Harry Potter Baby's Daddy chapter two: Sirius Black

Second chapter of my first baby daddy series. (Will be two series)

Created by ClaireVampiress on Saturday, April 14, 2012

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Authors Note: Sorry this took sooo long to get out. I was a bit stumped for a plot line but it finally hit me. So here it is. Enjoy!!! I hope it doesn’t epically suck. I wasn’t sure to go with this or another plot line. I worked really hard on this one so try to be nice. Even if you hate it.

Chapter TWO: Sirius Black

About you: Your name is Anastasia Dimitrov you are a pure blood that was raised in Russia but moved to England when you were 12 years old to get a better magical Education, The blacks who were great friends with your parents took you in so you stayed there on holidays and the summer. You have long Auburn hair, and warm honey amber eyes that show a wisdom beyond your years. You had a very studious personality and were in the top of your and Sirius’s year.

You preferred books to anything but you loved the company of your best friends Sirius, Remus and James; you didn’t get along all that well with Peter you didn’t trust him something felt off. You didn’t approve of their practical jokes persay but you never stopped them. Unless they were attempting something so dangerous and reckless that they could die. Then you stepped in. You could usually get them to stop they were terrified of you when you were angry and often times thought it safer not to go through with it. For if it didn’t kill them. You’d hex them until they wished they were 6 feet under.

Your animagus form is a White Tiger. You had figured out what Remus was long before the others but agreed to keep his secret until the others found out and you underwent the process of becoming an animagus, you were the first of the group to achieve it perfectly. Your patronus is a phoenix. You are brave and loyal but wickedly smart. both your parents and blacks parents secretly hope that you two will get together someday, though neither of you know that you are in an arranged marriage yet, they want to see if you will willingly fall in love first.

How you met/Background story: You met the summer between first and second year. Your parents had just aparated you to in front of an empty space between number 11 and 13 Grimwald place. You waited patiently holding your mother’s hand and clutching your favorite book “The Tales of the Beatle and the bard.” A moment later the house started to appear and your mother guided you in.

The house was dark but very well kept but you noticed as you peaked through doors that there were a fairly large amount of dark objects much like your own house. You never did care much for the dark arts. You were fascinated yes but you mostly studied them for knowledge not for actual use. You were led into a sitting room that had a large tapestry with some burnt holes in it full of names, on further inspection you realized it was the black family tree.

“Wait here.” Your mother said kissing the top of your head before bustling off further into the house.

She returned a few moments later. You sat still your back straight and your hands folded in your lap your right hand holding your left poised and proper wanting to make a good first impression on your parent’s friends and their 2 sons.

“I’m so glad you could make it.” Mrs. Black told your mother Anya.

“I’m so happy you are willing to take her in Wahlburga, She was not getting a proper education in Russia She would learn much better here from you and Hogwarts.”

“Shame that, we will teach her all we can we assure you.” Wahlburga tured to you. She had long black hair tied in a strict bun and had a strict look about her. Someone you clearly did not want to cross. “Hello, I’m Wahlburga black. Please call me Mrs. Black. This is my husband Orion.

Orion had shaggy black hair and dark cold eyes he surveyed you before nodding in approval. The look caused you to shiver but you hid it well.

She would then point to her oldest son. “This is my disappointment my son Sirius.” Sirius looked like his father but had his mother’s eyes. His shaggy brown hair fell about his shoulders and he gave a sly half smile which you bowed your head in response.

“It’s not like I’m any happier being your son.” He snapped causing her to narrow her eyes.

“You will show respect why we have company! Or I’ll box your ears.”

The younger boy came forward distracting you from a now full blown argument between Sirius and his mother. He held out his hand which you took politely and shook it. “I’m Regulus Black. Pleasure to meet you miss..”

“Anastasia Dimitrov. You can call me Ana, Stasia, or Anastasia.”

“Anastasia is a pretty name. I’ll call you by that. “

“Dinner is in a half hour. Sirius show our guest to her Room.”

