Harry Potter fanfiction: The Black Sisters. Part 1 (Childhood)

My Fanfiction on the Black sisters from Harry Potter

Created by tammy1a on Sunday, May 20, 2012

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One night in the year 1951 Cygnus and Druella Black gave birth to their first baby girl. She had dark swirly hair and even darker eyes. They named her Bellatrix. Two years later Druella had another baby girl with light brown hair but the same dark eyes as the rest of her family. They named her Andromeda. When Bellatrix was four and Andromeda was two Druella and Cygnus introduced Narcissa. She had even lighter hair than Andromeda, a dirty blonde with blue eys, she would be much diffrent than the other Blacks.
When Narcissa was five Cygnus got word that his brother had a son Sirius and two years after that they had Regulus. They cousins would often visit each other.
Years past and the three sisters got along fairly well. Bellatrix enjoyed teasing her sisters and stealing their things however. Middle sister Andromeda was friendly and quiet towards both her sisters. Lastly little Narcissa being the youngest couldn't help but be bratty and vain just for the attention. She always liked new things but she was still nice and graceful. Their parents had always told them about blood purety and how the Black family line was precious and they had to be careful not to taint it with Muggle's, Squibs and mudbloods.

"Good luck, Bella," cried Andrmeda
"Have fun," her little sister called after her.
Bella's parents waved goodbye as she headed off to Hogwarts. Soon in the great hall "Black, Bellatrix" was called and Bellatrix walked to the sorting hat. She wished for Slytherin because her whole family was there and because it was clearly the best. Luckily, Bellatrix was sorted into Slytherin almost as quickly as her nephew wouldbe in 1991.
Then one by one each of the Black sisters went to Sytherin. Many said Bellatrix and Andromeda looked alike, it was always fun to hear that, at the time.
When Andromeda was in her 4th year she started getting a crush on a boy.
"Who is it?" Narcissa asked
"You mean who is it this time?" Bellatrix was quick to add. The two giggled. "I-it's that boy, um in my year. T-Ted Tonks," Andromeda finished. "That dweeb in HufflePuff? Dromeda what would you see in him?" Bellatrix scolded. "He is a mudblood you know," Narcissa complained. Just then Slughorn appeared in the Dungeon "Ladies, it's almost time for class," he said.
A year later Andromeda Black and Ted Tonks were dating and it was the gossip of the school. Narcissa had met Lucius and they were in a relationship too. Bellatrix only knew her future husband Rodolphus who had left Hogwarts a few years ago.
Andromeda's romance with Ted spiked a lot of arguments between her and her sisters.

"Dromeda seriously! A Hufflepuff! A mudblood! A creep! Why? At least Cissy has a pure-blood boyfriend!" Bellatrix screamed
"Maybe I love him! Did you ever think of that Bella? Do you ever think of me?" Andromeda shot back at her big sister. "But a muggle-born? Really?" Narcissa said in a more calming tone trying not to use the word her sister hated now. "Yes, a muggle-born. I don't know how or why but I love him Cissy. I love him. I'll love him forever,"
"What about the blood purety in our family." Bellatrix said slowly getting worked up again "What will happen to the Blacks? If you stay with him we would have a tainted family line! What about the Blacks Meda? You're a Black not a-a Tonks!"
"What if I don't like being a Black!" screamed Andromeda "What if I don't feel like a Black anymore?" Bellatrix stared at her sister in shock and hatred, Narcissa looked like she was about to cry and stormed out.
Then Bellatrix looked at her little sister both with the same dark eyes and said "If you don't like being a Black and would prefer to have all your family members be muggles then go ahead. But dating Ted Tonks will be risky. And if you are ever to mary him, little sister, and change from a Black to a Tonks then I will personally go over to Uncle Orion's and burn your face right of the family tree," Bellatrix said now glaring right at her sister with daggers in her eyes.
Then Bellatrix took her wand and lit Andromeda's old teddy bear on fire and stormed out.
"BELLA!" Andromeda screamed but Bellatrix had locked herself in her room.
Hope u enjoyed it I will make another soon.

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