Black Bird

"Someday, I'll come back for you. Because you're going to be my - " And then he was gone. The world . . . It's full of bizzare things. But the average person can't see them. Ghosts, spirits, demons, whatever you want to call them. The average person can't see them, but I can, and so can he.

Created by CaterineCuppycake on Thursday, June 14, 2012

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A/N: So, DISCLAIMER. It's not mine. But I need practice with lemons, so I'm putting the pictures int words. There's not much in this chapter though. I've changed the names of characters to english, but for those of you that have read the manga, Xander is Kyo and Annabelle is Misao. Enjoy! ~^.^~

Annabelle.” I felt his hand patting my head, comforting me, or trying to. But tears were still streaming down my face and I couldn't stop sobbing.

“It's okay, Anabelle. Someday, I'll come back for you, I promise. Because you're going to be my – ”

And then he was gone. I looked up at the sky and saw an unkindness of ravens flying away from a rooftop, a couple beautiful black feathers falling to the ground in front of me. My mother came rushing out of the house, seeing me crying. “What's the matter, Annabelle? Was someone here?”

The world. . . It's full of bizarre things. But the average person can't see them. Ghosts, spirits, demons, whatever you want to call them. They were terrifying, and would often make me cry, but he would always tell me not to.

“Annabelle. Are you okay? You musn't cry, they'll only enjoy attacking you more. If they're mean to you again, I'll beat them up.” Growing up, we often played together. He was a little older than me, but we got along well since he could see the same things I did. Then one day he said he had to move far away. I'm still waiting for that hand to pat my head, reassuring me. I guess he was my first love. Now I can't remember his name or face. I couldn't even remember the most important part of what he said to me back then.

“Someday, I promise. . . because one day you're going to be my – ”

“Annabelle?” I snapped out of my reminiscing daydream at the sound of my friend Jodie's voice.

“Why are you still as a statue?” Karen poked me jokingly, but I really was too stiff to move.

I guess I have what people would call “The Sight”. Right now, I was seeing a little demon bird sitting on my desk in front of me. He wasn't doing anything, but he was still freaky looking.

When I was little, people used to avoid me because of it. I never had many friends, and even my mother's friends would whisper about me when I came crying to her. Now I just keep everything hidden. I go on trying to act like a normal highschooler. But everyday when I walk into the hall and out the doors after school, and see all those creatures staring back at me, I realize that the truth is I can never get used to this.

Walking home with Jodie and Karen, I tried to ignore the thing that'd been following us the past few blocks. It worked fine, until I tripped up over it. There have been a lot more of them lately, I thought.

Jodie laughed at me. “Did you seriously just fall over nothing? You're such a klutz! You okay?”

“Oh I'm fine. I'm used to this.”

Karen raised an eyebrow. “Used to this? You can't fall over that often, can you?”

“Hey, what do you want for your birthday tomorrow?” Jodie asked.

My mood shot up at this. “A boyfriend. A boyfriend!”

My friends both rolled their eyes. “You don't have to say it twice, we already know that.”

“Yeah, we were kind of hoping for a suggestion that we could, you know, buy?” Karen joked. “And anyways, that guy at Megan's party last week asked you for your number didn't he?”

“Oh, yeah. . . But I didn't give it to him.” I took Jodie's hand and she pulled me back up as I remembered him. He was possessed by the soul of an aborted child, and there wasn't anything I could do to help him. Finding a boyfriend would never happen. They'd either secretly be demons or be freaked out by how weird I acted sometimes. So as much as I wanted one, I'd really given up hope.

The next day at school I felt a hand on my shoulder, stopping me in the hall. I turned around to see a really attractive guy. Eric, that was his name. He had shaggy blonde hair, but it wasn't too long, and beautiful blue eyes. He was on the tennis team and was in the Girl's Bathroom's Top Five Hottest Guys List. “Um. . hi. . .”

His face looked a little flushed and he quickly pulled back his hand. “Hey, uh. . . can I talk to you for a minute?”

My heart skipped a beat and my palms felt a little sweaty. Calm down, Anna. He just wants to talk. Don't expect too much.

“Um, yeah, sure.” We made our way outside and my heart kept fluttering.

“I'm sorry to drag you out here like this,” he said, a little sheepishly. “My name is Eric Elrik. I'm a senior. Do you know me, Annabelle?”

“There isn't anyone I don't know.” Is this what I think it is? No Anna, don't get your hopes up, he might just want to borrow your notes or something. But he's a senior! He wouldn't need your notes! Maybe this is what you think it is. . .

“If you're free. . . I was wondering if maybe you'd want to hang out sometime?”

My heart stopped, and it felt like all the blood in my body rushed back to my head, making me dizzy. I stumbled backwards a few steps and I prepared myself to hit the ground. Instead I felt two strong arms wrap around me. “Careful! Are you – ”

A cold shiver went down my spine, and Eric pulled away, rather fast. I looked up at him, and thought I saw a twinge of shock in his eyes, but if there was anything he quickly masked it. “I'm sorry,” I said, putting my hand to my head, “But I really do think I have a fever. I'd better go home.”

