Romance (A fenris one shot for dragonagegirl)

Created by colourofred on Sunday, June 10, 2012


I was walking down the dirt track the leaded to the bottom of the mountain. The Templars were really annoying me lately. The newer Templars had been missing for a few days and probably gotten lost up the mountain trails. It was me, Fenris, Sebastian and Varric searching for the Templars through the warm afternoon.

It was nice though, the sun was warm and there wasn’t a cloud in the pretty light blue sky. The odd breeze felt silky as it brushed through my long waist length raven black hair, blowing it to the side every now and then.

“What a bunch of idiots.” Varric laughed breaking the silence.

“Agreed.” Sebastian muttered. I could tell he wasn’t too happy with these Templars not being responsible enough.

“Well, hopefully we find them soon and then there is nothing else to do today.” I inputted while stopping dead in my tracks. I looked back to my fellow team members as they looked at me back. Everything was too peaceful, I knew something was going to happen soon.

“Well its time to switch leaders.” I suddenly said taking Fenrises place as it was his time to lead the group.

It felt quite awkward from the silence, no one said anything. I will still angry at the argument that everyone saw me and Anders have yesterday.


I was sitting there watching Anders march back and forth in my foyer. He was so angry at me because I didn’t save one of his mage friends. The only thing is he couldn’t see that it was either a family or his friend. The story was too long and complicated so I’m not even going to try to explain it.

“HOW COULD YOU SYDNEY!” He finally shouted.

“What. How could I what, do you think I wanted anyone to die.” I said in a much calmer tone.

He stood there silent. Scanning the room once again, looking at me then Fenris who was sitting next to me.

“She did what she had to do. You mages are all the same. Just leave!” He shouted to Anders.

“Fenris, calm down.” I said grabbing his arm.

I felt scared when his markings started glowing a icy blue colour. I could see him losing control as he grabbed my neck and pushed me up towards the wall.

“I will let you kill her yourself.” Anders laughed as he walked out.

I looked at Fenris in the eyes as he gently let go. Me and Fenris were really close since I had gotten the title of Champion. The regret in his eyes as he realised what had just happened.

“Fenris its okay!” I shouted as he ran out.

*Flash Back over*

All I knew now is that everything was awkward.

Out of the blue giant spiders came and attacked us. I immediately drew both of my swords and jumped high only appearing behind on of the spiders. I cut one of its black hairy legs of and felt its blood splat across my face as it squealed in pain. I then sliced its abdomen with both of my swords instantly killing it and getting more of its blood across my face.

“Behind you Sydney!” Fenris shouted at me as he stabbed away at the queen spider. I turned to see multiple amounts of spiders. I poofed away once again appearing behind them. I raised my swords quickly and stabber both of their heads and immediately pulling my swords out of their heads to help Fenris with the large queen spider.

We both worked together trying to kill this freakishly large queen spider. Fenris held out his hand smiling at me, I took it only being swung round to land on its back. Fenris cut threw its legs as I sliced and stabbed at its abdomen. The high pitched squeal hurt me ears as it fell to the floor dead. I jumped off of its back landing directly in front of Fenris.

“We work well as a team.” I giggled. He smirked to me comment leading the group on up the mountain. The spiders blood coated strands of my hair making it sticky and a lot of it was clumped together making it harder for it to sway with the silky breeze.

Eventually that day ended as I was sitting in front of the fire reading my favourite book along with watching Sandal play with my dog Mooch from time to time. I laughed a little, Sandal loved that dog, he got entertained by practically anything.

I finally got all settled until I heard Bodan greeting someone at the door.

“Oh, there is someone here to see you.” He said walking through the door way.

“Fenris, what are you doing here? Its very late.” I mentioned as I stood up.

“I wanted to apologise.” He said walked over to me.

“For what?” I asked.

“Yesterday. I shouldn’t have done that, reacted that way. I just hate these markings. What he did to me.” He started saying raising his voice more and more each time he spoke a new sentence.

“Its not your fault. Its okay Fenris, you can relax around me you know you can.” I said walking up to him.

“Your not going to change your views for Anders are you?” He asked pulling a strand away from my face with his fingers.

“No. I will always stick with my reason.” I said firmly.

“Your very stubborn aren’t you.” He said laughing slightly.

“You know you like it.” I said with a feisty voice.

Everything was silent again for a few moments.

“I cant hold anything back any longer!” He said raising his voice again.

“Whats wrong Fenris?” I asked.

“Ahh! Im not used to really showing my feeling, well opening up to people and becoming close to them. Its all still new to me, this feeling. Every time I see you, I get the strangest feeling in my belly. And my heart beats faster. Its all new, but strangely enough I like it.” He said in a calm voice holding my shoulders.

“You like me?” I asked looking at his bright eyes with my hazel coloured ones.

He didn’t reply with anything. He looked away and stared at the fire for a few moments before surprise attacking me with a kiss. He lips were soft and he applied firm yet gentle pressure. His hands tangled themselves through my jet black hair and they also explored my body with my clothes on. I had a feeling where this was going.

Once he had finished kissing me Fenris grabbed my hand and pulled me up to my room shutting the door behind him. I could hear the faint crackles from the fire from the floor below along with Fenrises breath as he started to kiss my neck. Not long after we were on the bed removing each others clothes while trying to keep our lips together. He kept things sensual by exploring my body and feeling my smooth tanned skin, he didn’t rush into things. We kissed everywhere on each others bodies until he rolled over so he was on top of me. He eyes locked with mine as he penetrated me making me moan slightly. His body was always as close to mine as it could get as he rested on my elbows and intertwined his hands with my hair. Our breath made everything feel hot and we both felt very hot and clammy by the end. We lay there our eyes still locked on each other as our hands were joined.

“I love you”. He said with a smile.

“I love you too.” I simply replied.

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