Cry(Lab Rats Chase love) 6: I make out with spike

Created by gothicAngel45 on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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"Hey, theres Trent" Chase says from his seat next to me. I'm sitting in between him and Adam. "I better go apalogzie"
"Woah" Bree and I grab him, pulling him back down in his seat.
"Slow it up buttercup" Bree says.
"Mail him a greeting card" Leo sugests
"Its much more personal" I agree
"Hey new kid, come here" Principal Perry says to Chase. Chase hurrys up and I scoot closer to Adam in atempt to get away from Prinipal perry.
"Do you know what happens when my football players get humiliated?" She asks Chase who looks a bit scared. "No you don't" She answers "because my football players don't get humiliated" Chase jumps back a bit as she says this.
"They look humiliated to me" Adam says and I let out a laugh.
Perry kept yelling at Chase and told us to move. Adam pulled me up from the table with the others and Chase turns back into Spike.

Principal Perry says that they'll settle this with a football match on the football field.
"We're in" Chase/Spike says. "Me.Him(he points to Adam) Her(points to Bree)....and I guess him" He says lastly pointing to Leo. Then he looks at me "Sorry Sweetheart but I don't want you getting your fragile little self hurt" Adam has to hold me back.
"Spikes so lucky he's in Chase's body...otherwise he'd be so dead right now" I whisper to Adam.

We go home to get ready for the game and head to the lab. Chase is still Spike and we have to be careful Davenport doesnt find out. Davemport is actually out with Tasha now so its ok.
Leo, Adam and Bree go to get something leaving me and Spike in the lab.
"So, why don't you come out here while you change" Spike says. I'm behind a curtain thing while I change. I roll my eyes as I finish changing into warmer clothes.
"Because your not my boyfriend, spike"
"I could be" I sigh.
"My boyfriend is Chase"
"I'm sure i'm a better choice. Probably better looking too"
"You look the same"
"Than I am the better choice" I sigh.
Spike smirks and pushes me against the wall. "Spike" I protest and he kisses me. It feels just like kissing Chase only its rougher and theres more danger in it. I can't help myself and I kiss back until we're making out. Spike grabs my hands pinning them to the wall and I don't object. He lets go of one hand, still keeping one hand pinned above my head as he unzips my jacket and throws it to the floor before letting go of my hand. He kisses my neck, nipping it roughly and his hands find their way up my shirt.
"WOAH" we pull apart and see Leo, Bree and Adam. Leo picks up my jacket and hands it to me.
"We should...ah go" Leo says. We nod and Spike smirks at me.
we head to the dog park where they decided to have the football match.
I sat on a bench watching them.
Hopefully they do well.

(Should I continue this? Does anyone even want me to continue?)

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