S(HE) BE(LIE)V(ED) ( vampire/Slave Love Story ) Chapter 15

Created by TrystanInTheMovement on Saturday, May 26, 2012

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We were all still traumatized by the mans words. My brother? I had no brother.
" Braelyn please stop worrying over this." Shane said wrapping his arms around me. I had been in the bed all day thinking of why my brother would be after me.
" I just don't understand it Shane. I never knew of me having a brother. Plus my mothers diary mentioned nothing of her having a boy. " I laid my head on his chest.
" It could be a lie. All of it." He said kissing the top of my head.
I nodded and began getting up.
" I'm getting in the shower." I replied running my hand through my hair.
" Would you like some assistance?" Shane said smirking.
" In your dreams I would." I said smiling. I was heading to the bathroom when something came over me. My fangs popped out and I began running out the door.
" Braelyn!!" I was heading to Michies room. I through thedoor open to see her window open.
" Where is she!" Shane yelled as a maid walked out of the bathroom.
" She was right here master!" The maid cover her mouth.
" I ran over to the window and saw the same men from the other night descending the building. I saw a small bundle in one of the mens arms. I shuddered from the anger built up in me.
" Braelyn?" I looked at Shane and he flew back into the wall. I screamed as he flew. What just happened?
" It comes with you waking up." Shane replied shaking the wall pieces off.
" I have been waiting for those to kick in." He walked over and touched my faces.
" I already have a team following their tracks come on....." he added grabbing my hand. I nodded and we headed out searching for my little sister.
Caylin had decided to join us not even 10 minutes into the search. Shane had made a travel bag for us since we would me gone from the palace for a while.
I sat by the fire as Shane and his men spoke of where to head out to. They had found one of Michies hair bows on the forest floor.
Caylin was nowbraiding my now long hair back. I had on :
(But with brown vans)
" She will be fine Braelyn, but there is something I want to know." Caylin said looking at me through the fire.
" What is it?" I asked. Her eyes glistened in the flickering flames.
" How did you know something was wrong?" Caylin asked nibbling on her nails. It was a bad habit of hers.
" To be honest. I heard their thoughts and Michies also. I heard her little mind yelling for help." I replied.
" Not even a vampire like Shane is able to hear thought that far away." Caylin replied.
" Well there is a first for everything." I said looking at Shane. He was wearing black slacks and a white button up. He had the sleeves rolled up on the sides.
" You think we will find her?" I added looking up at the stars.
" Shane wont give up on her that is for sure. he would search the whole world if hehad to. Every world at that." Caylin giggled at the end. I felt someone wrap their arms around me and I turned around to see Shane. I smiled and looked in his eyes.
" Go to sleep. You will need the rest." He said. I nodded and leaned back against his chest. I held his hand in mine and I fell asleep instantly.
" Braelyn hurry." I raised upoff Shane to see everyone running. They formed a circle around the camp area.
" Whats happening?" I said rubbing myeyes.
" We are surrounded." Shane said standing infront of me. I gripped his shirt from behind and Caylin ran behind me.
" We have you surrounded. Hand her over to us. She belongs with me!" Yelled a voice from infront . Some how they broke through the circle. I suddenly grabbed my necklace like before it blocked anything from doing harm out. The one thing that was bad was that a group had beaten the sheild before it had taken it effect on the area.
" I know she is here!" He yelled. He made his way over to Shane, Caylin, and Me.
" Nice to see you again, Prince Shane." He replied. I looked over his shoulder to see a man with black hair as the night and green eyes. He caught me and smiled.
" Braelyn Skylar Wetherly." He mumbled it under his breath.
" Its been a while, but we would have to start somewhere." He added.
" What do you want with her?" Caylin yelled.
" Well for one she belongs with me and two you can't save her." The man said.
" Kyle leave. She wont go with you." Shane replied.
" I was afraid of that." He motioned them forward with his finger and we heard a small scream. I dropped my necklace and the shield fell. In came a man with Michi thrown over his shoulder.
" Put her down!" I yelled. I got out from behind Shane.
" Braelyn you sure are something." Kyle said looking me up and down.
" I will for one thing only." He added.
" Come with me."
I looked around to see us surround with bows and arrows.
" Braelyn, stop." Shane said grabbing my hand.
" Don't worry." I said. I stood on my tippy toes and kissed his lips.
" We can't go up against all of them." I said looking in his eyes. I smiled and walked over.
" Michi first." I said crossing my arms. Kyle nodded to the men and they sat her down. Michi ran for me and wrapped her arms around my legs. I slipped her a bead from one of the braceletsshe gave me and bent down.
" Follow the beads."I whispered for only her. She nodded and ran over to Shane. I walked forward andKyle held down his hand.I grabbed it and he flung me behind him on the horse and began riding off.........

Ok I know its short, but I promise to continue tomorrow. Banners are appreciated :D Rate? Message?

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