.::Wingless Angel::. Chapter 1 (A Hiei Love story)

Shiori is a light apparition who is left for dead in human world, What happens when Hiei saves her from certain death?

Created by HiiChan on Thursday, April 12, 2012

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| Name: Shiori...............................|

| Age: 17......................................|

| Hight: 5'0 ..................................| (Hiei was 5'3 at the end of the series)

| Race: Demon..............................|

| Power: Healing/light.....................|

| Hair: Ivory..................................|

| Eyes: Crimson.............................|

| Birthdate: April 16th.....................|



The breeze of the ocean felt icey to the touch of your sentive skin, your eye's were dulled and you didnt have feeling in your body anymore. You just laid there on the sand, limp. You waited for someone to pass by and notice you, help you. Your vision was begining to blur, you relized you were losing to much blood and wouldnt stay conscience for long. You began to give up hope of surviving, knowing no one would come to your rescue. The sea-breeze smelt refreshing, dying beside something so beautiful wasnt so bad, infact the sounds of the waves washing up onto shore relaxed you. Your eyes slowly closed and the single word escaped from your lips.


You awoke in a brightly lit room, It took a few moments for your eyes to adjust to your new sorroundings. You laid stiffly in the bed suddenly relizing the excruciating pain throbbing through-out your entire body. Flinching you forced yourself to sit up and look yourself over. You had wires and tubes attached to your arms, little bags with liquid in them pumped fluids into your body. Your eyes scanned the room looking for someone, anyone who could explain where you were and what happened.

It didnt take long before a figure stepped into the room, they had Bight crimson hair, and emerald eyes, he stood there in the door way smiling at you. The energy emitting off him was friendly, And by his scent you could tell he was a demon aswell.

"It's good to see your awake, how do you feel?" What a calming voice, it was very soothing and gentle. You slumped down in the bed alittle, shy about meeting a stranger.

"Ok, im in alittle pain, but nothing like before." Came your small soft voice, it was very innocent. "who are you?" The red-head came over to you and checked some of the wounds on your arms over, making sure none of the cuts had re-opened.

"I work for Koenma, im a spirit detective. My names Kurama." You look up at him and begin fidget with the bed sheets. "So how did i get here?" You asked. The boy's emerald eyes met yours.

"Hiei found you and brought you here to the mansions infirmiry, when he found you, you were on a verge of death and barley had a pulse." He said standing straight again.

You brough your fingers to your cheek and rested them there, feeling a scrap your had gotten in the fight. "who is Hiei? I'd like to thank the person who saved my life."

The red-head nodded slowly and looked out the window staring off ino the forest that was below. "Im afraid he doesnt make visit's to the infirmiry, however when you fully recover and get released from here I would gladly introduce you to him."

You felt the corner of your lips lift into a smile. You nodded and met his friendly gaze again. "My name is Shiori. Nice to meet you."

The boy gave you a friendly smile. "It's nice to meet you aswell." Someone from the hall was calling his name. "Excuse me" He said and left the room.

You let out a deep sigh and closed your eyes once more, falling into darkness.


Kurama Had visted you everyday checking up to make sure you were ok and doing well.It had ben a week since you were brought into the infirmary. you healed consideratly quickly considering how serious your wounds were and it was time to leave. Kurama was waiting for you outside in the hall, u breathed a relived sigh and followed Kurama down the many halls and staircases that made up the huge mansion. You soon reached the final floor and saw Two boys sitting infront of a TV playing video games. They didnt seem to notice You and you walked past them and out into the fresh air. Kurama Headed for the Forest, you right behind, you felt nervous. You and him made small talk as you walked through the seemily endless forest.

Kurama soon stopped infront of a tall tree. You looked up at him with a questioned look. "Why'd we stop?" Kurama just smiled at you and pointed up to a branch in the tree. Looking up you spotted a boy with spikey black hair with a white starburst in the middle, he was wearing a black cloak and white scarf. You stepped closer to the tree and cleared your throat.

"Excuse me?" You said timidly, the boy didnt notice your existance. "Excuse me!" You said a bit louder. Opening one eye the boy stared down at you with crimson eyes.

