Arranged Marriage to the Bully [ Emo Love Story ]

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Created by NobodyThisFreshhh on Monday, June 11, 2012

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Run.That was all my mind was registering. I had to run and I knew I had to run as fast as my little legs would go. I ran inside the school, pushed down a janitor in the act and reached the girl's bathroom. Hopefully he won't know I'm in here and hopefully I can avoid another beating. This would've been my third this week. I ran into the last stall and backed myself against the wall as far as I could. I was hoping to go through the walls but I'm no superhero.

I'm just plain Spencer. Always has and always will be. I thought I was off the hook, until I heard the door open and slam, then I heard it lock and I gulped and backed into the wall more although I knew I was already as backed up into it as I could get. "Come out Spencer." I heard his voice and I prayed to someone with more power than me to remain calm.

I saw his shadow go past each stall. When they got to the one I was in, the stopped. I could tell he was facing the door because of the way his shoes were. I heard a faint little knock. "I know you're in here Spencer." I heard Caden said.Stay CalmI told myself. He couldn't possibly know I was in here. He was just bluffing. I calmed down a little.

"I can see your leg." He told me and I looked down, one of my legs was sticking out while I was siting on the other one. Crap! I'm doomed, one careless mistake is going to cost me.

Seconds later, he crawled under the stall and we were face to face. I tried to go under the other stall but he grabbed my leg and I fell, he flipped me over and pinned me to the bathroom floor. He pinned both my hands over my head with just one of his. I tried to fight him off but there's so much a wimp like me could do to a boy who works out at the gym every weekend.

"Spencer, Spencer, Spencer." He scolded, "Don't you know, you're not supposed to hide or it'll make things much worse?" He asked me as I struggled. He chuckled and swung his hand back, I waited for the blow. His hand was pulled back in mid air.

Maybe he's going to leave me alone.I thought and prayed that would be it, that he found this bullying thing stupid and he'd let me go so I can finish my last two years here in peace.

"I have something else in mind." He trailed off as he smirked. "W-What are you-" I got cut off because he crashed his lips into mine. I tried to fight him off but he was holding on to me like I was a rope. He licked my bottom lip and I kept my lips frozen because I didn't want to kiss him. He pinched the side of my stomach and I let out a screamed, he took that as an opportunity to plunge his tongue inside his mouth.

I heard a husky groan come from him. I tried to knee him but I could't. Something was blocking that from happening. I tried to break free again but that failed. He moved on to my neck and started leaving light kisses all over it. "I love it when you struggle, Spencer." He huskily said against my neck. "Get off!" I screamed as loud as I could until he covered one of my mouths up with his hand.

"Nobody can hear you. They're all outside in the field playing soccer remember?" He was right, even the teachers were outside, they were betting on which team was better, boys or girls and since I'm shy and not athletic at all, I skipped and hid behind a bush. That's when Caden saw me and I ran and that's how I ended up here.

He took his hand off my mouth and I scream. I don't think I thought that through because I was seeing stars the next second. "Damn Spencer, you're giving me a headache." He complained, usually I would've looked at him confused but I was too scared to do anything, besides, I couldn't. I bet if I gave him a face he would slap me again and the one I just got still sort of stings.

His hand trailed down to the top of my jeans, he ran his hand over the belt while smirking at me. My eyes went big when I knew what he was implying. I shook my head. "No. Caden please, don't." I tried to say sternly but it came out as a croak and a scared voice. "It's only going to hurt if it's your first time." He said. He looked at me for a moment and grinned. "You're a virgin aren't you?" I didn't answer him and he took that as a yes.

"This is going to be fun." He commented as he started to unbuckle my pants....

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