Sirius rolled his eyes and walked over to you offering his hand which he took. He also picked up your bags and headed upstairs. He was strong able to carry them one handed to a guest room. It was open to some sunlight, black drapes with red blankets that reminded you of blood. You walked over to the bed and sat at the edge of it. Sirius put your luggage on a blanket chest in the corner of the room next to the dresser.

“So you are Anastasia huh. My friends and I have been pretty excited to meet you. James and Remus especially.”

“Why? “ You asked curiously.

“It’s not often we see witches or wizards from another country you could say we are curious about you. “ He gave a sly half smile which you returned.

“Come, mother will be cross if we are late for Dinner, the Dining room Is this way follow me. “

Dinner your first night was Highly entertaining. Sirius had set off a dung bomb and turned his mothers soup to slimy looking toad eyes. As you didn’t approve of such behavior you couldn’t help but giggle quietly in your head at it.

He gave you a wink as his mother pushed him out of the dining room and to his room. The rest of dinner was eaten in silence.

The next day you and Sirius went and got your school supplies, once you got new robes and your school books and potion ingredients. (You got extra reading material both non-fiction and fiction, you did enjoy a good fantasy world. In which Sirius thought you were insane and made a stupid comment about books being useless and evil.)

You stopped by the pet shop. Your mother had given you extra pocket money to get an animal. You were going to get an owl but a pure white sleek short haired cat with unusually vivid emerald eyes. You scooped her up and started scratching his ears. He purred and swished his elegant tail. You gently nuzzled up to its fur making a strange purr like noise in greeting.

“Wow.” The shop keeper comented in amazement. That cat has never taken a liking to anyone before. Are you going to buy him miss? “

“Yes!” You squealed and handed him the 10 galleons he cost. Sirius politely bought the food and supplies.

You and Sirius became friends over the rest of the summer holiday; you often talked about spells beyond your years, theorys and what you liked to do in your free time. Sirius was a prankster and comedian who hated doing homework yet was incredibly smart. He found it took up time that could be better spent on other various activities.

Why you on the other hand preferred books of all kinds. You studied hard but often would sneak in a good fantasy novel. Sirius even snuck you in some muggle fantasy literature when you told him this. you devoured and absolutely adored them, they were your favorite books and would eventually become well worn but no less loved.

Sirius had a calming effect on you and could often get you to smile. You were worried though that once you got on the train he would leave you to fend for yourself not wanting to appear to friendly with the new girl. You worried in vain for when you got on the train a few weeks later he brought you to his friend’s compartment.

“Hey guys, this is Anastasia remember I told you we would be getting an exchange student.” You waved shyly.

A boy with jet black messy hair and deep ocean blue eyes and glasses grinned and hugged you in greeting. You hugged back awkwardly not used to people touching you. Something that would change because the boys didn’t really understand personal space.

“I’m James potter, It’s nice to meet you.”

“James, that’s not very polite you’ll scare the lil lady.” A dirty blond boy that had a tint of red in his hair smiled, He looked deathly Ill and tired. “I’m Remus Lupin this is Peter petigrew , He pointed to a round boy with a rat like face and greasy hair who looked scared and nervous”

“Nice to meet you all, Sirius has told me so much about all of you, and your pranks. I’ll have you know if any of you pull anything on me it will be your heads got it?”

“Understood. “ They said at once and they all gave a sarcastic salute.

When you got their you were taken to a private room before the sorting to get you sorted. You were put in Gryffindor. You got a lot of stares as you walked between the tables and took a seat between Sirius and Remus.

When you started to Like him: You realized you liked him the summer before fourth year started. You were staying at the Potters curled up outside on the hill in your Tiger form. Your head on your large paws when you saw a large shaggy black dog trotting its way over to you.

