Isn't She Lovely [A Sasuke Uchiha Love Story] Chapter 13

Thank you SOSOSO much to EVERYONE that messaged me! I literally can't express how happy it made :D But I'm sorry that this wasn't out on Friday; guess I'm just realizing I'm terrible with due dates :P So I'm sorry about the wait, and I'm taking your guys advice and putting Sasuke more in character! THANKS FOR THE TIPS! :DD

Created by Hiro191 on Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Chapter 13

“I’ll hold your hand when you’re feeling mad at me.”

My eyes kept flickering over to my phone, which sat lifelessly beside my face on my bed.

After the pointless conversation held between the principle and I, it was decided my punishment would be two weeks suspension while on ABS (Hiro: This means alternative bell schedule, if you didn’t know~). So while everyone else was getting their hours in during the morning, I would be coming to school two hours into the afternoon, after all the other students had left campus, to get my education.

It was a blessing that that was all that’d I’d gotten - apparently the girl wanted to press charges against me, but her dad wouldn’t let her for some odd reason.

And now there I was, lying there hoping that my hardly used new phone would light up and tell me that someone was thinking about me. Namely Sasuke.

But it’d been four days since my suspension and he had yet to call, or text, or stop by - not even a message on Facebook. I hadn’t seen him at all, in fact, since I left him behind when I walked into Ms. Tsunade’s office. To be quite honest, his lack of effort to reach out to me was beginning to get under my skin.

Realizing that if I stayed home any longer waiting for the phone to ring I’d die a lonely woman, I decided to take matters into my own hand and call up Naruto.

“Hello?” the blondes raspy voice greeted after two rings.

“Hey Naruto!” I cheered right back, sounding way more chipper than I felt.

“Oh hey Clem! I was just thinking about you,” he confided, and I could almost audibly hear the smile on his face. I didn’t even bother asking what about, as it was safe enough to assume it had something to do with my brawl.

“As you were clearly on my mind too! I actually was wondering if you wanted to hang out today?” I bent my knees and crossed one leg over the other while I mindlessly plucked at the old mascara that still clumped together on my eyelashes.

“Ah yeah man, definitely!” he instantly agreed, and I could vaguely hear the sound of clothes rustling in the background.

“Sweet! Maybe we could go to the arcade or something… I’m down for whatever.”

“Yeah!” he said, a little short of breath, and I found myself raising an eyebrow in questioning.

“Um… am I interrupting something?”

“Wha-? No! I’m just getting dressed to come get you! It’s kind of hard to put your pants on while talking on the phone.” Naruto giggled his friendly laughter, and I rolled my eyes.

“Right, I should’ve guessed.” Of course he wasn’t doing anything questionable - it was Naruto I was talking about, after all.

“So where do you live?” Heaving myself up and to my feet I shuffled towards the small foggy mirror in our room, looking at my reflection.

“Actually, you can just meet me at Fujita’s Flower Shop - I’m at work right now.” The lie came instinctive; feeling an immediate urge to cover up who I really was. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust my best buddy, but… I’d learned after so many years of living that people change when they really start to know you.

“Oh, ummm, that’s that place down the road from the school right?”

“Yup! Give me about an hour though to finish my shift,” I said while pounding down the stairs and sliding into my shoes which sat by the front door.

“Okay, cool! See you soon Clem!” he cheered, and I felt a tightening in my heart at how he constantly surprised me with his amazing-ness.

“Yeah, see ya.” As I ended the call, I shouted for whoever to hear that I was going out then slipped out the door and started my hour-long walk to Fujita’s.


“Busy day at work?” Naruto asked as I sat down into the passenger seat of his Dodge Challenger.

“Oh yeah, you wouldn’t believe it…” I murmured while buckling up safely. Then I swiftly changed the subject, saying, “Ooo buddy! You’ve got a sweet ride! I actually kind of like it better than Sasuke’s personally; it seems more badass.” Naruto cut out into a hard manly laugh before responding,

“Really?! Thanks man! You’re the first person to tell me that!” Grinning slightly I shrugged, rubbing at the ache in the back of my neck.

