When Hell Is Filled.. The Dead Will Walk The Earth. Walking Dead RP!

This is part 1, don't know how far I'll go with this. Please rate message me! Much appreciated.

Created by orangejews on Saturday, April 28, 2012

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"When hell is filled! The dead will once again walk the Earth!"
Yelled my pastor, I was sitting, well more like slumping in my pew next to my mother. Who was constantly nodding, agreeing to what our pastor was yelling about.
This had been the third Sunday that he has been yabbering on about the end of days, honestly all I do is roll my eyes, though my mother hits me for doing so.
"Andrew, why can't you be like those nice boys over there?" she pointed at 3 boys who were sitting straight up and writting stuff down in their Bible.
"Cause Mom, I'd rather be at home." I said, lifting my self up before I'd slide onto the ground. Finally, church was over. We got into our car and began to drive home, except the most odd thing was about 10 police cars were flying down the road. Their sirens were blazing, red and white lights flashing.
"I wonder what's going on?" I said aloud, my mother nodded her head in agreement. As we got home, more and more sirens were blazing not just police cars, but ambluances and fire trucks. Our next door neighboor Chuck stepped out onto his porch with his dog Cooper.
"The whole town must be on fire!" he yelled, looking down the road.
"You got that right Chuck!" she walked over to him to have some small talk, while I stepped into our house.
Our house isn't really that much to look at, a small 3 bedroom ranch. Creamy white walls, furniture scattered here and there. A comfy home to say the least. I opened my door, got changed, and plopped onto my bed and stared at the ceiling.
"Gonna take a nap?" I nearly jumped out of my skin! My mom smiled and walked over to my bed and sat down. She ran her hand through my hair and smiled.
"You look so much like your father..."
My Dad was a Sgt. in the Army and was called over to Iraq, he was driving on the side of a road when a bomb exploded, killing him.
My mom then got up and walked away. I closed my eyes for a moment then driffted off to sleep....

I woke up with a jolt, my mom ran into my room and closed the door quickly behind her.
"Mom?! Mom, what's wrong?" she was frantically closing the blinds and turning off my lamp. I jumped out of my bed and grabbed a hold onto her,
"Mom, Mom. Please tell me what's happening." My voice shook asI tried to calm my Mother down.
"S-Someone broke in through the sliding door.. A-And tried attacking me Andrew!" she began sobbing. "The didn't look human... blood was all over their body, their skin looked to be decomposing, they smelled like death.." she know was sobbing uncontrollably.
I sat her down on the bed and began walking to my door, slowly opening it I scanned around through the small the opening. I didn't see anyone, I stepped out slowly, being as quiet as I could.
I picked up a heavy, metal candle stick holder and held onto it for dear life. I began walking into the kitchen, there I noticed the trail of blood leading into the open bathroom door.
I slowly walked to it, then a distinct sound that I will never forget. A scream, this bloody thing looked to be our neighboor Suanne was crawling on the ground, snapping at my feet. I panicked,I screamed and kicked her in the face. That had no use, then I remembered that I had this heavy ass thing in my hand and began hitting her in the head with it.
"Die! Mother! Fucker!" I beat it in the head till it stopped moving. I called for my mother, told her to pack food and esential things.
"We're getting out of here.." I grabbed my Mother's hand and ran out the back door.
(Part 2 coming soon!)

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