Marshall Lee Fanfiction

Im writing a fanfiction about Marshall Lee (the vampire king) from the gender swapped version of adventure time. It has a twisted love story of people not meant to be, cheating, and I am also including characters of the show that are from the regular version.

Created by Energypepper on Saturday, June 02, 2012


Chapter 1 :)

It was dark and stormy outside, and Marshall Lee was out for a walk. "This is just the kind of weather I like." said Marshall, to himself. "Me as well." said Marceline, coming out from behind some bushes. Marshall looked slightly shocked to see her, but spoke anyways. "How have you been?" he asked. "I've been feeling older" said Marceline with a laugh, knowing she hadn't aged in probably close to 1000 years. Marshall let out a chuckle before responding with "Same here." It had stopped raining now, and the clouds looked as if they were ready to clear up. "We should probably head back now, it looks like the clouds are clearing up." said Marceline, gazing at the unforgiving sky. "Yeah, lets go to my place. Its closer than yours" Mashall agreed. Marceline nodded as she followed Marshall back to his house. They heard loud music playing as they neared the cave his house was located in. "Musta left the stereo on." Marshall Lee concluded as he fumbled for his key. He unlocked the door after he got a hold of his key, and entered his dark but loud house. Marceline followed at his heels like a lost puppy. "What song is this?" asked Marceline. "Do you like it?" said Marshall. "Well yeah, it rocks. But what is it called?" Marshall said "Its called Crystal, by The Kingdom." Marceline asked "Who are they? I've never heard of them" as they headed up to Marshall's room. "Only my band" said Marshall, opening his rooms door. "Ladies first." Marceline entered the bedroom as Marshall followed. He turned on the light in the bedroom. He gave her a hug from behind. "Whats that for?" said Marceline. "I just wanted you to know I cared." said Marshall. "I'm glad" she said, floating towards him. She gave him a soft kiss before concluding she needed to head back to her place. It was already dusk, and Marceline stood gazing out the window until the last spec of sunlight was gone. Marshall had stayed in his room, blasting loud screamo and engrossed in a book about god knows what. Finally, after what seemed like a century, the moon had started coming out, and Marceline made her way back home.

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