Whats My One Thing? (One Direction Love Story) Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! (Cheers and applause) So Maggie and Harry Just got home from their date. What does Liam say to Harry in the kitchen? Where is Niall (LOL I love that Question)???Does Niall say anything to Harry or Maggie?? Oh yeah and The boys meet Maggies other friends..

Created by rissyissexy on Thursday, April 12, 2012

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"Yeah. Maggie why don’t we go sit in the living room." Lou said already pulling me to the living room. We sat on the couch and Louis started talking nervously staring at the closed kitchen door. Zayn went with Harry and Liam. So now it was me and Louis who was blabbing on about armadillos or something. I was distracted and so was Lou. Lou was distracted with making sure I don’t hear anything the boys were saying in the kitchen an I was distracted with questions. What is wrong with them? What are they saying to Harry?? And for heavens sake Where is Niall???
"Louis. Where’s Niall?" I said interrupting his armadillo talk. Lou looked down at his feet.
"OK...Well Niall and Harry-" He was interrupted. He was getting interrupted a lot today.
”I’m right here." Niall said giving Lou a dirty look.
"Niall Where have you been?" I said jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.
“Maggie.... Come to the photo shoot with us! Then afterwards I have a surprise for you. Please" Niall was pleading. He looked so sad. He looked like he had been tortured.
"Ummm....." I glanced at Louis who was staring at Niall like he was crazy. "What about the girls?"
"Well they can come to the photo shoot too!!! Then the boys can take them back here after the photo shoot, and when we get back we can have a movie night!" He was excited. AWW!!!
"Ok.. Let me call the girls and ask." I sad dialing Miranda’s number.
“Hello??" Miranda said. She sounded bored.
"Heyy Chicky!! Have I got a surprise for you!! I need you guys to get dressed. I have ordered a car to pick you guys up in.... 30 minutes. Love you bye!" I said hanging up. Lou and Niall just looked at me blankly. Ok so I didn't exactly ask them.. But that’s because I didn't want them to say no, even though they wouldn't. I looked at Niall and smiled.
"What can I say? I like mysteries." I hoped he knew what I meant. Surly he did because a smile was planted on his face that was so big, the folks at home could see it. Then Niall pulled me into a massive hug. Just then Harry, Liam and Zayn walked out of the kitchen. They were confused. We all were.
~Harry's POV~
I was really mad when Liam pulled me into the kitchen. Me and Maggie were having a great time! Now she’s sitting on the couch being bored to death b Lou. As soon as Liam closed the door to the kitchen I was shoved against the counter .
"What the hell are you doing?" Liam said in a loud voice.
"Ouch Liam!! What are you talking about!" I said agitated
"Before you left you were acting so rude to Niall!!! Now your going to bring her back and try to parade her around like she’s some trophy!! This is not fair to her or Niall!! We all know Niall really likes her!" He was yelling but Maggie defiantly couldn't hear us. Then Liam’s voice softened "But you.... I'm not sure you do." When Liam said that, it felt like a bomb exploded in my stomach. How could he think that? Was he right? He can't be, I won't let him.
"Liam stop you don't know what I like and don't like! You need to stop acting like you know me so well, because you obviously don't" I said this with so much rage in my voice.
“What are you guys doing!?!?" Zayn sounded really shocked andconfused "Your fighting over nothing! We all need to back off and think. Harry maybe you should be more considerate of Niall and you should really think about what you want. Liam you should just calm down."
"And lay off" I added in. That made Liam laugh.
"I’m sorry Harry just, be careful. Please?" Liam said smiling. I wasn’t mad at him. He was only trying to look out for me and Niall. Or just Niall.
“Its ok. I know your only worried that I’ll fall to hard… but I won’t I promise. It won’t happen unless fait wants it to happen and I don’t know. Far chance?” I said. I didn’t mean to end in a question but that’s how everything ended up happening.
“Come on. Lets not leave Maggie with Louie too long. You know he‘ll spaz out soon..” Liam said walking towards the door “You can invite Maggie, if your nice to Niall. And don’t gloat!” I didn’t answer him I just laughed. I really wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I walked out of the kitchen. I saw Niall holding Maggie close. I don’t want to say it was a hug because everyone hugs and this was way more. I saw a connection like I legit saw sparks fly, unless I just got lightheaded and saw stars. I looked around. I wasn’t the only one stunned. Liam looked surprised. Zayn looked impressed. Louis….Well Louie looked down right confused.
“Guys guess what!!!” Niall said pulling away from Maggie to face us “ I invited Maggie and the girls to come to the photo shoot!!! So we get to see Kara again and meet her other friends!!”
“Well that’s great Niall.” Liam said smiling “When will they be here?”
“30 minutes.” Maggie said smiling. Everyone was quiet. I thought of something to say.
“Well what are their names, Love?” I asked
“The 2 you haven’t met are Chloe and Miranda. Why?” She said so cute. Niall stared at her admiringly.
“So we can pretend like you’ve been talking about them 24/7!!” I said and everyone laughed. We all sat on the couch: Liam, Me, Maggie, Niall, Zayn, and then Louis. We all just sat there and let Maggie talk about her lovely friends. She told us how Miranda always had good love advice and Chloe was always good at comforting people. She told us really everything we needed to know about them, and even something’s we shouldn’t know. Time flew by really fast. We all jumped when there was a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it!!” Zayn said jumping up and racing Louis for the door. Lou reached it first because he was closer. “Well …Hello there.” Louis said opening the door smiling, but then Zayn pushed him out of the way and the girls gasped then giggled.
“I’m Zayn!!” he said smiling. Then Liam came over and helped Louis up.
“I’m Liam.” He said pushing the door open wider “Come on in.”
“Hey guys!!” Maggie said getting up from the couch and helping me up. Then running over to hug them. “This Is Liam, Zayn and Louie.”
“HI!!” Lou screamed. Then I walked up next to Maggie.
“This Is Harry.” She said as I gave them a small wave. “And this is-”
“I’m Niall” Niall said smiling. He went to each one and gave them a hug, but he stopped at Kara. “You look familiar..” He said laughing. Maggie just smiled, I couldn’t tell if it was a fake smile or not. If it was real, I couldn’t tell what kind of smile it was. I wondered if I could tell what she was thinking. Then I knew. She was probably thinking the same thing I was. 5 boys and 4 girls together all night. What could go right?

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