You're Worth Fighting For ◆Edward Elric◆

Request by:AMD42999. Reader x Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. Genre:Action/Romance. I hope you like it!!! :]

Created by edsasukeluva on Sunday, May 13, 2012

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An order from the military

Bullets and projectiles flew through the air and the ground shook due to the mass destruction. This was a war zone after all. [Name] huffed, hiding behind a wall, with her gun ready. Edward was against her coming into the battlefield but it wasn't his choice. She knew what she was getting into the moment she signed up for the military. But if it meant she could be close to him it all didn't matter as long as they both survived.

Debris was scattered everywhere as she proceeded to run through the ruins trying to get to the rendezvous point. Her legs couldn't seem to carry her fast enough. All she could think about was that he better still be alive.

"Watch out!" [Name] felt her body being pushed to the ground before she could even comprehend what was going on. She felt a warm body on top of hers as the ground shook and an explosion sounded. She opened her [e/c] eyes as the smoke cleared, little bits of rubble falling on her and the body that shielded hers, and was met with the sight of familiar golden locks of hair. Edward groaned as he leaned a bit away from her to meet his eyes with hers. "You've got to be more careful."

"I know." [Name] said, a smile coming onto her lips. "I was just in a hurry to meet up with you. But I guess you beat me to it."

"You're going to get yourself killed." Edward frowned at the girl beneath him in a protective manner. He wished she never would have been drug into this.

"Don't worry. As long as you're alive and waiting for me..." Her hand lifted up so she could brush the dirt off of his cheek. "I won't die." At that she leaned up so her lips could meet with his. As far as [Name] was concerned, this love was worth going to war for.

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