Love Rats! (Chase love story) Part 1

This is a story about the characters in Lab Rats. I'm writing as if I'm Chase. It's a love story between him and a new girl, Demi. Hope you like it! I don't own anything except the plot. The characters are not mine at all, except for Demi. :-)

Created by NamiWaltzed123 on Monday, May 07, 2012

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I woke up and climbed out of my tube. I slammed it's door, waking my siblings. "Watch it!" Bree snapped before falling back to sleep. I sighed and realised I was in my training outfit. I stepped back into my tube and got dressed into normal clothes. I stepped back out slamming the door even louder. Bree loves to sleep, and I think Adam just wants to skip school. He hates all the classes and the lunch is disgusting. To him. Bree and I don't have tastebuds, weird I know, so we eat anything. I stood watching my two siblings snooze. Leo came running into the basement to find me watching my lazy brother and sister.

"What are you doing?" Lea asked. He stood next to me, he was ready for school too. "Watching the most lazyness I've seen in years," I answer sighing. Leo laughed. "Why aren't they ready?" Leo asked. "Bree just adores sleeping, she can sleep through a whole day. And Adam just wants to pretend to be asleep so he can skip school. But that's not gunna happen," I tell him. He gives another chuckle. Dad came running into our room. "What's going on? School starts soon! Chase, wake them up!" he orders. I groan. How on Earth am I meant to wake up these two strange people? I open up their tubes.

I grab a honker horn and blow it loud. "GET UP!" I scream so loudly Leo jumped. Bree shot her eyes open and Adam groaned as he got out of his tube. "STOP THAT!" Bree comanded. I didn't. It was paining me more than it was paining them. You see, I have super senses and my ears can pick up some sound from three miles away. So this horn was killing me. Adam snatched it so harshly the horn broke into many many pieces. I blinked as I rubbed my ears. Adam just broke the only tool I have for waking them up.

He has super strong abilities, he's the strongest man on tha planet. Bree moaned sleepily as she changed into normal clothes. Adam followed her actions as I kept rubbing my ears. "Are you alright Chase?" dad asked. "Nope," I say. I rub even harder. "You don't want to do that. Get a wet towel on it," dad suggested. I run upstairs to see Leo's mum making breakfast. I'll call her mum so I don't have to keep saying Leo's mum. "Oh hey Chase," she says happily. I nodded and kept rubbing my ears. My ears were fire red by this time from the rubbing. "Chase! Get a wet towel and put it on your ear!" mum said when she saw it. She abondoned the breakfast and grabbed a towel. She put it under a cold tap and dabbed it at my ear. "AHH!" I screamed. The coldness wasn't helping to make my ear better at all.

"Hold it there," mum says. Mum goes back to the breakfast as I tensed in pain. Leo, Adam, Bree and dad came running towards us. "You seem tense," Adam acknowledges. I so want to kill that dude. "Never!" I say sarcastically. He grunted at me. "Right, you guys better get going," dad told us. We nod, grab our bags and we set off for school. Once we got there we went straight to our lockers. "Oh my gosh! It's Ethan! We're going out now, after the dance a month back. Oh it's been so romantic. His sister is coming back in town today as well. There they are!" Bree screeched. I blocked my ears with my hands. "SHUT UP!" I shout at her. She smiles at me.

"Right, sorry," she says. I nod and rub my ears. "There they are, introduce us Bree," Leo said. Bree nods and turns to Ethan who was standing next to her. "Hey," she says. "Hi Bree. This is my sister Demi," Ethan said. "Hey there," Demi says. She is so cute. Her green emerald eyes and her pitch black hair. I snapped back into the real world and shuddered because of the pain. "Are you ok?" Demi asked. "Who, me? Yeah, I'm fine," I lie. She blinks at me. "Oh, Ethan, Demi. These two bozos are my brothers. Adam and Chase. This is our best friend Leo," Bree introduced. "Nice to meet you," Ethan says. Us three boys nod at them.

"So what classes do you have?" Bree asked Demi. She opened her bag and took out a schedule. "Err, maths. I hate maths! I'm not good at it. I really need a tutor!" Demi sighs. Everyone except Demi stares at me. I blink at them. "What?" I ask. Leo laughs and so does Bree. "Chase is the smartest guy I know," Ethan tells Demi. She stares at me. "Am I missing something here? I'm in colosal pain!" I say. "You said you was ok," Demi said. I groan. "Yeah, I am. Just, nevermind. So, do you want a tutor?" I ask trying to get off subject. We cannot tell anyone about our powers. She nods happily. "Would you?" she says. "Yeah," I answer. "Cool, thanks. So, would I be able to come to your house to study?" she asked all four of us. Four: Me, Bree, Adam and Leo. "Sure," bree replies.

