Keroro Gunso/Sgt Frog story: 03-Living with Aliens part 1

Last time, Kunai and Keroro found out they have to 'stay' on Earth and do chores in order to stay hidden from outside of the Hinata family home.

Created by tigger101 on Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's been few weeks since Kunai and Keroro had been living with the Hinata Family. Fuyuki and Natsumi were at school and Aki was at her job while the two aliens; Kunai and Keroro were doing house chores. However, the sparrow alien keeps his distance from the green Keronian in the past few weeks and kept an eye on Keroro to make sure the frog alien won't try anything funny. Kunai just finish dusted the house and was in Fuyuki's room, trying to contract his comrades.

"Kunai Platoon! Can you read me? Come in, Kunai Platoon!" Kunai depressingly exclaimed at his transmitter, but he gets no receive from any of his friends.

He sighed when he turned off the transmitter. "...It's been weeks now and I still haven't heard from any of my comrades... I'm hope they're okay." Kunai pray for his friends' safety, walks out of the room and heads downstairs to check on Keroro.

Kunai heard a familair laugh...

"Gero-gero-gero-gero... Curse those Pekopon people... I will now show them my true strength de arimasu."

Kunai stops at the doorway from the living room and takes a peek to see what Keroro is doing.

"I am the one they call number one in the universe..."

Kunai then see something green on a long and blue thing leap from near the couches in the air and lands on the floor. The small green figure did a salute on the blue thing... "Sergeant Keroro de arimasu!"

Kunai just look away and quietly sighs at Keroro with annoyances, "There he goes again... Acting all powerful and brave when he's only using the vacuum."

Which it was kinda true. Keroro sometimes quietly schemes on the vacuum about using something to invade, but always afterward 'Just kidding!' and all. Kunai soon began to doubt that Keroro is truly dangerous, but keeps his guard up for his and the Hinata Family safety.

He then hears Keroro exclaiming, "Gero! The newest weapon of the Pekopons! If you let me use the low-energy ecological vacuum cleaner then no one else in the universe can compare de arimasu! Not even that bird, Major Kunai Sparrow!" Kunai then hears the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

Kunai opens the door to see what Keroro is doing and spot him riding and controlling on the vacuum cleaner. Kunai admits one thing, Keroro is a very good cleaner.

"What are you doing now?" Kunai asked, raising right eyebrow at Keroro.

"Just preparing to use the most powerful weapon of Pekopon de arimasu!" Keroro answered with pride, still on the vacuum.

Kunai sighs at Keroro's behavior and went to the kitchen to make himself some tea. Tea always calm Kunai's nerves now and then. Just when the sparrow alien was about to jump on the counter, he hears the living room door opening and very soon hears a loud screaming of shock of a girl.

Kunai looks at the doorway to see a funny sight; Keroro using the vacuum hose with Natsumi's uniform skirt nearly getting suck in with the girl blushing with embarrassment and anger at Keroro.

/...Well, this is new.../ Kunai thought with humor.

Keroro innocently say, "Lady Natsumi, welcome home de arimasu!"

"The switch! Turn off the switch!" Natsumi cried as she tries to pull her skirt back from the vacuum.

Keroro looked confuse and thinks a bit, "Huh? The switch, is it? But..."

"Hurry up, you stupid frog!" Natsumi angrily shouted.

Keroro gasps, feeling insulted, "Stupid frog is too harsh de arimasu!"

Natsumi then exclaims, "Fine, I'll just turn it off myself!" She see a power button and tries to hit it with her foot, but the vacuum somehow dodge her kick.

"The cleaning is not finished yet de arimasu!" Keroro shouted as the vacuum moves in the air with him on it.

Natsumi tries again, but instead pushes the vacuum, missing the off button. Natsumi keeps kicking to reach the off switch as the vacuum keeps on moving and Keroro hang on to it.

/I never would have thought the vacuum cleaner had so much fighting capability./ Keroro thought.

