//The Legend of Korra Story//(1)

I forgot to mention in the information ch. That this story is a Squeal from Avatar the Last Airbender Toph's older sister. For those of you have read it, might understand why Kashi is related to Lin, for those who do not. Just look up the story and it will tell you why.

Created by raven716 on Thursday, April 19, 2012

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The wind blew slightly, you push your bangs back as you take down dry clothes on the line. Folding them nicely, laying them flat in your laundry basket, you go to the next one doing the samething. Just as you place it down, and procced to another piece of clothing.

"Kashi!!!"Ikki's voice booms, as she comes running through the nicely clean clothes. Causing a few of them to fall on the ground, her brother was just behind her.

Sheets of clothing fall on you, until they cover you completely. Ikki hurries and pulls them off you, laughing when she finds you. You just give her a simple smile, though inside complete upset at the fact your two younger sibilines ruined you nicely cleaned laundry.

Picking them up in a ball"Yes"you ask them.

"We're back from out trip visint Gran-Gran"Ikki tells you.

"How is was it?"you asked her"Meelo, please don't do that."He was wrestling with the clothes.

You turn back to Ikki"It was fun, you should have gone. Gran-Gran sends her love. It's so cold there. I got to build a snowman. We saw Korra again. Why is it so cold down there? I don't know how they live there. Hey were you doing launrdy?"her motor mouth went on.

"Glad you had fun, you know why couldn't go. I had things to do here. With mom gone who was going to do the chores? I'm glad you saw the Avatar. Is she here?"you asked her.

"Nope, she isn't dad said he wouldn't be able to train her in airbending. Sad really, I wish he would. Hey did you make anything good?"

"Meelo!"you scold your little brother, he was tangled up in the bedsheets. You go over to him, getting down on your knees, as you start to unwrap him"Look at you, getting all tangled. You shouldn't do something like that, you could get hurt."

"Stop it!!! Kashi!!!"Meelo tries to get out your grasp, as you help him out. He was such an energtic boy, trying to have his own indepence mainly from you. You finally get him untangled. Wasting no time, using his air bending to blow you in the face. Causing you just smile at him. He turns his back to you.

You quickly grab him, pinning down his arms. He never liked when you did, as he kicks his feet.You plant a kiss on him"Glad your ok Meelo."

He fights himself free, blowing away from you"Yuck"he wipes your kiss off his cheek.

You softly chuckle to yourself, turning back to look at the laundry, still a bit upset that the rest of it now became dirty thanks to these two. Though at least you had a basket full of clean ones. Picking it up, you leave the area with Ikki and Meelo right behind you as they carry the dirty laundry.

Making your way to temples, you enter the one that belonged to your family. You spot your parents. Placing the basket down you run over to them.

"Father, Mother"you hug them both, they return it"I missed you, both."

They smile down at you"Seems you did the laundry"Pema smiles at you.

Ikki and Meelo fall over from the load they carried"Well, most of it."you smirk at her, you place your hand on the her belly."What did Gran-Gran say about the baby."

Pema sighs rubbing her temples"Another airbender"she tells you. Your eyes sadden for a second but perky back up.

"Why don't you rest mother, I'll bring you some tea."you tell her.

She smiles at you, patting your hand"Thank you Kashi."

You smile at her, Jinora comes over to you"Kashi, can we still have are our reading time?"

Turning you look down at her"Sure, let me just get mother's tea done."

"Then it's training, reading can wait Jinora."Tezin tells you both.

"Yes father."you agree with him"Jinora come help me with the tea."

"I wanna helpd, I wanna help too"Ikki waves her hands in the air.

"I know you do, but just me and Jinora"you hurry up and push her as you both leave the others quickly. When you felt you where far enough, stopping you exhale wiping your brow. You where not being mean but, with Ikki in the kitchen with you.

Last time, your father was blew his top badly. You and Ikki never did so many air bending circles in your life. Making it to the kitchen you put on some water, while Jinora gets the tea ready, you put on some snacks on the tray.

Looking out the window, you see your father and your sibilings who where using airbending on eachother. Your eyes drop, even though you train in the art of airbending, you could not bend the element at all, trying hard as you could, nothing ever seem to come from it. Pouring the tea Jinora picked out into the teapot, adding the hot water, and putting the lid on it.

Jinora heard it, she turns and looks at you. She's seen those eyes before. The same ones you had when she was younger, after Jinora did bending the first time. Isolatetion. Jinora could always tell you felt isolated from her and her younger siblings. Being the only child of air bending master, that could not do the art. And after hearing that the new baby would be an airbender, did not seem to make you happy.

That was why you spent most of your time with Pema, and with house work. Always finding other skills to improve on. She never fully understood why you still did the trainings with her, Ikki and Meelo. If you never could bend.

She comes over with the tray, you look down at her with a smile"I've got this, why don't you go and get started with the training."She looks at you, but leaves.

