Spring Cleaning {Germany}

Not an X Reader drabble! But a hint of Germany X Italy, ok? Just a hint though! --Funny Hats

Created by TheRavenclawsOf221B on Saturday, June 02, 2012

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It was early in spring, but that didn’t stop Germany from starting his spring cleaning right away. Japan was cleaning his assigned section, Germany had already completed most of his section, and no one had seen Italy all day.

“I wonder where that dumbkomph went to…” Germany wandered aloud as he opened the door to his last room—the kitchen.

Pasta sauce was on the ceiling, pasta noodles were sprawled all over the floor and walls, and a smiling Italy sat at the counter with a bowl of pasta—happily munching away.

“Look Germany, I made pasta! You want some?”

What happened next happened so fast that Italy didn’t know what had happened. He had been scooped up by Germany and thrown out the window. They were on the first floor, don’t worry!

Germany slammed the window shut and locked it. He had a lot of work to do if he wanted to finish the kitchen in one day.

Grabbing a mop, Germany started to mop up all of the pasta sauce that coated the ceiling.

While doing this, he couldn’t but smile at the fact that Italy was willing to share what little pasta survived with him… But that thought was quickly pushed away as pasta was now spread on the outside of the window.

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