Liam Payne Imagine

I wrote this for a girl on my fanpage we give away personal imagines all the time, so yeah, if you like these, then i would like if you lik our page! :D

Created by ShyannDirection on Tuesday, June 12, 2012


You hear your phone vibrate on the table. You open a text from Niall that says 'Come here!!' with the location of the nearest swimming area. 'Okay,' you reply, 'Are you with Liam?' Your phone lights up again and you get a text from Zayn. 'Just come hang out with us!' It says. 'I will, but are you with Liam?' You ask. Your phone vibrates as you set it back down. 'Harry Styles' flashes on the screen. It says 'I like cats....cats dont like water! :D' You roll your eyes. 'Dont torture the poor kitties Hazza!' Louis texts you at that moment. 'Im kidnapping your boyfriend...better come save him :D' 'Fine!' You reply. You change into your swim suit and cover up and leave.
When you get there, you find the boys on a boat. "Hi, Love!" Liam yells when he sees you. You wave back. He jumps in the water, and is soon next to you. He wraps his wet arms around you, which makes you shiver. "Sorry, Love. I didn't know they were texting you until after you said you would come...but I'm not mad they did!" He says, looking you up and down. "Perv!" You yell as you smack his arm and pull away from him. "Sorry," he says cowardly as he pulls you back towards him. You look up at him. There is a small space between him and yourself. He closes the gap by connecting your lips. Even after 2 months, his kiss still makes your heart melt. Your legs start to get weak and he tightens his grip on you. You force yourself to pull away when you hear the other boys whistle. "Are we gonna go swimming or what?" You say as you run towards the water, take off your cover up, and jump in. The cold water stuns you. You feel yourself sinking then swim back up. At almost the exact same moment, you feel Liams strong arms under you, holding you, even though you are floating. "What are you doing?" You ask. "I don't know," he says smiling.
"Hi, Babe!" You hear Harry yell from behind you. You start to turn around to say hi, but Liam takes one of his arms out from under you and puts his hand under your chin. He turns your head so that you are looking him straight in the eyes. You try to kiss him but he holds you back.
"You have the prettiest eyes, Madeline," he says in a quiet whisper. You feel your cheeks getting hot as he moves in for a kiss. By this time, he is completely supporting you with one arm, so it surprises you when you start to sink. As you realized what just happened, you start to kick your legs. When you resurface you see Louis holding onto Liam. "Did you think I lied about kidnap...surprise adopting him?" Louis says, laughing. "I'm not one to lie!"
"Louis! Quit cheating on me!" Harry yells. "Never!" Louis yells back, then kisses Liam straight on the lips, making you laugh. You hear Harry gasp, then there is a splash behind you. He practically attacks Louis; Liam wiggles out of Louis' grasp and swims back over to you. "Lets go," he says, swimming towards the boat. You follow. He helps you up and pulls you over to the other side where no one else can see you. You suddenly wonder where Niall and Zayn are. Oh well.
Liam pushes you up again the side and kisses you gently on the cheek. "That all you got?" You say as you kiss him forcefully on the lips. You feel him pull away and you can tell he is smiling. "I love you, Madeline. You are so beautiful." He said before he started kissing you again.

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