Kunai suddenly leaps in to help Natsumi and grabs the vacuum hose, trying to pull it away from Natsumi's skirt. "Okay, okay! Would you please calm down?" Kunai shouted at Natsumi as he dodge her feet when Natsumi still keep kicking at the vacuum.

"How can I calm down with this stupid frog attacking me with the vacuum?" Nastumi angrily cried, still kicking at vacuum, nearly kicking at Kunai.

"Watch the legs!" Kunai shouted when he was almost got kick by Natsumi.

Suddenly, the front door burst open and soon the living room door quickly flies open to reveal Fuyuki, holding the Kero Ball.

"Teleportation!" Fuyuki shouted then quickly pushes one of the buttons of the Kero Ball. However, instead doing teleport, the Kero Ball shoot out electricity at the two aliens, electrifying them full blast of 10,000 volts!

Both Keroro and Kunai screams and cries out in great pain as they fully shock as Fuyuki quickly realize he pushed the wrong button on Kero Ball, looking very sorry and kinda saying 'Oops'.

Keroro crashes on the floor front first as Kunai collapse on the floor on his back, both crisp and burnt.

((A/N: That must've hurt a lot...))

"S-Sorry, I got it wrong again." Fuyuki spoke, feeling awful for pushing the wrong button. Fuyuki is still trying to figure out how the Kero Ball work, but still working on it. "Teleportation is this one, and electrocution is this one... No, wait..."

Natsumi was busying poking at Keroro and Kunai, checking to see if they're alive or something.

Kunai quietly thought in his head, /Living here with them will be the death to me.../ He then groans with agony.

Keroro suddenly lifts his upper a bit, staring at Fuyuki, "Master Fuyuki, I would appreciate it if you were more careful de arimasu. That Kero Ball possesses the power to destroy all of Pekopon." He warned and reminded Fuyuki.

Fuyuki stares at the weapon he holds with awed and caution after Keroro told him.

Keroro shook off the burnt and crisp off of himself and hops on the couch that is close to Fuyuki. "So, now that you understand, hurry and return it to me de arimasu." He said to the boy, holding his right hand out for the Kero Ball.

Kunai quickly shook the burnt and crisp his feathers and grabs Keroro by the head, holding the frog alien up to his height and slightly glaring at the green Keronian, "Not gonna happen, you so call invader. I already gave permission for the Hinatas to hold on so you can't use it."

Natsumi stood up, saying to Keroro, "The bird is right. We'll take care of it for you, just like we've been doing in the pass few weeks."

Keroro gasps and exclaims a bit with a dread look on his face as Kunai sets Keroro back the couch.

"More importantly, you two still have to clean the bath, right?" Natsumi reminded the aliens. "If you guys slack off, you guys won't get any dinner."

Keroro gasps a bit, "Gero! What is for dinner?" as he blush with excitement. Keroro grew to like Natsumi's cooking.

Natsumi smiles a bit, "It's beef stew."

Keroro cheers as he spins around with glee, "Alright! Lady Natsumi's beef stew is the best de arimasu!" he shake his behind a bit and salutes to Natsumi, "Me and Master Bird will put all our efforts into it, and make everything sparkling clean de arimasu!"

Kunai just looks at Keroro with interest of the frog alien's child-like behavior. He still kinda disbelief and shock to see that Keroro is sergeant and the leader of the platoon. However, he still keeps his guard up for the Hinata family's safety.

Kunai leaps off the couch, "Okay, let's this cleaning over with..." He spoke as he leaves the living room and heads to the bathroom.

Keroro follows after Kunai in pursuit, "Yes sir, Birdy!"

"And don't call me 'Birdy'!" Kunai shouted with annoyance from the hallways.

"Gero! I'm sorry, Master Bird!" Keroro cried with fright.

The Hinata siblings could hear Kunai groan of frustration.

Natsumi sighs a bit then got ready to make dinner as Fuyuki chuckles a bit at Kunai reaction when Keroro call the bird alien 'Birdy'.

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