Mephiles' Past Ch.1

Here is a fun little fanfiction of Mephiles The Dark From Sonic 06' :)

Created by KISSter123 on Sunday, May 06, 2012


A view of Mobius was a beautiful sight, Far ahead stretched fluffy white clouds. A sun as big as the moon at night I no longer enjoy these views for many reasons I am a shadow to some but others are able to see me for who I am true that I am evil, true that I hate humans, I am the spitting image of someone I once knew. Shadow The Hedgehog. The name haunts us both, I Mephiles The Dark will conquer the world with questions that are answered or no questions at all I believe our little game ends now Shadow, And you know whose going to win.... "Mephiles, who are you talking to?" Ella asks coming from behind. "Nothing dear, I was thinking aloud again." I speak with a low tone. "Mephiles, do you think Mobius will look like this, Forever?" Ella askssuch a bright soul for her to ask me such a question. "Ibilis....." I answer gruffly feeling a rush through my body. "What are you talking about? I thought he was gone?!" Ella speaks with terror in her voice. "Not now Ella, Stay here! What ever happens let it happen! Just know that I'll be there for you!" I mutter holding my head the pain I was enduring frightened Ella she began to run for shelter. "Mobius will never look the same after this, Mephiles, I'M SORRY!!" Ella cries dropping to her knees tears streaming down her face as Ibilis' burning body arises from the earth flames hurdling everywhere surrounding Ella separating her from me the smoke was as thick as fog, everything felt like stone I fell to my knees beginning to crawl the pain never left I winced as the flames crisp my back. "Mephiles, how pathetic you look did you forget who created you?" Ibilis growls appearing infront of me flames growing taller than a tsnami wave. "The flames of Soleana! Where is the Princess?" I groan from the pain that tore through my fur leaving scars. "Soleana of course! Why Mephiles you aren't thinking, perhaps it is this GIRL..." Ibilis growls once more with Ella in his flaming arms. "When will you understand Ibilis? When will ANYONE understand?!" I begin to growl lowly the growls coming from the back of my throat. "I understand perfectly, you are using Ella Everyone in Mobius, do you see that you are betraying?" Ibilis asks. "What are talking about? I love her! LET HER GO! ALL I WANT IS TO JOIN FORCES WITH YOU WHAT MORE DO YOU ASK OF ME?!" I yell as Ibilis strangles Ella with the flames. "Your soul." Ibilis growls "What?!" I mutter. "If I can make a deal with you Mephiles, I would take one soul of your kind, this Ibilis trigger known as Sonic The Hedgehog. If you take him out you can have your little girlfriend back undertsood?" Ibiles asks. "Let her travel with me to the present." I say. "Indeed, you will suffer your consequences in the past." Ibilis mutters throwing Ella down on the ground below the flames deceasing from her. "Ella! Wake up..." I speak with a much calmer voice than before. "Meph....iles?" Ella groans from her pain. "It is over, until..." I cut myself off when I hear something from afar. "Meph...iles, up..." Ella groans reaching for my hand as I pick her up gently I find her sleeping in my arms. "Ella, I am the one who should be sorry not you..."I say kissing her wounded cheek as she stirs slightly. I continue to hear the noise and use my agility to come near it as much as possible...

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