“People are stupid, what do you expect?” The rest of the drive mellowed by quite nicely, the two of us prattling on and occasionally jamming out to the songs on the radio. Ultimately though we wound up at the fabulous restaurant of Steak n’ Shake.

“Didn’t like the arcade idea?” I asked to him while shutting the car door and rounding the hood to meet up with him at his side.

“Well we can hit there after, but I only got to eat a little breakfast this morning so I’m feelin’ kind of hungry,” he explained while patting at his surprisingly toned stomach.

“I bet! A growing boy needs food!” I proclaimed while slinging an arm around his shoulders to pull him down into a headlock.

“Gah! Clementiiine, stop it!” Laughing I relinquished him just as we walked into the establishment. The hostess smiled fondly at us and led us to a two-seater table against the back wall. After she left us with menu’s and got our drinks, the blue eyed boy started in.

“So why aren’t you hanging out with Sasuke - not that I don’t want to chill, but I mean… you guys always kind of seemed inseparable.”

“Man,” I say shortly, smacking my lips and sipping at my Sprite through a straw. “I could be asking the same thing! Ever since what happened at school Sasuke’s been basically avoiding me like the plague. At first I figured it was just because he was busy or whatever but it’s Sunday now! He must’ve had some time where he could at least text me…”

Naruto pursed his lips and nodded his head, soaking in what I’d just told him. “Well, I’ve know Sasuke my entire life, and from what you’re telling me it seems like he is…” He hesitated, making me slightly aggravated but more so on edge. “Angry.” My head cocked back slightly in surprise, my eyebrows arching upward.

“Angry? But why? Did I embarrass him or something?” My lips tugged downward into a frown, for the first time thinking about how my personal outburst could’ve affected his pristine reputation.

“It’s hard to explain Sasuke, really. And even harder to understand him. I mean, like I said, I’ve known this guy for almost 18 years and I still don’t fully understand him myself…”

“Please, just try,” I huffed, stirring the ice around my cup with the straw. He held my pathetic look for a brief moment, then I could see the guilt set in across his face as he sighed and started to speak.

“Okay, so you know how when most people don’t understand something, they just ask you to explain it for them?” I nodded my head, thinking mindlessly about how that was relatable to that exact situation. “Well, Sasuke just gets angry. He’s got too much pride to ask people questions like that; he feels like he should just know right off the bat. So when he doesn’t know, to avoid feeling stupid, he makes it out like it’s the other persons fault.”

“I can understand that; pride makes a lot people do stupid things. But what is it that he doesn’t understand!” It honestly boggled my mind that there could be something I did that the great genius didn’t comprehend. All of my actions the past week had honestly been quite self-explanatory.

“Well, just being real with you, I think he’s confused as to why you didn’t tell him you were getting bullied. Most girls are quick to run to their boyfriends for protection, so when you took the situation into your own hands it… threw him off guard? I don’t really know Clem, Sasuke’s an idiot. If I were you I wouldn’t take it too personally. He’ll come around eventually.” I shifted my stare to the elderly couple seated diagonal from us, seeing how their most prominent wrinkles were their laugh lines. I tried to imagine a life where my biggest problem was physical wear on my body from happiness. That didn’t seem like too bad of a trade to me.

“But… I miss him Naruto,” I said softly, though not bothering to look at him still. “I feel stupid because it’s only been a few days, but… I don’t know.” My fingers knotted in the hairs on the nape of my neck as I rested my elbows on the table.

“Yeah,” he breathed after a short minute. “I think I know what you’re saying…” I twisted my head to look at him, my mouth pushing over to one side of my face as I suddenly found myself wishing Naruto was replaced with a certain raven headed man. Then he smiled his brilliant smile and said, “Well hey, after we eat why don’t you go over to his house! Don’t wait on that loser to come to you; take charge!” Giving a ghostly grin, I sat upright again and said,

“I guess that’s the only option left, right?” We spent the remainder of the evening talking about things that were generally irrelevant to my moody boyfriend, and simply appreciating one another’s company.


