Hetalia- Germany

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Created by HetaliaFanz on Saturday, June 09, 2012

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You grumpily went inside and got dressed. You weren't going to go of course. You were just going to sit on your couch, read a book, and absolutely, no matter what, refuse to go.
England would never force you, that you knew. That is, until he showed up with America. "Hey, ____! I knew you would be lame and refuse to come, so I came with Iggy!" You were shocked. 'How the hell did he know!'
So you were dragged to the car and forced to go. America did all of the work of course. England refused to force a lady to do something against her will and was yelling at America for doing so.
When you got to the party you went straight to the kitchen, grabbed enough beers to last you the night, then went into the nearest bedroom.
Unfortunately, the bedroom was occupied. "Oh, hello ____..." A familiar german voice spoke as you flipped on the light. You jumped in surprise.
"Oh, it's you Germany. Sorry... I didn't realize anyone else was in here..." You sat down on the bed next to him. "It's alright. So, were you dragged to this party also?"
You laughed. "You have no idea... I came in here so I wouldn't get involved in anything stupid." He smiled as you handed him a beer and opened one for yourself. "Same here."
After talking for a little longer and downing three beers each, America burst in. "DUDES!! I found them!" You glared at him. "Dammit America! Shut the hell up! Why are you so loud all the damn time?!"
He just laughed and dragged the two of you out into the living room. Everyone cheered. "Let's get this game started!" America practically shouted right in your ear.
A hat was shoved in your face and you were told to pick a slip of paper from it. You rolled your eyes. "I am NOT playing that stupid 7 minutes in heaven game!" America frowned and shoved your hand in for you.
You pulled your hand out with the slip of paper. America snatched the paper from you as you crossed your arms. His smile grew wide as he pushed you and Germany back into the bedroom you two were previously in.
"So... I guess you got me, ____..." He blushed slightly and you smiled. "Well, now we can finish where we left off." You took another sip of the beer you had been holding the whole time.
You thought you saw him frown but you decided to ignore it. When you sat down you looked up at him, expecting him to sit down also, but instead he remained by the door, his back to you.
"____..." You looked up at him curiously. "I need to tell you something..." He slowly turned the lights off and turned towards you. "G-Germany...?"
He approached you, and in a few quick steps, was standing right in front of you. You looked up at his towering frame. "G-Germany, what are y-you...?"
In one swift move you were on your back on the bed. Your arms were pinned above your head. Germany was leaning over you. You both had a bright blush on your cheeks.
"_-___, I'm sorry but I've really wanted to do this for a while..." He leaned down and roughly placed his lips on yours. After a few seconds you began to kiss back.
He pulled away, both of you gasping for air. "I love you, ____." You looked back into his sincere, loving eyes. "I love you too." He leaned back in for a kiss.
It was a passionate kiss. He started to loosen his grip on your hands, bringing one hand down to your waist. The other hand soon came to rest by your head. You placed your hands on his chest, rubbing up and down on his firm abs.
He started to kiss your neck, searching for your soft spot. He hit it after a few tries and you held back a moan. He started to nibble on it. You couldn't hold back the moan that escaped your lips.
Just as you had his shirt half way off, the door creaked open. England was standing there with his jaw on the floor, gaping at you two.
America popped his head in and laughed at what he saw. "Way to go Germany dude!" Germany quickly got off of you and blushed.
You just smiled and downed the last of your beer. You then led Germany to the kitchen to get more beers. The rest of the night you two talked and kissed.
When the party was over you some how ended up dragging a sleeping Italy and a drunk Germany home. Well, to Germany's home that is.
You were driving the passed out Italian's car, Germany hiccuping the whole way. To add to the annoying noises, Italy would jump up every 5 minutes yelling "PASTA!~"
It's a miracle you didn't crash. Soon enough though, you made it to the German's house. Sadly, you still had to drag thier asses inside.
"Hey __- *hic* -___," You turned to see Germany sitting on the passenger seat of the car, his feet dangling off the side. He scratched the back of his neck.
"Sorry you *hic* had to drive us *hic* home." He slurred his words a little but you could tell he ment it. "It's okay. I didn't mind."
You smiled at him and he walked over to you. "So... Why did you chose my place?" You blushed a little, knowing what he was really asking.
"It was closer than my house." You said with a smirk. You walked inside, Germany trailing close behind you.
You felt strong arms rap around your waist and lift you up. Germany was carrying you bridal style, a sly grin on his face.
He walked past the sleeping Italy on his couch and went straight to his bedroom. You two had loads of fun that night!

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