Beyblade 7 Minutes in Heaven

Created by Beyblade250 on Sunday, June 03, 2012

Everyone was at a party Madoka is hosting she suggested playing 7 Minutes in Heaven a few people didn't like the idea but Madoka forced them you tried to escape but failed Madoka and Mei Mei caught you and made you stay "I hate this game" you mumble all the boys put their beys in a hat and started passing it around


The hat was shoved in your face while you had your eyes closed and arms crossed "what" you asked "your turn" Madoka said cheerfully "fine" you reached in and pulled out Rock Leone "that's mine" Kyoya said with a growl and snatched it out of your hand than walked to the closet "okay Mr. Happy" you mumbled he just growled Kyoya entered followed by you "okay 7 minutes you guys" Madoka said as she locked the door you sat down with your chin resting on your knees while Kyoya leaned against the wall with his eyes closed "you don't want to be in her with me do you" you asked Kyoya didn't answer but he blushed you didn't notice "don't want to answer fine I'm going" you said "how do you plan to get out" Kyoya answered "now you answer pick the lock with a bobby pin" "don't" "why" Kyoya didn't answer before she could move she felt a pair of chapped lips on hers she gasped in the kiss but kissed back Kyoya soon pulled back you touched your lip "y-you kissed me so you do like me I was right" you said and smiled "what do you mean" he asked "I knew you liked me and lucky for you I feel the same way" you replied and kissed him wrapping your arms around his neck he snapped his around your waist hugging you tighter and kissed you a little rougher he bit your lower lip asking for permission you decided to tease him and didn't let him through he growled a little he than pushed you against the wall and started kissing down your neck than bit your neck you gasped he took the opportunity and stuck his tongue in your mouth exploring every inch you two fought but he overpowered you shuddered in delight you could feel him smirk you two pulled away just as the door opened you didn't know you had a red mark where Kyoya bit you "looks like some one had fun" Ryuga said you growled and was going to attack him but Kyoya held you back he sat on the couch and pulled you into his lap he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you in closer to him


You had ignored the whole game so when the hat was placed in your lap you were shocked "your turn" Ginga said "huh what" you asked Madoka pointed at the hat "oh great" you mumbled you reached in and pulled out the most unique feeling bey it was Meteo LDrago "wonderful" you breathed as you threw LDrago to Ryuga he walked to the closet you got up and followed trying hard to fight a blush you heard the door lock once you walked in there was just enough light for her to see Ryuga standing against the wall you stared down suddenly you felt arms wrap around tour waist and you were pulled into a solid, hard, warm chest "R-Ryuga what are you doing" you asked he just smirked and kissed your lips you were shocked but soon kissed back wrapping your arms around his neck he kissed down your neck biting at it every once in a while he started sucking on your neck the hand that was on your waist was now working its way to your right breast he kissed you again a lot rougher biting at your bottom lip for permission in you decided to play hard to get and didn't let him in he growled loudly finally reaching your right breast you gasped feeling his soft, warm hands rubbing it he put his tongue in your mouth feeling around his thumb and forefinger gazed over the nipple pinching it you shuddered in delight he pushed you onto the floor positing himself on top with your arms above you within a few seconds your shiirt was on the other side of the room Rygua started kissing down from your jawline in between your breasts and down to your stomach you moaned you could feel his ego growing "R-Ryuga" you said cursing yourself for stuttering "what" he asked not happy hearing your voice in any form except for his actions you opened your eyes to see his golden orbs staring back at you your heart skipped a beat and you couldn't find the words to say what you wanted but you thought you better hurry or who knows what he'll do to you "times almost up we better get decent" you told him "fine" Ryuga agreed he got off of you you put your shirt back on in time the door opened Ryuga placed an arm around your shoulders pulling you in closer to him you guys walked out and Ryuga took you into another room and you two had some fun


You calmly sat waiting for your turn Ginga passed you the hat you reached in pulling out Earth Eagle "Earth Eagle145WD" you said which shocked Madoka and Ginga Tsubasa smiled as he stood up and took your hand helping you up you smiled and blushed a lot causing him to chuckle "ladies first" he said leading you in once you were already in he hadn't let go of you hand making you blush more he placed a hand on your cheek feeling the heat from your blush "there's nothing to blush about" he said which didn't help you blushed more he leaned in and kissed you gently and sweetly you loved his kiss felt like you were soaring threw the sky with a cool breeze you suddenly felt weak and Tsubasa noticed he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you close into his chest you snuggled into the warmth laying your head on his chest he kissed your forehead he than sat down pulling you to sit next to him his arm wrapped around your shoulders your head resting on his shoulder his head rested upon yours you two spent the rest of the time kissing and talking soon the door opened "awwwww" Madoka said you simply ignored her as Tsubasa helped you up you guys spent the rest of the night in each others arms


The hat was shoved in your face you reached in pulling out Vulcan Horuseus you blushed realizing that it was Nile's best friend since you were little and you've had a crush on him since forever "here Nile" you said handing Horusues to him "thanks" he replied smiling sweetly at you making you blush more Madoka giggled you shot her a nasty glare Nile noticed and chuckled he led you into the closet followed by Madoka who locked the door to make sure neither of you escaped Nile had already let go of your hand you sat in the corner of the closet with your chin resting on your knees soon Nile heard a tear hit the floor followed by another one "huh (y/n) are you crying" Nile asked surprised "n-no" you replied but Nile knew you were lying after all he is your best friend he knows you best "I know your lying I know you come on what's wrong" he asked "you don't want to be in here with me do you" "(y/n) I never said that" "you were proberly thinking it" you mumbled "no I wasn't" he replied having heard what you said he placed two fingers under your chin lifting it and kissed you surprised bit kissed back his kiss was calm and relaxing like a flowing river you loved it he pulled away "you know I never said I didn't like you" Nile told you "I know I just didn't think you did and I didn't want to ruin our friendship" you explained looking at the floor "you could never ruin our friendship and now we have something more" Nile responded and kissed you again he pulled you into him you snuggled in the warmth your head leaning on his chest Nile ran his fingers ran through your hair and kissed your forehead making you blush tomato red "so do you want to be my girlfriend" you were so stunned you didn't know what to say or do after looking in his olive green eyes you nodded and whispered yes than threw your arms his neck and kissed his cheek this time he blushed and you giggled "time's up you two love birds" Madoka said opening the door you growled as you stood up Nile led you out of the closet and you stay in his lap while he wrapped his arms around you making you feel safe and warm

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