My FC Sonic Characters

Well, here the FCs I made for my Sonic stories. I made them on the Male and Female Furry Doll Maker which I found on

Created by shadowgirl303 on Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here's Melissa/Missy/Sammy:
Here's Dalton/Skate:
Here's Brendan/Spike:
And here's my newest character, Matt:
That's them. And, sadly, I forgot the tail and ears for the girl. But, hey, I think she looks better without them. So for her, just pretend they're there. And she also took the longest to make. And I also didn't draw in the purple markings on her body or the scar over her right eye so just pretend they're there... again. *Anime sweat drop* And I must admit, they do look good. :) And if I create any new characters, I'll add them on here.

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