I suddenly felt like running away. I didn't understand. One minute, he was asking me out, the next he had totally pulled away from me. And what was with that cold shiver?

I'll come back for you, I promise.

How stupid. How long was I going to wait? How long was I going to have to wait?

Because Annabelle, you're going to be my -

As I walked up our drive I noticed that the gate to the huge house next door was open. The house had been vacant for years, so somebody must have just moved in. Being a little nosey, I poked my head around the gate and saw a figure bent over, picking flowers.

What a beautiful man. It was strange to see a guy picking flowers, but he was unbelievably gorgeous. He was tall and slender, with silky black hair and nice brown eyes. I creeped slowly forward, trying to go unnoticed. I felt a twig snap beneath my feet, and the man glanced up at me, smiling.

“Annabelle?” I jumped a little – both because I'd been caught snooping and that he knew my name. “It's been a while.”

“H-how do you know my name?” I stuttered.

The man looked a little taken aback at this, disappointed maybe. “I used to live here, until ten years ago. Don't you remember me? I'm Xander.”

Then he gave me a stunning smile, and I felt my heartbeats picking up pace. Xander. The name didn't ring any bells, but. . .

“We used to play together, remember? Hey now, there you go with all these things hanging around again”

He waved at my shoulders, and I felt a bit of weight disappear. It hit me that there were a couple demons clinging to me, and he knew it. “You can see them?”

“I can.” His bottom lip puckered a little, into a frown. “You really don't remember me?”

I knew I was blushing, trying to figure out who exactly this guy was. It can't be him, can it?

“I'm going to be living here again. If you run into any trouble, just call me.” He placed the flowers in my hand and I took it as an invitation to leave. My pace was slow and steady, but as soon as I knew I'd left his sight, it quickened. I ran into my house, slamming the door, the flowers falling from my hands as I covered my mouth in shock. "We used to play together." . . . "I can see them" . . . It must be him.

I slumped against the door and slid to the floor. I couldn't keep my thoughts straight; to many of them flooded my brain at once. Has he come back for me? It was just a childish promise, it couldn't be true. But, he remembered me.

Maybe, it was a good thing that I waited.

“Hey. . . Anna, are you okay? Do you want to go to the nurse's office?” Jodie and Karen were looking at me like I was a freak. I suppose to them it did seem a bit weird to be weighed down and leaning against the wall seemingly by nothing, panting and sweating as if I'd just run a triathlon. And I could admit, I was a freak to have a bunch of spirits crowding around me.

“No, i-it's nothing. . .” It's not nothing! What's going on? They keep multiplying! My legs shook and finally gave out, and I fell, just in front of the top of the stairs. Something wasn't right today. It was never really right, but. . . It felt different today. Much more malignant.

Eric spotted me as he walked up the stairs. “Annabelle, hey! Can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Um, sure.” We went outside again, to the same place as yesterday. I didn't know what he was going to say to me, but if he wanted to make plans I would have to say no. Xander was back. I felt bad, and it was a bit childish, but still. . .

“I'm sorry Eric. . . But I'm not – ”

“Annabelle.” I raised an eyebrow at him. He seemed somewhat tense, and his voice was strict. “You're birthday is today, isn't it?” He wasn't looking me in the eye. The way he was acting mixed with that question didn't really fit, but I tried not to notice.

“What are. . .” I watched him reach into his pocket and I relaxed a bit more. “Is it a present? Eric that's sweet, but you don't need to give me anything. . .”

I noticed then that it wasn't a present. It was a pocket knife in his hand, one with blood on it. He had pulled it out so fast I didn't even realize. I put my hand to my neck and felt the sticky warm liquid. The stinging started as he cursed to himself, “Damn, too shallow.”

The wind was knocked out of me as Eric pushed my back against a tree. My eyes widened with fear and I tried to make sense of what was happening. “W-what are you doing?”

His lips curved into a smile – a smirk. “Isn't it obvious? I'm going to eat you.”

That didn't make any sense, it only made me more terrified and confused. “What, don't you know anything? Come on, Sawyer. You can't really be that dense. You're food to us demons.”

I was frozen like a deer in headlights. How could there have been a demon in my school and I didn't even know it? How could it be Eric?

He slowly grazed the sides of his knife up and down the tree trunk, keeping it only an inch from my face. He stared into it, gazing as if it was his greatest treasure. “It's only once every hundred years a human like you is born. If a demon drinks her blood, he is granted a long life. If he eats her flesh, he gains eternal youth. And if he makes her his bride, his clan will prosper. Of course,” His eyes wavered between me and the knife, “Once you're eaten, that's the end of that.”

Tears were streaming from my eyes as Eric raised the knife again. My feet made a motion to run, but I felt a tugging on my hair and was pulled back into him. I waited for my life to flash before my eyes. Instead, I saw the image of that dark haired beautiful man. Xander. I've finally met him. I don't want to die here. Xander.

