Different Kiss Drabble [Spiderman] ItachixReader

:3 Tis' another request. This one is for ShadowRose75, I hope you like it. Itachi is one of my favorites.

Created by Bettycrocker14 on Saturday, April 14, 2012

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Giggling to yourself, you watch as Kisame and Itachi walk along the path back to the hideout. Hiding your chakra you prepare to ‘fall’ down in front of them, more like Spiderman hang down in front of them by using your chakra fueled feet and a rather low tree limb that’s well hidden.

Just as you were about to perform said stunt, Kisame disappears leaving Itachi to be the victim of your prank. As Itachi nears closer you crouch then spring when he’s on a few feet away.

“Boo!” you scream, but see no reaction from the raven haired man.

He quirks an eyebrow before speaking, “What are you doing [Y/N]?”

“Well… In all sense, I’m doing the Spiderman, but in my case it’s Spiderwoman.” You reply as you hang in front of him while nodding your head.

“I see.” He says before stepping closer to your face.

“Neh… Itachi, what are you doing?” you ask in a cautious manner afraid that you might fall from his close proximity since you harbored a huge crush on the raven haired man.

“Doing what Mary Jane did.” He replies before he gently presses his lips against yours. You kiss back while your inner girl is going nuts.

A/N: I hope you like it and I hope you reqeust something later in the future. I'm also still taking them if you want one.

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