"Thanks again. What's your next classes?" Demi asks. "Maths," everyone says except Leo. "Oh yeah, maths," Leo says. I laugh at him. "What?" he asks. "Nothing!" I splutter. Adam starts laughing too. "Talk about late reactions," Bree smiles. Leo started laughing. We all go to our maths lesson in a happy mood. I sit next to Bree, like always. Adam sits next to Leo and Ethan sits with Demi. Our teacher, Mr Ellis, came rushing into our class. "Homework please," he said immediately. I search inside my bag and give it to him. "My star pupil," he smiles. I duck my head. Everyone else gives him the homework except Demi. "This is my first day," she told him. Mr Ellis nods and goes to the front of the classroom.

"So, fractions," he starts. The full classroom except me groans. "What is 8/10's simplified?" Mr Ellis asked. No one put their hands up. I slowly rose my hand. "Ah, Chase," he says. "4/5's," I sigh. "Correct," Mr Ellis said. I hate being the know-it-all but I love being right. The lesson went on for ages and I knew every single answer. Finally the bell rang. I screamed in pain but stopped as soon as I noticed I was screaming. My super senses. "Are you alright?" Mr Ellis asked. "Yeah, perfect," I say. "He's a bit mad at something, well, we better go," Bree lied and she dragged me outta class. "Sorry," I say. "It's ok," Bree says. Adam and Leo run out of class too. "Let's go," Leo suggested. We nod and run off.

After school we return home with Ethan and Demi. "We called you saying friends was coming round," Bree says to dad.Dad nods but drags us into the basement after saying "Will you excuse us," to our guests. "What?" Adam says to dad. "You never called me! Your powers might shoot out!" dad panicks. "Oh come on, it's only studying," I said. "Really? Chase? Studying? You don't NEED to study," dad snaps. "No but Adam seriously needs help," I say truthfully. Bree nods. "Yeah, I do, and so does Ethan and Demi," Adam said. "I don't know," dad sighs. "Please," Leo begs. "Fine! But watch out for each others powers, ok?" dad sighs. "Totally," Bree said. Dad continues to work as we go to the livingroom where our guests were waiting.

"Sorry about that, we just needed to get textbooks," I say. "But you don't have any in your hands," Ethan pointed out. Damn! I turn to Bree who had dissappeared and re-appeared with texbooks. "Yeah we do," Bree says. Ethan turns to her. "Wow, ok. Let's study," he says. We sit down in a circle and study. I was bored outta my head, I knew all of these answers. Demi looked into my eyes and smiled. I smiled back. But then I looked into my textbook. "I can't do this!" Adam shouts. He stood up so voilently I went flying across the room. Uh-oh.

"Oh my God!" Demi says. Adam sits back down like nothing happened. Leo rushes over to me and helps me stand up. "Are you ok?" he asks. "Yeah, yeah, I've just been bounced into a wall but I'm fine," I mumble. Leo smiles. I sit back down and scowl at Adam. "Which bit can't you do?" I ask sighing. "All of it! How come you got all the brains! Stupid robot," he mutters. "How dare you! I am not a robot!" I scream. "Yeah you are. We all are, but you're the dorkiest one yet!" Adam shouts. I scowl at him. "Guys, settle down!" Bree panicks. "Remember your powers," Leo whispered scared. Adam stood face to face with me. "I don't care," he said. He kicked me and I went flying into the door.

"Chase! Be the bigger man here and end the fight, quickly!" Bree hissed. "Fine!" I snap standing up. "Yeah, coz your a wuss," Adam teased. I growled. "Hit me!" I shout. So he attempts a kick but I use my forcefeild and make his kick rebounce onto him self and he goes flying. "Was that a forcefeild?" Ethan asks freaked out. "No, what forcefield? You must be daydreaming," Leo lies. "You idiot!" Adam screamed at me. Ethan and Demi run out of our house. "Way to go guys! You blew it!" Bree cries. She ran down to the basement. We ruined her relationship with Ethan. I feel so bad, but Adam's gunna get it tomoz. You see if he doesn't!

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