marques houston love story ch1:

Your name is bri. your black. you have the rnb singer aaliyah's hair and its real. you have a sister named brianna. you are a famous singer bri and currently dating the rnb singer marques houston you have been dating for almost a 2 yeara. your 2 year anniversary is coming up.

Created by britaylorlol on Wednesday, June 20, 2012


*you and marqueshouston are walking to the store for omarion and brianna's 3 year wedding anniversary you looking for a gift your walking hand in hand*
marqueshouston: i love you
bri: i love you too
marqueshouston kisses bri: what do you want to do this weekend
bri: you wanna go to rio de janerio alone
marqueshouston laughs: yeah ill get the tickets tommorow
bri: dont forget
marqueshouston: i wont
marqueshouston: babe i got the dress
bri: where'd you find it
marqueshouston: in the the ladies area
bri: yeah that's the first place you'd go
marqueshouston: you know know i only have eyes for you
fan#1: omg their gonna kiss
marqueshouston: later
(omarion house)
omarion: thanks man
marqueshouston: no problem
bri: babe
marqueshouston: hey brianna
brianna: hey hey bri
bri: hey brianna
omarion: hey bri
bri: hey
*you and marqueshouston go back to his house for tommorow's trip to rio de janeiro*
(his bedroom laying in his bed naked your about to do it)
*marqueshouston and bri have slow sweet sex*
marqueshouston: bri
bri yeah
marqueshouston: i love you
bri: i love you too
marqueshouston: i know you think i forgot our anniversary i didnt will you marry me
bri: yes
marqueshouston kisses bri
bri: its even better that were naked
marqueshouston: again
bri: yeah this time could you go a little slower
marqueshouston: yeah sorry
*you and marqueshouston have sweet slow sex*
*next day you and marqueshouston brush your teeth and shower and go to rio de janeiro*
(beach in rdj-rio de janeiro-)
marqueshouston: you dont know how much i love you
bri: i love you too
marqueshouston kisses bri: i never told a girl i love her besides you
bri: why no
marqueshouston: because i've never found the one to make me say it but you did
bri: aww
marqueshouston: lets take a walk
bri: like this
marqueshouston: yeah everybody else is like this
bri: you gotta put me down
marqueshouston: i dont know i kinda like you like this
bri: put me down slowly
marqueshouston lets you down
*you both walk down to subway (its on the boardwalk) your holding hands*
marqueshouston: why are you so nervous
bri: im in a swimsuit
marqueshouston: so is everybody else

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