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Chapter 2: New Beginnings

After her first dinner with her new family, Carly was already feeling at home with her mother, father, and younger sister. She felt that now, it was time to let her past fly behind her and let the present take over.

So, while the family was sitting on the living room couch, watching NASCAR, Carly sat with them, getting to know the family's routine. She then looked to Will who was sitting next to her and Sarah, "You don't mind if I call you mom and dad, do you?"

Will looked back at her, smiling and he shook his head, "Of course not, we are your parents."

Carly smiled also, "Okay, good. But dad, I was wondering, since I'm 15, should I be getting a job somewhere around here?"

Will then turned so he was facing her, he smiled again, "Sure, if you want a job, you can have one, anything you have in mind?"

Carly thought for a moment, wondering where she could work, she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up, "Well, I was thinking about being in the army when I get older."

Will's smile lit up and he turned back to Sarah who was also smiling, they whispered something to each other, and then they turned back to Carly and Will spoke again, "Well, if you want to be in the army, I could give you a job, I'm in the army as a major."

Carly nodded in amazement, "Wow, a major, that must have been some hard work."

Will chuckled, "It was, believe me."

"So, you think you can get me a job in the army?" Carly then asked.

Will nodded with enthusiasm, "Oh yeah, I'm sure I could fit you in somewhere, do you want to start this weekend?"

Carly nodded, her smile becoming large again, "Sure, thanks dad."

"No problem." Will replied.

After a few minutes of silence, Sarah spoke up, giving her new daughter a soft smile while she help Annabelle in her lap, "Well Carly, we entered you into a public school around here, I'm sure you'll enjoy school here."

Carly smiled at her new mother, "Thanks mom and I think I will, I have always enjoyed school."

Will chuckled to himself, "Well, that's a first." Sarah gently nudged him, smirking at him. "So, you'll be starting school tomorrow, is that alright?" Sarah asked.

Carly nodded pleasantly, "Oh yes, that's great, thank you."

Sarah smiled gently at her new daughter again, "You're welcome sweetie."

Carly then yawned, getting up from the couch, "Well, if I have to go to school tomorrow, I better get some sleep." She said, yawing again.

Will nodded and got up as well, "Yeah, we're going to go to sleep as well, good night Carly." "See you in the morning Carly." Sarah added in, turning off the TV and picking up Annabelle who waved at her new sister, "Night Carly!"

Carly smiled gently at her new sister, "Night Annabelle." And like that, Carly headed upstairs, dragging herself up the steps as she yawned a long yawn, driving across the country was hard work and very tiring. When she entered her room, she slipped on a pair of her pajamas and turned off the light to her room, walking over to her bed an lying down, stretching herself out as she stared out her window, looking up at the moon that was shining high in the sky.

The moon gave her some light in her darkened room; she heard Will and Sarah putting Annabelle to bed and then she heard them walk to their room; Carly smiled as she heard her parents close the door behind them. She was very glad she had a new family, it made her feel like she was wanted, which wasn't the case with her other parents.

But that didn't matter now, Carly had new parents who really cared about her now, so she closed her eyes with a huge smile on her face and soon, she was fast asleep.

But someone was right outside her window, he had waited for her to fall asleep before he approached her bedroom window; Ironhide stood there, blocking the light from the moon as his blue optics shined through the window.

He then reached his pointer finger into the room and gently touched the small human on her back; he did it very lightly as to not wake her up. He then heated his finger, giving her warmth as a cool breeze flew in from outside, making Carly shiver in her sleep.

Ironhide stared at the girl for a long time, wondering how he would introduce himself to her; he then thought that a first step was that he could show her his human form, she wouldn't be afraid of that because when Ironhide flickered his headlight at her, it didn't even startle her.

And that was his plan, in the morning, he would show the girl his human form; he smiled at his genius plan and he then whispered something to the girl, "I'll meet you tomorrow little one, sleep well."

Ironhide then took his finger out of the room, Carly shivered as Ironhide moved his heated finger away from her back; but she soon stopped moving and her breathing was the only thing that was heard as Ironhide backed away from her bedroom window.

Ironhide then headed to his garage where he slept, he made sure he was quiet, so he didn't wake anyone from the household up; he transformed into his truck mode, rolling into the garage and going into recharge himself.

Tomorrow Ironhide would show himself and that was going to be a new beginning for both of them, they just didn't know it yet.

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