a video game called Fable 3. Anyone, Fable player or not, will enjoy this!...I hope... (Let's get this clear...Series:Fable 3 Life, Title of Chapter:Reaver's Idea)

Created by kuteglacion010 on Sunday, April 08, 2012

Alright. The battle against the darkness is over. Now what? Well, I've gotta surprise for you! I'm bringing Fable 3 back-and they've got an entire life to live, right? (At least here they do...)
Reaver sat in his chair, staring at designs for new inventions. He was head of Reaver Industries in Albion, where he was the most powerful, with the exception of Queen Eliza. But here in Malamute', he was at the bottom of the totem pole, the new dude. Scum... Reaver thought. To them, I'm scum.hmph...
Well, as he sat there, he thought of all the lovers he happened to have in Albion. How half the population-no, like 75% of the population of the world had no such luxury. Sure, he had invented lots of things to benefit him, but never to other people. I mean, why waste a fortune on other unworthy people? But still, he (oddly) felt sorry for the single, pitiful people. Maybe if people didn't actually meet each other in person first, more relationships would happen. More wealth due to loss of depression. More wealth to spend on Reaver Industries products. Like a blind... blind... Date! Reaver thought!
Reaver grabbed his hat and threw it on top of his black hair, out of habit. He swerved to his desk and scribbled down Blind Date. "Yeah Reaver! You've got the idea! It benefits everyone! Now, how to advertise it..." Reaver told himself excitedly. But to advertise it...
Posters have previosly worked in the past, before Queen Eliza took control. But most posters were Logan made. And everyone hated Logan. So, naturally, No one pays attention to posters anymore. But Eliza could advertise it. She would make it popular. Even she could use it. She was intelligent. She would figure something out. And it benefits everyone so- OH MY GOSH! I'M TALKING LIKE...LIKE...A "GOOD GUY"!? AHHHHHHH!!!!!
Freaky. Definitly freaky.But, for his idea to suceed, he had to return to Albion. Back to power. Reaver stood to full height, which is freaky tall. "Woo!Revah is back dudes!" Reaver screamed. And he walked away to Albion, to Bowerstone Castle, singing "Party Rock" the whole way.

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