Niall Horan Imagine(:

I wrote this for my fanpage on facebook, so its short! but please, rate! it means a lot!

Created by Bloggerdotthreeslashme on Sunday, June 17, 2012


Niall Imagine....

"Where should we go first?" You ask your best friend, Niall. "Well, I don't about the sky deck?" He asks. You smile. "Alright, lets go," you say, grabbing your sun glasses and room key. You watch as Niall grabs a bag of chips off the counter. "Do you really have to bring that, Nialler?" You ask. He just smiles and opens them.
This was your annual vacation that you always had with Niall and your roommate, _______. (Pick any name) Unfortunately, your roommate backed out at last minute because she thought she would get sea sick. She had never been on a cruise before.
You stepped out onto the open area and the cool sea breeze blew your hair into your face. "Here, let me get that," Niall said, brushing it to the side. You shivered as another gust of wind came. "Are you cold?" He asked, starting to unzip his hoodie. "No, no, that's fine. I'll be okay!" You say, running to the side of the boat.
You rest your arms on the ledge and look at the beautiful waves. Niall did the same. It starts getting dark, so you take your glasses off and hang them from the front of your shirt.
You shiver again, and Niall notices. "You're cold!" He exclaimes, taking his hoodie off quickly and wrapping it around you. You can feel your cheeks getting hot as you look back at the waves. "Cute," you hear Niall mumble. "What?" "Oh, nothing! I didn't say anything!" He says defensively. You blink uncontrollbly. "Fine!" He says, smiling and laying his chin on his hands. "I said you were cute when you blush." You look back to the waves and smile as you see Niall's arm get closer to yours.
'What is going on,' you wonder. 'Does Niall....does Niall like me? What would I do if he did? He's my best friend, what if we dated and everything was ruined? Wait, dated? I don't even know if he likes me yet and-' you're pulled out your throughts by Niall's voice. "Can I tell you a secret?" He asked. You turn towards him, letting one arm drop off the ledge, leaning up against it. Niall mirrored how you were standing. He looked down at his arm that lay at his side. "Well, uhm, remember how _______ couldn't come today?" He asked, starting to swing his hand back and forth.
"Yeah?" You reply, eager to know what he was going to say. Niall cleared his throat and moved closer to you. You felt one of his fingers brush your hand, then stay there. "I kind of asked her not to come," he said quietly. "Why?" You ask, starting to connect the dots in your head. "Because, uhm, I...uh..." He choked out.
You giggle to yourself and grab Niall's hand. "Yes?" You ask. Niall looks up from the ground and looks you in the eyes.
"I like you," he whispers, "(Y/N) will you PLEASE give me a chance, and be my girlfriend?" He asks quickly. You stare into his beautiful blue eyes and start to debate the pros and cons in your head. As the pros outway the cons, you realize that you are uncontrollably leaning into Niall. You can see him smiling. "I....uhm...well, you're my best friend and-" you give in and close your eyes, letting the word 'yes' out before connecting your lips with Niall's.
You hear people around you whistle and you feel Niall smile into the kiss. He pulls away and smiles at you. "Yes?" He asks. "Yes," you whisper before wrapping your arms around him, burrying your head in his shoulder.
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