Placing the teapot on the tray, along with the cups. Leaving the kitchen, to find your mother back home cleaning a bit. Stepping in the room, she turns and see coming over with the tea, you set it down for her.

"Thank you Kashi."she picks up pot and pours herself some. Taking a sip."That hit the spot."

"Glad you like it. It's my speical blend."

"Your speical blends are the best."

"Thank you mother. I'm off now, have to going do some training now."you tell her.

She stops the cup to her lips, looking at you with sorrowful eyes.".....Kashi, you know yo-"

"I've got to go. You know how dad is if I'm late"you tell her leaving.

Pema watches you, looking at her reflection in the tea. It's been the same since you were little. After you had gotten dropped off here to live with her and Tezin. Doing the training, that was ment for her three children that could airbend. Though you had the movements down, you never had the abilitly to use it.

Yet you still went, it hurt her deeply inside. She remember asking her husband to not allow you contuine with the training, he was going to. But changed his mind. Which upset her, her never did tell her his reason why.

She takes a sip of your tea, as smiles softly at herself. You hurry up and make your way outside, over to the training area. To just find your three younger sibilings, but no sign of your father.

"Where is father?"you asked them.

"He went to the city"Jinora tells you, just as you where about ask why. Ikki fills you in.

"Korra came, and she got arrested. So dad had to go and get her out."she tells you jumping up and down claping her hands.

"No training."Meelo yells, then speds off.

The avatar was here in the city? Seeing there was not going to be any airbending pratice, much to your disappointment.

"Can we read now?"Jinora asked you.

"Oh, yeah sure."you agree with her, as you follow her to the libaray.

Picking out a book to read, you both make yourself comfortable. As you start to read, it was always quiet when you both read togather. The only place that Ikki and Meelo really didn't seem to come into. Time went by, as afternoon turned into night. Getting through a second book, you place it down. When someone comes in, it was Pema.

"Found you, Kashi. Can you help me with dinner?"she ask you.

You nod you head"Going to have to cut it short."you tell Jinora, getting up and follow your mother.

In the kitchen you where making the stew, while you mother did meats. You added some spieces and few other things.

"Smells really good over there."she complents you.

"Thank you, just adding my own touch"you tell her blashfully.

Pema walks over to you, looking down in the pot"Mmmm....you might surpass me yet."

You laugh slightly at your mother's sense of humor. Leaving the stew along, you go and start on the salad, then next to the bread. Which was also your own handy work. The whole place was smelling really good. Soon everything was done, with the help of others the food got taken to the dinning hall. Making dinner for so many people was a great job. Lucky for you, you had been use to it since childhood.

You set the table with the help of your mother, everything looked so nice and ordely. Just as you placed the last piece on the table. The doors brust open.

"Kashi!!!!"Ikki yells on the top of her lungs, as she clungs onto you almost knocking you over."Look who's here!!!!"using her pointer finger she points to the doors.

You look, as you eyes grow wide you drop the extra dish in your hands. As it breaks on the floor. Ikki looks down at it. There standing at the enternce to the dinning room, was the new avatar. Korra. With Meelo hanging on her.

Korra was looking down at the now broken dish, then at you.Pema comes over to you, as you closes your mouth.

Korra walks over to you, she stood over you. You quickly bow in respect to her only to hit your head on hears when she did the same to you.

She just chuckles at this, then looks at you. You on the other hand felt so embrassed at what just happen, that you just ran out the room.

"H-Hey"Korra calls after you."Is she alright?"

Tezin comes over to her, he looks the way you ran out."Kashi...."

"She just got embrassed."Ikki tells her, with a giggle.

You made it outside the dinning hall, catching your breath. You just bumped heads with the avatar. How could you be clusmy. And you ran out on top of it."She must think I am so disrespectful. Good going Kashi. The others will think I have no respect for anyone......"you ruffle your own hair"............."looking up at the night sky.

"Hey, Kashi right?"Korra's voice, startled you.

Making you turn around to find her standing there with two bowls of food. She gives you a smirk, coming over to you, handing you a bowl.

"I am so sorry Avatar Korra"you tell her looking away blushing.

She arches an eyebrow at you, then just smiles"Please, just call me Korra. Here take it please"she holds out your bowl.

You take the bowl, she then sits down and starts to eat"Wow this stuff is good. Did you make this?"she looks up at you.

You look away shyly nodding your head"Y-yes"you say.

"Wow, you've got some talent."she eats more"I'm soo happy to be in the city. I can't wait really to get started on airbending. And to look around the city."she tells you, you look down at her. Her eyes where full of exictment, as she looks over Yue Bay at the City."I've only been in it for just a few seconds. And I got say. I really can't wait for more."she smiles up at you.

You look at her smile, then calmly smile back at her. As you sit down next to her, and start to eat. From afar, Pema was watching you both with warm eyes.

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