You purred as he rested his body over yours and rested his head on the arm of your front paw. This was a normal habit of you both had when you wanted company but wanted to keep thoughts to yourself. You were glad he didn’t try to talk to you as you thought back to a conversation you had earlier with Remus.

“I don’t get why James is so mean to Lily Remus. That’s not how you ask someone out he’ll never get Lily at the rate he is going.”

“All your friends are guys…and you still don’t know how we work do you?”

“whats that supposed to mean?”

“It means exactly what It sounds. When we like someone we tend to hurt them. Push them away or try to convince them to come to us. The fact that Lily keeps turning Him down makes it worse. It’s why we are so hard on you sometimes. It’s our way of saying we care as stupid as that sounds.

“It’s still stupid, you guys care for me Moony?”

“of course we do Silk. (They gave you that nickname because your fur is a soft as silk)Padfoot even more than me and Prongs. Havn’t you noticed that he follows you everywhere and his moodiness when you go on dates and the fact that half of the guys don’t ask you out again is because he interrogates them. “


“Do you like him?” Moony questioned with a knowing smile.

“I don’t know.”

“Think on it silk.

You thought hard about it and realized you really did like him. The way he smiled and teased you when you were reading or trying to study. Now that you thought about it the way he looked at you from the corners of his eyes and was always there to catch you or to pick up when you were upset or your life seemed spiraling out of control. He was the shoulder you cried on when your aunt died.

The way he would purposely pick a fight with you when he didn’t know what to say. Maybe moony was right and you were reading these subtle gestures as an over protective brother other than the potential lover he was trying to come off as. You decided you wouldn’t tell him. You would hint and hope he’d eventually come out with it.

You smiled to yourself as you too headed inside for dinner back in your human selves. Watching the way his shaggy brown hair fell in front of his eyes. You remembered catching him reading a Russian language book once; he was trying to learn your native language so he could better understand you. You still had the habit of slipping into it when you were angry or really excited about something and not thinking about language.

You would wait for him to come to you.

How he asked you out: It was winter Fifth years two year since you came to the realization that you liked him and According to both James and Remus he liked you too but was to scared to make a move. You were seriously tempted to take things into your own hands. But you didn’t have to.

You were out late in the library having gotten special permission from Professor Dumbledore to study after hours. You were starting to drift off when you were startled out of your seat by loud bangs coming from the corridor. You left your things there and quickly went to see who or what was making the noise before the caretaker found them.

It was Remus James and Sirius. They were casting spells in the sky just outside you quickly went to see what on earth they were up too when you read what the now glowing words were saying. Sirius was smirking smugly. The words said. “Anastasia will you go out with me?”

James and Remus winked at you before running off to distract the teachers peeves, ghosts and the caretaker. The sacrifices they made for their too best friends. But in their minds getting you two together were worth the month of detentions.

You ran into his arms and hugged him tight. “Yes! Yes I’ll go out with you!!” He hugged you back tightly.

Your First date and first kiss: You looked yourself over in the mirror. You wore a simple black skirt and a red shirt. Your hair was up in pig tails with braids throughout charmed red and purple. You put a hint of make up on and as you slid on your shoes you petted your cat sphinx before leaving to meet Black in the room of Requirement.

It was a fairly simple date, showing he knew you but he served something that shocked you. Though he admitted he had to get the houselves coaching to make it. It was traditional Russian dinner something you hadn’t had in years. You had secretly missed it.

He nervously pulled out a chair which you sat down in . The appetizer was a salted cucumber(A cucumber soaked in salt water with various other spices. ) The soup was a Vegtable Shie soup. A soup with Cabbage potato and meat. The main course was A mixture of Pelmeny (Smal balls of minced meat covered with a pastry) and a Berry Vareniky. (Small balls of pastry but instead of meat berries, potato or curds.) with a side of fried potatoes(kind of like hashbrowns but with different spices.) Dessert was piroshky (Apple filled pastries.) drizzled with Honey. To drink he had Kompot (Boiled water with fruits and sugar served cold).

