This Love Is Not A Game To Me - Hunger Games Fanfic

okay so i am in love with the hunger games and i decided to make my own fanfic! itll be based on the 76th Hunger Games...

Created by TheLostTribute on Thursday, June 07, 2012


*Fallyn POV*

Hello my name is Fallyn Everdeen, I am 14 years old and i live in District 12, my twin sister is named Primrose and i have an older sister named Katniss.

My sister Katniss hates me, She volunteered for my sister when she got reaped at the 74th Hunger Games, if that wasme who was chosen Katniss wouldn't have volunteered, she hates me because i look exactly like Primrose and because i can hunt better and run faster, plus i can heal and things.

My best friend is Rye Mellark, yes he is Peeta's younger brother, Peeta is also a great friend, we've been friends since before he went into the arena the first time.

My twin sister got badly injured in a bombing last year when my sister decideded to lead everyone into fighting with the capitol.

Prim was dead, i had to save her. i do not know what i would have done without Prim.

*a photo of Prim and i*


okay enough about me.

Today is reaping day. I am meeting up with Rye and we are going together.

Finally we got to the square and Rye gave me a kisson the cheek and whispered goodluck into my left ear.

"Welcome Welcome Welcome"Effie Trinket says i rolled my eyes and held hands with my sister Prim.

Effie showed us that horrible video and began to give a speech

"This year, It will be families of previous districts going into the if Rye Mellark an-" "NOO RYE!!"I interupted and ran to Rye

"SOMEONE GET HER!"A peacekeeper said as he ran for me

"STOP! This years female tribute is Fallyn Everdeen and i believe that girl there is her, now young lady if you would follow your boyfriend to the stage"Effie said the crowd laughed because of Effie saying Rye was my boyfriend, i wiped my tears away and hugged my bestfriend tight

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