“Thanks for the ride man!” I said to Naruto as he pulled up in front of the driveway of the Uchiha household. Stepping out I paused before closing the door, leaning back in to say, “Oh, and thanks for the free meal to. I owe you one!” He just grinned notoriously as I shut the door and he drove off.

I was a little anxious while walking up to the door; which was entirely uncharacteristic of me. I had never personally experienced the wrath that is an angry Sasuke Uchiha, but I’d seen it before being demonstrated on others… it wasn’t something I particularly dreamed of happening to me.

But as big and bad as Sasuke could see, I realized he was still just a huge baby with too much pride. It would be ridiculous if our first ever “fight” was a silent one, and neither of us even did anything.

“Oh! Clementine!” Mrs. Uchiha greeted warmly with a hint of surprise when she answered my knocking. “I was wondering when I’d be seeing you again!”

“Aha, yeah, I’ve been kind of busy lately,” I lied halfheartedly, clasping my hands behind my back and rocking on my heels nervously. I wondered shortly if Sasuke had told parents the real reason for my leave of absence.

“Well Sasuke’s in his room,” she said while stepping aside to let me in. “Are you thirsty dear?”

“No ma’am! I actually just got back from having lunch,” I explained while giving her quick flash of a smile before skipping up their steps to the next floor. “Guess who,” I said in a small voice as I peaked my head into Sasuke’s room.

“Clementine,” he breathed, his face for a moment void of any emotions except shock. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you, silly,” I answered with a smile while I stepped into the room and closed the door behind myself. “I mean, you clearly weren’t going to come see me, so…” I stood a few feet away from where he sat on his bed, looking at him in a slightly disappointed way. It was then his face contorted from its state of surprise to frustration as he turned his eyes away from me.

“Well you certainly didn’t come to me for anything else,” he grumbled sourly, toying with the game controller in hand. I couldn’t help to frown a little.

“To be honest I didn’t think you’d want me to bother you with something as trivial as that.” I moved to sit next to him on the bed and it stung like poison when he shifted noticeably away from me.

“Why would you think that? Of course I’d care, you’re my goddamn girlfriend.” Who would’ve figured that when Sasuke Uchiha called me his girlfriend I would want to flinch away. This boys tongue was as sharp as knives.

“I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean to make you upset…”

I was beginning to not recognize myself anymore. Sasuke was doing something to me; making me softer, shier, more easily bruised. Before this relationship, I would’ve been quick to laugh at his feelings and walk away, brushing him off as somebody that was unimportant to me and my life. Now though, I wanted more than anything for him to forgive me - forgive me for something I honestly didn’t see as bad. I wanted him to smile at me again, play with my hair, kiss me… And it had only been a few days. I felt weak.

Reaching over I gently laced my fingers with his, my eyes remaining shamefully on my lap. “I didn’t tell you about those girls because I didn’t want you to think of me as just another cliché. I wanted you to admire me, and be proud that I could handle my own. I didn’t want to… embarrass you…” I felt his grip on the controller tighten under my hand as he looked in the opposite direction of me.

“I’m not embarrassed of you,” he growled through clenched teeth, and I just couldn’t comprehend what it was he was so angry about. I wanted to keep saying sorry until he told me it was okay, but I didn’t want to annoy him anymore than I already had. So instead, I just sat there quietly and held his hand while he hated me.

Glancing at him from the corner of my eye, I wondered why it was suddenly so hard to be in a relationship. I wondered if I was a terrible girlfriend, or a complete weirdo. I wondered if he regretted asking me out, or even worse if he was serious about me.

It crossed my mind for the first time that him asking me out might’ve been a giant prank he was pulling over my eyes, and I was falling for it like the most gullible of fools. He might’ve thought I was ugly, or that my body wasn’t nice enough. He might’ve thought my voice was annoying or my personality was obnoxious.

He might’ve thought a lot of things about me, I concluded painfully, but I told myself that none of them were true. I needed them to not be true, because Sasuke was the best and most beautiful thing I had in my life.

(Awh, Clementine's got it bad for Sasuke! Of course she realizes it when he's being a HUGE JERK. Jeez, what bad timing...)

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