"Hn?" He grunted. You began fidgiting with your hands.

"I-im the girl you saved a week ago. Thank you for your kindness." You said bowing. Hiei just stared at you for a long moment.

"Whatever." his voice made you flinch, it was emotionless and you deffinatly were'nt expecting the responce you got. You swallowed hard and just nodded again.

You gave a look to Kurama and turned the other way and began to walk, you stopped suddenly and faced the boy again. "I was wondering.." You started and glanced down at the ground. "If there's any way i can repay you."

His crimson eyes ran over your form, " Your to weak and therefore useless to me." you flinched from his harsh words.

You thought for a moment before speaking again. "Why did you decide to save me then?" Hiei gave you a glance and got up and disapeared. You blinked out of surprize. He was fast. Kurama let out a sigh and appologized for his comrade. You shrugged it off pretending like it didnt bother you. "I should go now." You said and began to walk away, haulting after relizing you didnt have anywhere to go anymore. Kurama noticed your hesitation.

"Your still not completely healed. Most of your energy is still gone, prehaphs you should stay here intill you fully recover." He suggested, and boy were you happy he did. You nodded and he led you inside the Mansion and into the living room where you saw the two boys from earlier. They were still there.

Kurama stood infront of the TV much to the boys annoyance. They growled and the boy with black hair and brown eyes stood up and threw down his controler. "Damn Kurama wat the hell man! We're in the middle of something here!"

Kurama ignored the boys rudeness and turned to look at me. "this is Shiori, She'll be staying with us for awhile intill she regains her energy." He stated.

The boy with orange hair and a goofy looking face looked you over and then back at boy with black hair. "Cool urameshi a girls staying with us!" He stood up and ran over to you, pointing a thumb at his chest, "I am the very manly Kuwabara!" He said with a big grin on his face. You gave him a smile as a greeting.

"Im Shiori, its really nice to meet yo-" You were interupted by the boy with slicked back hair picking u up and examining you.

"DAMN! She's smaller than Hiei!" You sweat dropped and laughed nervously. "anyways" he started, setting you down. "Im yusuke" He said folding his arms behind his head.

You bowed to him and Yusuke looked over at Kurama. "does binky breathe know about her staying here?"

Kurama shook his head. "i'll go inform him." He said and with that left. You were left there in the middle of the living room with the two boys staring at you.

They both soon took a seat on the couch and went back to the game. not taking his eye's off the screen Yusuke patted the spot next to him. "gonna sit your ass down or what?" He said with a joking grin. You walked over and took a seat next to him.

"So how'd you end up here?" Kuwabara asked. you began to explain to him how you were attacked by Demons and how you were brought here by Hiei. Kuwabara let out a snicker. "the shrimp saved you? Maybe he's turning soft Urameshi."

Yusuke nodded. "probly."

You sat there quietly with them Kurama soon returned and asked you come with him. Nodding you stood up and followed him down into a very wide hallway, at the end of it were 2 enormous double doors. You blinked up at the massive things. They began to slowly open as you approached them. stepping in you noticed a toddler sitting at a desk stamping papers. He has JR tattoed on his forehead and a binky in his mouth. You stood there looking very, very confused.

"You must be Shiori" He said looking up from his paperwork. You nodded slowly taking in his appearance. "I am Koenma, ruler of the spirit world as you probly already know." You nodded again. "From your profile i see you're a very skilled healer." He said looking down at some papers.

"yes, Ive drained all my energy from fighting off some demon though and i was wondering if i cou-" You were cut off By Koenma.

"I know who attacked you, He's very dangerous and is wanted for slaughtering 100's of humans. You're very lucky my spirit detetives found you and brought you here, or you'd be dead." You nodded, already well aware of everything he was telling you. "Your allowed to stay here for however long." He said. You smiled and thanked him, he dismissed you as a blue oger with a stack of papers ran into the office placing them down on the tiny rulers desk. "not more paperwork!" He yelled in fusteration.

Kurama led you out of the office and smiled. You smiled back at him as you both rejoined the 2 boys in the living room.

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