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on the next day in the story it gets kinda random

Created by skyvonvanity on Sunday, June 10, 2012

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im going to tell skyla sorry i feel real bad i knocked on her door and she opend it i said "cani come in and talk" then she said hesitantly "ok" i came in and sat on her bed and she sat in front of me then i said "im sorry i jumped to conclusions dahvie told me what realy hapend" "its ok i wasnt upset about what you though i was just em baressed that you saw me"skyla said "well im glad your not mad at me"i said then i hugged her and left
i was hungry it was 11:30 i usaly eat at 7:30 so i went to the kitchen and ate all the leftover chinese after that i went toDahvies room and took a nap on his bed his bed is huge its big enouff for 7 people i had another nightmare about me being kidnapped and rapedby a guy that looked realy familliarand dahvie came and comforted me again ive been having alot more night mares lately about people that look familliar but i dont remember its freaky deciding that i didnt want a nap anymore i went to the living room to watch tv and found my favorite show!"Ghost Adventures" then dahvie walked into the kitchen and said "no wonder you have so many bad dreams you whatch all that ghost crap"and you said smiling"my dreams arnt about ghost dork" then he said "what are your dreams about then" then i said "lets go to your roomso i can tell you""ok" dahvie said as we walked to his room i wondered if i should tell him then when we got to his room he had his kandistuff(kandi is a type of jewelry)all over his bed so after he put that up we both sat down and i told him the truth "the reson i dont tell you about my dreams is most of my dreams come true in the order i have them thats why my nightmares scare me so much""ohh so what where your last two nightmares about " he said "well the first was like the bewitched video but i was the witch and the second dream was where i was kidnaped and raped by a guy that seemed realy familiar"i said then he said "well i hope neither of those come true""i hope not either"i said then we cuddled and fell asleep next to each other and the dreams comtinued but this was a good dream it was where me dahvie and jayy had a cat
Dahvie said"well no bad dreams last night" i gigled "well i did have a dream it was where we got a you wanna get a pet cat?" i asked"shure i like cats there indipendent"he said then i said "wana get a calico i used to have one as a kid but it died"dahvie said "well wanna get it now?"then i said"shure" i was hideing my excite ment i lve cats there soo cute we went to the petshop and picked out a girl calico we decided to call her kitty kitty ya were not creative with names if we have kids there names are gonna be son and daughter lol we got stuff to take care of her and when we got home jayy loved her to we let her explore the house then fed her she was soo cute she had stripes on her cheek and chin like dahvie that was why we picked her then after we played with her till she fell asleep in her bed in the living room then me and dahvie went to his room

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