Meet Your Match [Daryl Dixon] 14

Chapter fourteen, hope you guys like it. I really like chapter fifteen, but you won't see it until this gets 25 rates at least.

Created by DaughterofAnarchy on Monday, April 09, 2012

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“You throw like a twelve year-old girl!” My uncle taunted, spilling beer over his boots as he threw his hands up in laughter.

I turned and glared at him, “I AM a twelve year-old girl!”

My dad sighed, “Jamie stop buggin’ her.”

“Alright alright! It’s just constructive criticism.” My uncle argued.

I breathed outwards as quietly as I could in order to prevent my uncle from seeing how bothered I was with his ‘constructive criticism. Holding one eye shut, sticking my tongue out of my mouth in concentration, I held my arm back, turning my body sideways slightly. Eying my target with distaste, I flung my arm ahead of me, releasing the dagger. Shutting my eyes immediately, I waited for the thud. When that thud came, I shot my eyes open. Upon spotting my dagger lodged in the wall, I smirked at my uncle, who had wide eyes.

“Don’t look so proud.” My uncle laughed, getting to his feet and walking towards the wall. “It only counts if it doesn’t fall out when I touch it.”

I held my breath, feeling nervous. Sure I got it in the wall, but who’s to say it was in there well. My uncle Jamie just had to ruin everything. However, when he grabbed the handle of the dagger, it didn’t fall. In fact, he tugged and tugged, but was unable to remove it from the wall. I snickered, “You pull like a twelve year-old girl.”

My uncle turned around and raised his eyebrows. “You’ve got spunk kid.”

I felt a bit of glory, having him be proud of me for the first time. However, when my uncle and father began to speak to each other, they began to change. Their voices were turning more into gibberish and their skin turned grey within minutes. I panicked, realizing what was happening. I wasn’t twelve anymore, and they were coming at me. Frozen with fear, I struggled to move, but it was like running through molasses.

I felt my body shaking, and threw my eyes open, flailing my arms, hitting something solid. When that something solid spoke, I focused my eyes to realize it was Daryl. It had all just been a nightmare, and really there was no danger. However, I had fallen asleep out in the open, and that was one of the most dangerous things someone could do. I spotted two walkers, each with an arrow lodged in their heads. That’s when I realized Daryl had saved me. Again.

“What the hell are ye doin’ out here alone!?” Daryl shouted.

“What do you care?” I yelled back, shoving him away from me.

“What do ye think?!” He snarled at me, standing up quickly. “You honestly think I stumbled upon you, going for a stroll on my own?”

I stood up, “What are you talking about?”

“I asked Rick where ye went. You’ve been gone for two hours.”

I blinked at him, still confused. “You came looking for me?”

“Ye.” Daryl said, finally lowering his voice.

“Why?” I asked quietly.

“I didn’t want your death on my hands. I knew ye left because of me.”

I furrowed my brow and tried to figure out what he meant. It was very straightforward, but I didn’t understand how he knew so much. I had given a lot away the night before, but that would only have given him more reason to want me gone. Having an emotional female, more like a damsel in distress, interfering with his life was something I knew Daryl would have no part of. If I were gone, he would be able to go back to the way things were. I knew they were simpler without me. Before me, no one called him out or bothered him, leaving him to his solitude. Now I had taken over even his time alone; hunting. However, he only came looking for me because he didn’t want my death on his conscience. It was that simple.

“Don’t you want me gone?” I asked him, staring at his back, focusing on the wings on his vest as he bent down to grab his arrows.

He seemed to stiffen when I ask him. Being quick to respond, he didn’t turn and look at me though. “Thought I made that pretty obvious before.”

“No. No you haven’t Daryl, in fact you have made nothing obvious.” I crossed my arms over my chest. “You’ve led me on, and pushed me away. I don’t know if you hate me or not.”

He turned around, “I don’t hate ye. I just don’t wanna be tied up by ye. I don’t wanna lose ye too.”

“Who else?” I asked, after a long minute of painful silence.

Daryl cracked his neck, “No one.”

I was so close to breaking under his skin, but he would step back again. He would let me get so close, and then push me away. My blood boiled as I bit my tongue, not wanting to get him riled up again. We weren’t good together when we were both mad. I didn’t like it when he yelled, and he didn’t need me pressing him for his personal losses right now. I sighed, avoiding eye contact.

“What did you mean ‘tied up’?” I asked him, seeing as that could be taken in many different ways.

“Ne’ermind.” He said, storming passed me, his eyes glued to the road.

I followed behind him, having to speed walk to keep up with him. I had never had problems with ignoring people when I felt something for them when I shouldn’t. But it was different with Daryl. Whether or not it had to do with the apocalypse or not, I couldn’t say. However, it was either deal with it, or let it grow to become more of a problem. I couldn’t stop myself from prying anymore.

“Damnit Daryl!” I screamed at him, stopping in the middle of the dirt road. “Will you stop for just one minute!?”

Daryl stopped, then spun around quickly, storming right up to me, stepping in my personal bubble. Everything about his posture showed me he was mad at me. This didn’t stop me or even phase me. In fact, it made me want to get everything out even more. However, Daryl started talking before I had the chance.

“I don’ wanna be around ye because ye piss me off. I ain’t someone to keep ye company, so stop tryin’,” He snapped.

I shook my head, “Then why did you kiss me?”

“You’re still strung up ‘bout that?” He scoffed.

“Yeah, I guess I am, Daryl.”

He let out a deep breath. “I wasn’ thinking straight. Jus’ forget about it.”

“I can’t.” I stated, “Daryl, I really can’t. Because…. Because you helped me answer a burning question I had.”

“An’ what was that?”

“Whether or not I had feelings for you.” I replied, holding my head high, trying to keep my voice steady.

He made a face, “Why would ye go and do a stupid thing like that?”

“I didn’t decide to! I’ve been trying to hate you the whole time!” I said, starting to laugh a little; it was true, I didn’t prefer hating him.

Daryl rolled his eyes, “You are so typical.”

“Oh what? So you just kissed me for kicks? There was nothing there?” I asked, stopping my quiet laugh halfway through, becoming pissed off again.

“Maybe there was. But there ain’t anymore.” He yelled, growing furious with me. He stared me down, but I could tell there was something more in his eyes. He wasn’t telling me the truth. I wanted him so badly to just open up, but he kept everything locked away. I was tearing down his walls, whether or not he wanted me to. He had no control over how he felt about me, although he could block me out. He wanted me around, he just couldn’t admit it.

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