Don't be a hero...Well at least don't be my hero (Tony Stark) Chapter Thirty-One: You Sly Dog

Created by Kakashihatake321 on Sunday, May 27, 2012

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Chapter Thirty-One

Tony Stark’s POV

“What happened to Coulson?” Audi asked. Her voice was shaking, scared and timid, the first time I had ever heard her like that.

“He’s dead.” Nick Fury said softly. Her eyes filled with tears and she put her hand over her mouth to hold in her sobs. I put my arms around her but she jerked out of my grasp.

“Where is he?” she demanded.

“Audi-“ Natasha started.

“Where is he?” she shouted.

“In the cockpit,” Nick said. She bolted from the room, me at her heels. She threw herself down on Coulson’s body and wrapped her arms around him, trying to get him as close to her as possible.

“No,” she whispered, stroking his cheeks and brushing a piece of hair from his forehead. “No.” she sobbed, burying her face in his chest. “Come back,” I rubbed her back gently and she wiped her face, taking a deep breath and standing.

“Audi-“ I started, she put a hand up to silence me.

“I will find Loki, and I will kill him.” Her eyes were dark and clouded with hatred. Her face was emotionless as she pushed passed me and back to her office. I turned around to see the rest of the team standing behind me.

“How are we supposed to stop Loki?” I asked. “There’s no way.”

“Yes we can!” Steve objected.

“Not without Bruce!” I said. “He’s our only weapon.”

“He is not a weapon.” Natasha snapped.

“Well what is he then?” I snapped back.

“He is a person just like you and I, don’t call him that!” she shouted.

“Stop it!” Nick butted in. “Coulson believed we could be a team and that we could stop Loki. That’s what Audi believes and that’s what I believe. He died believing that, he knows we can do it.”

He pressed something into Steve’s hand and when he lifted it up I saw that it was Coulson’s vintage trading cards. “I never did sign these…” he trailed off. “We are a team.”

“So let’s start acting like it.” I smiled offering my hand to Natasha. She shook it with a head nod.

“I’m going to go find Bruce and Thor,” she spun on her heel and left the room.

“I’ll help,” Steve said and followed after her.

“You sly dog,” I nudged Nick in the ribs. “That card was in Coulson’s locker.”

He shrugged. “You guys needed the push.”

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