Is this love? ♥ Sai love story part 18

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Created by BlackFlash3003 on Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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I was thinking about how will I say what I have to say to Sai. I am deeply sorry for hurting him, but I doubt that Haru loves me, I think that he cares about me just like a brother and the fact that he opened up to me means that he is not a puppet, like I thoguht the first time.

We done a lot of boring missions and I got home after I did some shopping in order to cook the lunch. I hope that Sai will come to lunch, as long as Haru is with Tsunade. They don’t seem to like each other, though they are both very close to me.

„Hello, anyone in there?” I asked as I entered the apartment, but none answered. I prepared lunch and ttook two plates full of food in my hand. I got up to the rooms and saw Sai in there, he was drawing something extremely beautiful. I got close to him and I could help a gasp of how gorgeous his drawing was. He quickly turned to me and looke a little sad, maybe hurt.


„What?”he snapped. „Well, I prepared lunch and I bring it up to you, hope you will like it.” I said as I was shyly handing him a tasty-looking plate. He cautiosly took it and started eating, and so did I.

After we finished eating, he stood up. „Where are you going?” I asked him. „”Somewhere”. I quickly stood up, too.

„Look, Sai, I have to say to you something.

I don’t know if what you said before I was supposed to leave still stands, but I wat to say that I am glad that you love me the way I am. So thank you, because it’s a great help to me, that when I wake up in the morning, I know that I do not live in vain.

And secondly, Haru does not love me, he just thinks of me as a sister. And even if he would love me, I couldn’t love him back.”

Sai looked confused.

„Why you couldn’t love Haru back?” he asked.

I laughed.

„You fool, I love you!”

His big onyx eyes reached mine in a silent question. But the love in my eyes was obvious and even he could not deny it. Right then, he started to smile, a real, big, delicious smile.

„You believe me?” I asked him.

He got closer and closer.

„Of course.” He whispered in my ear as he took both of my hands into his and traced their lines with his silky fingers.

And then he leaned in and kissed me. And it felt perfect, I felt complete and safe, and like the things I was born for was to stay in his strong arms, to breathe the perfume of his hair and to taste his lips.

So I got closer to deepen the kiss and I kissed back. Our lips parted only when we got out of air and gasped for it. We looked in each other’s sparkling eyes and then laughed. It felt perfect, and where his hands touched mine felt like an wave was passing through them.

Guess that’s how true love feels.




Woooohoooo, romantic moment! I love these two birdies and I hope you do, too J

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