You thought it would be awkward but in fact your date was fun. You talked about tradition of home classes school mates. Sine you were already friends there was the awkward trying to find common ground conversations you knew exactly what to talk about. Time flew by. After you finished eating and drinking. Music filled the room and the table disappeared giving you to a chance to dance. You melted into him loving every second being with him.

You waltzed did several modern dances with him even showed him a couple of dances from your own country before performing one solo for him. So by the time you two left to get back to the common room you were full, Tired, and happily chatting.

Before going into the portrait hole He slowly lifted your chin and leaned over you so you had to stand on tip toe as your lips touched in a small gentle kiss. Pulling away as the portrait door open revealing a smiling Remus and an expectant James. Obviously they wanted to know what happened.

You headed to the girl dorms to bed. Letting Sirius do whatever guys did when explaining how dates went.

How it happened: You were curled up in the common room. You were a 7th year and graduating in a little over a month. Reading one of your more adult novels (paranormal Romance) that you had picked up your last trip into muggle London out of curiosity. It was actually pretty good not that you would admit to the boys you read anything but innocent books.

You had just put the book away when he sat next to you and pulled you into a tight hug and you curled into him. I love you he murmured lightly in your ear causing you to giggle. You leaned up to lightly capture his lips; he returned your kiss with abandon his tongue expertly sweeping your mouth.

As you kissed his hand lifted your shirt some and gently put his warm hand on your abdomen. You felt a warm shock go through you and you pulled him closer by his tie kissing him more aggressively, he smirked and bit your lower lip causing you to gasp and lean your head back. He took that opportunity to lay you out over the couch and bite at your neck.

He looked down at you your lips parted feeling his hot breath over your skin. “Are you ready?” He asked against the skin of your neck biting and licking small circles making it almost impossible to think. It took you a few moments to decipher what he meant. You smirked and rolled him on his back

“My turn to show you what kind of mistcheif I can get up to.”

He grinned. “I like the sound of that!” He pulled you into another passionate soul searing kiss.

How You found out: It had been a month since that night and you had been very fatigued, sleeping through classes. And several times you slept for several days straight . This of course worried Sirius you never missed a class. you were also getting odd cravings of peanut butter mixed with macaroni, you did the best to hide this weird fact but One day James and Remus caught you.

“We’ve noticed you’ve been off lately. Me and remus want you to follow us. We think we have a feeling on what’s going on. We wrote down everything that’s happened to you. The sleeping, the fainting, the odd cravings. We believe we figured it out.

They led you to moaning myrtles currently empty bathroom and James turned on you his arms folded in a “I’m disappointed in you little sister” way.

“What’s going on?” You questioned.

“Tell me, are you a virgin?” Remus asked blocking the door so you couldn’t escape.

You felt your face grow hot. “N-no.” You covered your face wishing you had female friends to talk to this about instead of two male best friends who thought of you like a sister.

“Sirius I presume” James questioned.

“Yes. Who else would it be?” You glared.

“Have you two used contraceptive charms or potions?” Remus asked again probing lightly.

No…” You suddenly saw what they were getting at, it made sense. You silently kicked yourself that the boys had to be the ones to point it out.

“I think I may be pregnant!” You cried out and started pacing.

“Calm down, We snuck into hogsmeade and stole a pregnancy test, I doubt anyone will notice one missing. “ He handed it to you, you took it gratefully and went to the nearest stall to take it. Coming out a few moments later you sat down with them. Remus holding your shaking body tight and James glared at the test as if daring it to turn positive.

“How long does it take” James complained after several moments.

“A while.” You replied you would have found the whole thing funny if the panic that set in as you saw the test turn positive.

“oh Merlin” You gulped before passing out. James quicker than Remus with his seeker skills caught you.

How you told him: It had been two weeks since you found out you were pregnant and you still hadn’t told Sirius. You were afraid he would leave you. Or worse tell you to get rid of it. You couldn’t do that it was your child. You were graduating in a week.

