Naruto Truth or Dare~~Sasuke Chapter 3

Hey guys! It's been a while since I last updated anything...sorry about that! D: Anyways, so last time, Sasuke and Yiuske(you) were heading out of the party to go on a date. The very first one for Yiuske!! :D Have fun :3 Please rate and message. I really do love the encouragement :3 I DO NOT OWN NARUTO...AND THE STUFF IN HERE IS NOT THE SAME AS THE MANGA...

Created by AngelBeats on Saturday, June 02, 2012

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"Ne, ne, Sasuke. Where are we going?" You ask.

Sasuke smiles and squeezes your hand lightly.

"I'll show you the best place ever. You'll see." he replies with a dazzling smile. You smile back and blush lightly. Soon, you reach the outskirts of Knoha. You spot a msall hut in the distance with soke and steam rising. After what seemed like the longest walk you've ever gone on, Sasuke stops you in fron tof the hut. You look the hut up and down. I's obvious that the hut is extremely worn down and that it has been there for a long time.


He looks at you, with his Sharingan eyes.

"Yes?" he asks sweetly.

"Two question...Why are you using your Sharingan, and what is this place? A..uh..well not to be rude and all!" You blubbler out.

Sasuke chuckles and gives you a light kiss on the cheek.

This is the place where my parents went on their first date. I wanted to have a great future like they did, so I decided to come here. Just like they did. Also, only the people of the Uchiha clan, and those affilliated romantically with us can see this place. That explains why you can see it too." He explains. Your face explodes into happiness, and you tackle him a big bear hug.

"Oh, Sasuke! I'm so happy! :D:D"

"I thought you would!" he says with a laugh. "Now, let's go in shall we?" he asks. You nod and he takes you by the waist and opens the door to the hut. A burst of cool air carresses your face and you sigh. You look around and see that the place is a regular bar. Tables are arranged nicely and people attempting to keep the drunkards in place.

"Come on, Yiuske. The real date is in the back." Sasuke whispers in your ear. You giggle and follow as he leads you to the back door. He gives the bartender a nod and the bartender chuckles quietly. As Sasuke opened the back door, you hear a wave of shouts and screams.

Oh man. A fight rin in the forest behind a small hut. Now this is what I'm talking about!! You think to yourself.

You look at the crowd and see that there is an evergy source around them as well as the ring to keep the noice out and people in. Sasuke looks at you and grins widely when he sees your face. You both enter into the crowd, passing the force field by Sasuke's Sharingan.

"WHO WILL BE THE NEXT TO CHALLANGE THE UNDEAFETED DYNAMIC DUO, SHAPINO AND RAPHAEL?!" the ring leader roared above the crowd. Without any hesitation, you and Sasuke jump into the fighting ring, again with his Saringan as an access pass. You read the mouths of the crowd and piced out shouts of 'Teens can't do it! Move 'em out!' and 'Let me at 'em!'. Faces filled with grimaces and Sadistic smiles surrounded you. With a smirk, you turn your attention to your opponents. Shapino is a tall woman who is as bulk as the other men in the crowd. Her wearing a tight leotard doesn't make this a harder fact to see. Her parter, Raphael, is the opposite. He is short, nearly half the height of his partner, and is very skinny~nearly scrawny in fact.


You throw a kunai at Shapino to see what her reaction would be. She catches the knife easily between her pointer and middle fingers. She gives it a glance over and hands it over to Raphael. Sasuke runs toward Shapinoto giver her some Taijustu. Seeing that it didn't work, he shouts, "FIREBALL JUSTU!" and a ball of flames ungulf Shapino. when the smoke cleared, Shapino comes out with no marks at all. Your eyes widen but you keep your focus on Raphael. You find that he has attatched chakra string to it. you gasp as he throws it back at you, and it grazes your cheek

so he uses his chakra string on weapon as Kankuro would his puppets. You noted to yourself.

with this in mind, you beckon for him to throw it again, almost mocking him. Filled with rage, Raphael sloppily throws the kunai at you once more. You dodge it easily this time and quickly grab the chakra string attacted to the knife. Raphael is catipulated into the air towards you. when he gets into a comforatable range, you muster an incredible amount of chakra into your fist and pumble him into the ground of the ring. You clearly see the pained expressions of the crowd surrounding you. Smirking once more, you go to Sauke to see how he was doing. Your smirk was wiped off of your face completely. Sasuke is panting wildly and sweat dreching his body. Shapino on the other hand was breating normally and no hint of sweat covered her body.

"Physical does nothing to her. No genjusu either. Her Sharingan is advanced and I can't do anything to ones who share the same eye. SING." Sasuke shouts to you.

You nod and look Shapino in the face (eyes won't work because of the Sharingan genjutsu eye technique.). Then you open your mouth to prouce a beautiful melody that only Shapino can hear. Instantly, she is on her knees and her hands go up to her ears.

"MAKE IT STOP!" she screeches.

You continue to sing and she continues to cry in pain.

"PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, STOP THIS MADNESS!!" she continues to holler.

For a moment, she takes one of her hands off of her ears and taps the ground reluctantly. You stop your singing immediately and Shapino falls to the ground. The leader looks at you and Sauke in disbelief. The crowd is also silent. Suddenly, he roars, "HERE YOU HAVE IT! SASUKE AND YIUSKE!"

You two smile and run off the stage, holding hands, as the crowd ruptures into more deafening noises. Men and women alike pat you two on the back and shoulder. As you both leave the hut, SAsuke grabs you into a passionate kiss. After you break, you gasp, " That fight was exhillarating!"

Sasuke laughs and nods. "I so knew you would like it. :D"

"Like it? I loved it!" You reply. You then look at the sky and see the sun setting. "Ne, it's getting late, Could you walk me home?" You ask politely.

Sasuke bows deeply and kiss your hand.

"Of course my lady." he says in a deep voice and winks.

You blush deeply and smile. Then without any warning, a figure poofs right in front of you two.

"kakashi-sensei!" you cry out.

Kakashi smiles annd replies, "Yo."

Sasuke gets up and asks, "Kaka-sensei, what are you doing here? And without your hentai book?"

"Maaa...Sasuke...I have it right here with me. Anyway! Tsunade-sama has told me to bring you two back to the village for an important mission. It's A-ranked and she says that you two are needed urgently along with other special jounin. So, you guys up for it?"

You and Sasuke look at each other and grin.

"We're read." You say in unison.

Okay guys! That's the end of this chapter! Hopefully, I won't leave for another year before I update this again. I hope you liked it! :D and please rate and message. I really love the encouragement and all. And no hate mail..please...and take my poll that I created a while back to vote which character to do another love scene with!! thanks love you all <3

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