Kidnapped! (Girls Only, Don't you hate that boys?)

I want to know if this is good or not, my sis tells me I need to make really good quizzes, and so I need some peoples help. Please message me if there are some errors, or if it is good or bad!

Created by Main94 on Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sweat is trickling down your neck, the heat of the car is humid and you wish you could just dive into the lake that surrounds the campground.

"Remember the rules guys, especially you, Kim (I just love that name!)" The camp director says.

You sigh and shake your head, your parents always made you go to camps where its like girl-scouts. Very annoying! You take a deep breath, quickly letting out the warm air and sucking in new one. Your thoughts drift off to Sports Camp, where you get to race, play baseball, basketball, kickball, soccer and many foreign sports. You dream about the large lake where you could go canoing (Ugh, I don't know how to spell that word!) swimming, and boat riding.

"Kim, are you in your imaginary world again?" Lorena asked. You snap back to reality, and you blush as you look away.

The other girls giggle and a whole crowd of giggles surround you, you shut your eyes and whisper, "I wish they would zip there mouths close for once!"

"Did you say something, Kim?" barked the camp director. You glare at the camp director and shake your head. The camp director frowns and continues guiding the bus driver to where the campground should be.

"Hey Kim, 12:00 midnight, we are going to go swimming in the lake, wanna come?" A chubby girl named Lucy asks.

You shrug and make a slight nod, "Anything for a cool dip in the lake!" you think.
Hm, very interesting...quite odd, where's the kidnapping part? (Me: It'll come)
Don't even like it! HATE IT! (Me: Get out of this quiz then!)
Is there death in this? (Me: Mayyybe) Groan!
Once the bus stops, you wait until all of the squealing girls hurry out of the bus, and you sink into the chair.

"Kim, you next." The bus driver says. You look at him and nod, then you stand up, stretch, and grab your duffle bag from the seat.

As you step off, the cool air of a forest surrounds you and you lazily set your duffle bag down and sit down on it.

"Kim, this is not the campgrounds!" Lorena shouts. Your face flushes and you grab your duffle bag and hurry up with the group.

The whole group is wearing identical clothing, long jeans and the camp T-shirt, your black wavy hair is tied up into a pony-tail and your T-shirt has a slight smudge on it from a snack you had on the bus ride here.

"Wow, look at that! That lake must be refreshing!" Lucy exclaims. You catch a glimpse of it through some trees and you gasp. It is huge, there is a small island in the middle of it, and it is crytsal clear!

"Don't even think of going in that lake, ladies. We are not here to swim, we are here to explore nature!" The camp director says. You hear a girl jokingly say, "Isn't water nature?"

You smile and look at the lake again, before something grabs your foot and you scream, as you fall down.

"What happened!" Lorena screams. You silently sit up and look at where you tripped. Nothing is there. The hair on your neck stand on end and you quickly stand up, grabbing your fallen duffle bag you hurry up with the camp director, resisting the urge to look back.
Who grabbed MY foot! (Me: You'll find out!)
I have black I know...)
When you arrive at the campgrounds, the camp director goes off the list of things not to touch and things to touch, all of the meetings and what they are going to do, the rules and a lot of boring stuff that you slept through. When the camp director claps his hand, you quickly set up your tent.

Lorena rushes over to you and grabs your hand, "Come on, we have something to discuss!"

She brings you over to where Lucy and four other girls are, they are talking about the lake and how crystal clear it is.

They stop talking when you come near them and they look at the ground nervously.

"You know about the 12:00 swimming in lake thing, right?" Lorena asks. You nod sheepishly, wondering why they are asking this to you.

"Well, the schedule changed to 7:00, so the sun will still be up when we go swimming." Lorena continues. You stare at the beautiful lake again and wonder why there are no fish in there.

"Get it?" Lucy asks.

"Yeah..." You mumble and walk away.
To swim in waater! ^.^ (Me: Yeah...)
I hope nothing happens! (Me: *SHIVER SHIVER* Hey! Why is there a fan in here!)
At 7:00 you listen to the silent chirping of the cockroaches, the camp director made the girls go to sleep at 6:00 and you kept yourself awake until 7:00.

There is a slight tap on your tent and you look out, Lorena, Lucy, and the four girls are wearing bathing suits and they are silently motioning you to come.

You nod and quickly close the flap to your tent, quickly getting on a bathing suit you follow the girls until they reach the lake.

"One dollar for whoever jumps into the lake first." Lorena says. You look over to the lake and you grin.

"I'll take!" You say. Lorena looks quite surprised, and she silently pushes you to the water. You quietly stick your foot in the water and are surprised how warm it is. As you climb onto a rock, you look over at the water and take a deep breath.
The suspense is TERRIBLE! (Me: Hope it'll last)
Is the water acid? (Me: Then why didn't your foot burn off when you put it in the water) OHH YEAH!
The girls are walking slowly towards you as you look down at the water. It seems to be glowing, and you see something move from the corner of your eye.

You turn around and look to where you saw the movement. Nothing.

"Come on, jump!" Lorena chants.

"I-I don't want to..." You cry. You slide off the rock and shiver.

"Two more dollars!" Lorena urges. You look at her, finally, out of thinking it over, you scramble back onto the rock and look down at the water again.

"I can't believe she will do it!" Lucy whispers. You hold your breath tightly, and jump!

As you land in the warm water, you take a deep breath as the sun shines upon you, and the warm water engulfs your body.

"Is it warm?" Lorena asks. You nod and dive down into the water. And as you rush up to get a gulp of air, you hear a splash from the other end of the lake.

"That's weird, how could they get to the other side of this large lake?" You wonder. You open your eyes and look at where the girls are splashing each other. You slowly count them, all of them are there.

"Hello..." A voice whispers behind you. You open your mouth to scream, but a hankercheif muffles your screams, and you are dragged off. You look at the disappearing lake, and you kick and punch at the figure behind you.

Something hits you over the head, and you are knocked out.
:O I GOT KIDNAPPED! (Me: Duh, why else would the title say "Kidnapped!")
I thought Lorena or Lucy would be kidnapped, I hoped it would be the camp directory also...(Me: Yeah, but thats what I chose and you are the one who got kidnapped.) You also took the name from a book (Me: I didn't know it was the name of a book!) Of course there would be!
Okay, so a mysterious person grabbed you, knocked you out, and kidnapped you. ITs a bummer, good thing I'm not kidnapped...MWAHAHAH!

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