“Look, Silk you either tell Sirius or I will.” James said one day why you sat by the fire in the common rooms.

“Tell me what?” Came Sirius’s sharp voice from the corner of the room where he had been hiding in the shadows. “Why it is my best friend and my girlfriend are alone at night in the common room? You all have been acting suspicious for weeks! “

“Sirius love I can explain.” You quickly got up. You knew he had one nasty temper when he was truly angry which was extremely rare.

“I don’t think I need an explination, I can clearly see whats going on here.”

“Mate it’s not like that! Honestly, you know I love Lily. “

“Do you or is that a cover?”

“They are telling the truth. “ Came Remus’s voice from the stairs. “go on Anastasia, I think you better tell him now before this gets any worse.


“what?” Sirius blinked.

“Alright, Sirius I’m pregnant with your baby and I understand if you don’t want it or have anything to do with it. But I’m keeping it and I am prepared to do it on my own with out any help from you if I have to. “

You shut your eyes quietly waiting for an outburst that he was leaving you or calling you a slut. But none of that came instead you were pulled into his tight embrace which you gladly returned.

“A lot earlier than I originally planned but, I’m happy , shocked and no idea what to do but happy that your pregnant and going to have my baby. I’ll be there for you and help you I promise.

The Pregnancy: You had a fairly easy pregnancy though not on the guys persepective. James, Remus, and Sirius lived in constant fear of your moods swings and cravings. You would get sad, angry, joyful, or excited at the drop of a dime so they often tiptoed around you and were carful on how they spoke to you.

Sirius was with you every step of the way and took all your hexes and mood swings in stride. Often joking or pulling a joke on James to make you smile and temporarily forget why you were so upset at him.

You still craved Peanut butter Macoroni that you often made. Much to the disgust of the boys. But hey you were the pregnant one they could deal with how you ate. Another food staple was Pickles You always had to have at least 3 jars in the fridge. Also at least one carton of Ice cream. An crackers for your morning sickness, which you had every day for 9 months. You were miserable yet happy at the same time. It was probably easier do to your friends and boyfriends support.

The birth: You were with Remus and James in the living room of the potter house when a sharp pain went through your abdomen. You felt the rush of your water breaking a second later. Remus didn’t miss a beat and picked you up carrying you to the bedroom. Lily came in and lifted your dress to check how far you were dialated.

James went and got Sirius from the order’s headquarters it took 3 hours and by the time he arrived you were in severe pain. When he took your hand you nearly crushed his though if he was in pain he didn’t show it.

Four hours later you gave one final push and sharp crys could be heard. You fell back against the bed exhausted but managed to hold your son. Sirius tickled his little foot. “what will his name be?”

“Travis Remus Black.” After his grandfather and God father.

“He’s perfect..now theres just one thing to make this night even more perfectly. Answer me this. Will you marry me?”He brought out his family Ring. You screamed and kissed his cheek.

The Wedding: It was small and you had it at Hogwarts. Remus and James the best men and Lily was your made of honor and they were your only witnesses other than Albus Dumbledore who married you. You held your son. As your lips met that first time as man and wife you knew your life was perfect in that moment.

Epilogue: A couple years later you had another boy you named Roland winter Black and a year later you had your only girl Ella Marie lilly Black the year harry was born and another boy a year later you named Jaxson James Black.

Though when voldemort killed your best friends you were able to prove that Pettigrew was the cause and he was put into Azkaban. Though the pain of their loss never fully went away you coped knowing they would always be with you.

You traveled around the world as a family and home taught your kids until they were old enough to go to Hogwarts. You and Sirius Raised Lilly and James’s son Harry and Years later you helped Harry Take care of Remus’s Son Teddy. You missed your best friends but knew they were watching over you and their familys.

Harry married Ella and you got 3 grandchildren and you couldn’t be happier.

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