“Xander!” I screamed,choking on my tears.

“Do you remember now?” I glanced to the side and saw Xander sitting in a tree, a feather hanging on a cord around his neck. I must've screamed louder than I thought. I didn't expect him to actually hear me.

“I've come for you. Because you're going to be my bride.”

“Xander!” I felt Eric's grip on my hair loosen, and I took the opportunity to run to Xander. He came for me.

“I'm sorry to keep you waiting; Scary, wasn't it?” His arms wrapped around me, that hand I'd been waiting for finally there.

“You. . .?” I heard Eric say from behind me. His voice was shaky now, he was as terrified as I'd been a minute ago.

“For a lesser demon like you that tries to take over a human without knowing what's what. . . my energy must be overpowering for you, isn't it? I'm the head of my whole clan. I'm in a whole different league than you.” Xander let go of me and took a couple steps back. Wings sported from his back, with feathers as soft and smooth as his hair looked. Wings! What the hell was this?

“Black wings. . .” Eric mumbled. “You're a Tengu!”

In one swift motion, Xander had his hand wrapped around Eric's throat. It certainly didn't look as gentle as when he used that hand to reassure me.

“I. . .I shouldn't have done that! Please, spare me. . .”

Xander's voice was stone cold. “You hurt Annabelle. You seriously think saying “sorry” is good enough?” His hand squeezed harder, and the spirit came out Eric's mouth and disappeared. Xander released his grasp and Eric's body fell to the ground. “He should come to in a while. Now. . . ”

I covered my cut and winced at the pain. Why did he have wings?

“Show me where you're hurt.”

I took a step back as he took two forward. “Never mind, I'll go to the school nurse.” Why?

“How are you going to explain it? You're so stubborn.” He came closer and the heat rose to my cheeks as he started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing!?” He slid my shirt down my shoulder and I felt the warm wind hit my cut, and it stung. Warm wind? It was cold out. . . I felt a tongue on my shoulder and realized it was Xander's breath. “H-hey. . . Wait. . . Ah! Stop it. . .”

“Hang on.”

I winced as his tongue grazed my neck, licking up the blood. He started sucking, and my hands gripped his hoodie as I tried to stay steady. My skin was getting hot as Xander sucked, and a tiny moan escaped my lips.

“Okay, I'm done.” He let go of me and I collapsed, panting. I put my hand to my neck, and my heart skipped a beat. My cut was healed. All he did was. . . lick it. He really isn't human.

Xander reached a hand out to me to help me up, and I couldn't help but stare at his wings. “Don't worry,” he smiled. “I don't intend to eat you. But,” he moved behind me and his arms wrapped around me. I thought he was going to hug me at first, but my cheeks flushed when I found out what he was doing. “These are certainly ripe enough. . .”

My breasts. H-he. . .he's touching my breasts! I turned around and made my hand hit the side of his face so hard a clap filled the air.

“Ow! Why'd you do that? I told you I'd come back for you to be my bride!”

Rage bubbled up inside of me. I had to have glorified this guy in my mind. “That was a little kid's promise! Besides, I had no idea you were a demon! This. . .” It was a child's promise. But I'd waited all this time. And for someone complaining that it was just a child's promise, I felt like throwing a child's tantrum. “This is awful!”

“Hey. Your sixteenth birthday marks an open season on you.” He poked my chest and gave me a look that meant business. “It doesn't matter whether you ask for it or not. You will be targeted.”

I blinked away the last of my tears. I wanted to say something, but I was speechless.

“What happened today will happen over and over again. But I'll protect you. You can be eaten or you can sleep with me and become my bride. Which will it be?”

It must have been . . . all just a dream. . .

I felt the warmth of my blankets as I stared at my ceiling. I rubbed my eyes and yawned. A dream.

I went downstairs and got some toast, but I ate it absentmindedly. It sure wasa long dream.And so vivid. Those wings. . .

I walked to school, the whole time thinking about those beautiful black wings, picturing them coming out of Xander's back over and over again. Karen waved her hand in front of my face and I came out of my daze.

“What happened to you yesterday? Before we knew it, you'd gone home. We were going to take you somewhere for your birthday.”

“I just got a little light-headed.”

“Hey, don't you dare faint during morning assembly,” Jodie said.

“Yeah, I'll try not to.”

I half-listened to the principal's speech. “Because of. . . And so. . . Now, I'd like to introduce the teacher who will be replacing Mr. Suzuki, who retired last week.” A chorus of squeals came from girls in all directions as the new teacher walked onto the stage. “Mr. Adams will be teaching first year math and will be the assistant homeroom teacher for class 1-E.”

“Hey, Karen,” I heard Jodie say, “I think Annabelle's been starstruck by our new homeroom teacher.”

I stared at the teacher walking to the podium. Somebody wake me up from this dream.

“My name is Xander Adams. I'm glad to meet you all.”

Somebody. . . Somebody wake me from this nightmare.

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