billiejoearmstrongfantasy1 part 6

Created by billiejoesdikishuge on Sunday, April 08, 2012

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after you both got dressed he grabbed you by the hips and kissed you lovingly.then you went outside to grab some pizza whil billie stayed in and layed in the came back with a meat lovers medium(6 pieces)pizza(my fav.)and joined both grabbed a piece and watched tosh.0(also my fav!)and ate pizza untill you both fell asleep.....whaen you woke up it was 11:21am.billie was still asleep so you got up and relized he had a piece of cold pizza in his hand so you took a picture and posted it on used the bathroom and you were on your period so you werent pregnant which was okay because you didnt want a baby sighed you were gonna be moody as fuck now!you put a pad on and got dressed in blue jeans and a red shirt that said,libra(im 1 too!)you left billie a note on his head that said," on my period so fuck off-sorry if im moody!!love you lots,chloe"and left to wake up tre and mike.when you walked into tres room he was sleeping and had a girl over so you left him alone.mike was up and in the shower so were watching cartoons(your never too old to watch saturdays cartoons lol!)your phone rang-unknown answered it anyway,"hullo?you said wondering who it was your aunt cella."hey sweetie,i went to your appartment and you werent there is every thing okay?"she said."oh..yeah im just travling on the road with greenday-billie joe is my new boyfriend!"you said happily."oh.wait!with greenday??!!!!good for you.well i just wanted to make sure you were okay.this is my new number so save it."she said."okay well..oh mikes wanting to talk to me so ill text you later.""okay love you.""love you too.""bye!""bye!"you both said."i didnt want to talk to you."mike said."yeah.well i dont feel like talking to my relatives now."you said."gotcha.i dont like my relatives ethier."he said.all of a sudden billie walked in and said,"haha very funny.ill back off for..."he said."a week."you finished.mike just starred untill billie whispered it to him." uhh i guess ill do the same."he said."ill tell tre when he wakes up and his whore leaves."billie said while you both all stayed in there untill tres whore ran out the bus.tre shortly arrived to sit on the couch next to you and said,"the bitch had kids!!!" starred at him and then at billie as if to que him to tell him as you walked off."yeah.shes on her monthly gift soo.."you could hear him shut the door and there was a knock."what!"you said aggravated.tre came in pouting like a puppy dog you knew he was trying to be smiled and asked him again."whats it like to be on your period?im just courios."he said like he was laughed and said,"well,your pancreious feels like..this!"and you punched him hard a little bellow the somach."ohh..!"he groaned as he held the spot where you punched him."and you have huge migraines all week.lets see,oh!your stomach is soo hurt its like..bloated all this you have a major stomach ache-all week!"you said."that sounds horrible.i feel bad for you!"he said."thats not piss blood!and it leaks from your private so you need a pad or tampon.i use pads though tampons feel weird!"you told him."oh my god!!do you want a hug?!"he said opening his fell in his arms and started singing evanesences my immortal.(you were really good at singing like her!)you were singing the song while billie came in with mike quietly they heard you singing and tip toed in kept singing because you did not know and were singing soo good they couldnot belive it was you.after the song was over tre let go and you stood up and looked at them as they looked at you in awe and were completly scilent.a few minutes later billie stood up and said,"damn!!!!i thought it was the radio!"."no it was me you said as you walked off into the kitchen to eat somthing.when they walked in you were starting to sing bring me to life.they sat down as you sang.they filled in the guy part like the(wake me up.)the part the boys sing yeah that were all singing the song.after the song they clapped for you."babe.why didnt you tell me you sang so awesome?"billie said hugging you."its my hidden tallent."you told him."oh!and tre!if you ever hug her like that long ill kill you!"trenodded as if to say.'hey man.its okay it was just a friend kinda thing.'mike started sing pain by three days all joined in.after that you and billie took a nap...........i was listening to those songs as i wrote it soo....sorry it was soo long i got all caught up in the story i just went crazy!!!!

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