Transformers Prime: Knockout's little sister A Starscream love story

Decide to quite on Ichigo. Sorry Ichi but anyway here is a more better story enjoy

Created by bubbles198 on Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I was with my big brother and his assistant Breakdown. We have been summoned by commander Starscream or as I like to call him Screamer. "You ok Shadowstep?" Knockout asked in a smooth voice. "Yea," I replied. "KNOCKOUT WHERE ARE YOU?" A very impationt Screamer asked over the com link. "Were on our way commander we like to take long drives, isn't that right sis?" Knockout asked as he looked at my red Mercedes veical mode. "Well hurry up," Scream said as he got off the com link. "Well guys looks like our little drive is over," Knockout said as we all began to speed. When we finally got to the war ship we all returned to our normal forms. "Commander Starscream this is my assistant Breakdown and my sister Shadowstep," Knockout introduced while bowing a little. "Hmmm... Shadowstep right?" Scream asked as he began to circle around me. From the cornor of my red optic I could feel him staring at me up and down. I rolled my optics. "So Scream where is Lord Megatron?" I asked while compleatly ignoring his question. He growled. "Haven't you heard I command the deciptigons," he replied as he got right in my face. "Ha, you dont make me laugh," I said while smirking. He started to get real angry and with all his might he slapped me hard causing me to fall back. "YOU WILL LEARN TO OBEY ME SHADOWSTEP!" He yelled with angry eyes. My own optics widened in fear.

Well thats it guys chapter 2 will be here tomorrow and much more longer then the first one.

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