~A Cold Heart That Loved Me~ (A Sasuke Love Story) Chapter 74

Created by mystorysforever on Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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(Sorry for the long wait, had to do finals, just wasn't really inspired to write, blah blah blah, but here it is! I'll be uploading a ton to make up for all the time you've spent waiting. Enjoy^^)

So, Sasuke had arrived yet another Uchiha for Danzo to slay. What was he doing here? He must have came here for you...and at just the right time. His back was still facing you. He didn't even turn around to see you. It felt like a cold front.
Before you could say a word, his arm swung around and poked you in the forehead. You felt a tremor run throughout your body. Something had been released. Sasuke slowly drew his hand back. "The genjutsu has been removed. You are free to speak the truth."
"T-The truth?" you asked.
He hesitated for a moment. "Akane. I know everything."
Your worst nightmare had come true.
Now Sasuke knew what really happened to his family, as well as your own. Those three words made your heart stop at that very moment. The question was what would Sasuke do now?
Someone else stepped out from the swirl. It was Karin. She noticed you standing a yard behind Sasuke. She readjusted her glasses. "Oh, you're here."
Didn't seem too pleased to see you here...
Danzo removed his three arm braces. They fell to the ground with a loud clank. He then began unraveling the bandages that were wrapped around his arm. As he did so, he looked up at Sasuke, rather irritated that someone had interrupted his battle with you. "How frustrating. I was intending to kill the Twice-Cursed Child before dealing with you." sighed Danzo, dropping another bandage. "But, I guess I'll have to deal with you first."
Sasuke shot Danzo a hateful glare. "Deal with me like you did my family?" he snarled.
Danzo didn't answer. He pulled off the last bandage, and you were disgusted with what you saw.
His arm was covered with Sharingan. The eyeballs moved around in place in his arm. The comma swirling about in the red eyes. Sasuke and Karin seemed equally as horrified. Sasuke regained his calm, but angry, posture. "How did you obtain those Sharingan in your right arm?"
Danzo did not reply immediately. "Through various means. It would take to long to describe."
"Any explanation would upset me more, I've already decided to kill you. But, before I do, I must ask you one thing...." explained Sasuke, slowly opening his darkened crimson eyes. "Is it true that Itachi Uchiha eliminated my clan under the orders of the Elders?"
He got no answer. Only Danzo charging towards Sasuke like a rhino. The elder was fast and furious, even for his old age. He slammed his hand into Sasuke. There was a loud bang noise that echoed throughout the arena. A purple glow surrounded Sasuke, and then a huge humaniod, skeleton burst around Sasuke. He was protected by the ribcage of the guardian.
You gasped with amazement. Sasuke had definitely grown stronger...but, just a look at that thing...told you that the hatred did too...


You crouched with Karin behind a boulder and watched as Danzo and Sasuke stared each other down. Karin glowered at Danzo, it seemed to you that she knew the truth as well. Even with the demise of your own family at his hands, you didn't feel hatred towards him. You just stared at Danzo the whole time, realizing this was the man that had, along with the council of elders, ordered Itachi to kill his family and caused this whole mess in the first place. There was a deep anger and hatred building inside you, but it wasn't because of Danzo; it was towards everyone who created this darkness. It terrified you because you had never felt so angry before. You pushed her hatred deep into your heart and ignored it, as Danzo charged at Sasuke.
"Karin, what is that?" you asked as a black chakra blocked Danzo's attack and formed a hand to grab said man.
"That's Susanoo." Karin shuddered out. "Maybe we should get further away."
You shook your head and kept your feet firmly planted in the ground. "I have to talk to Sasuke."
Karin glanced warily over at Sasuke. "I don't think he's going to listen to you, Akane."
As you watched Danzo and Sasuke's battle grow more heated, you couldn't find words to argue Karin's point.

"What are we going to do, Kakashi-senpai?" Yamato asked. "We need to tell everyone in Konoha what happened at the Summit but there's the issue with Sakura."
"It must be the darkness you were talking about earlier. The eclipse is drawing near..."
Masaya's slowly opened his vivid purple eyes. "First we must stop Danzo. He's attacking Akane, and Sasuke has just arrived. I can feel it..."
"What do we do about Sasuke?" Sai questioned. "If Sakura's been entranced by the darkness, I can't imagine what it's done to Sasuke."
There was a moments hesitation. "We have to kill him." stated Masaya, coldly. "He's a danger to himself as well as others. Especially to Akane, she has been very hard for Madara to taint. I'm sure he'll try to use Sasuke to implant darkness into Akane's heart. We have to kill him before he does that."
Miyuki's head was resting on Kakashi's shoulder and her arms were wrapped around his. The snow fell vividly to the ground, forming puffballs of white. "I hate this." she hissed in a low whisper.
Kakashi sighed as he looked to Miyuki, then to Naruto's sullen face. "All right. Yamato and Naruto, you two return to Konoha and tell them what has happened. Myself, Miyuki, and Sai will go after Akane and Sakura. They're both heading to the same place, that much is certain. Masaya, I want you to go to Kumo and retrieve Hiro. Maybe he can make Akane see reason."
"Naruto!" Miyuki hollered as Naruto gasped for breath. He fell into the snow, hyperventilating. She knelt in the snow and cradled his head in her lap. "This is too much…knowing that all of his friends are planning to kill Sasuke and everything that's happened…it's too much…" Miyuki ran her fingers through Naruto's blond hair and cooed softly to him, hoping to soothe him. "I won't forgive Madara or the elders for what they've done to these children."
Masaya watched Kakashi kneeling beside Miyuki for a moment before his eyes flickered off to the distance. He could feel the emotional turmoil inside her heart. The turmoil that felt good and hurt at the same time. The same battlefield that burned inside of Masaya.

"I asked you once already; were you and the elders the one who ordered Itachi to kill my family!" Sasuke roared, as he held Danzo in the skeletal hand of Susanoo.
You flinched at Sasuke's voice and scooted even closer to Karin. "Sasuke..." you began.
"Quiet!" Sasuke snapped and glared over at you with his Mangekyo Sharingan. You were instantly stunned with silence. This was so unlike him. He turned back to Danzo. "Answer me!" He roared.
Danzo coughed up blood. "I thought he was a better man than that." Danzo's eyes narrowed in clear disgust. "That bastard told you everything before he died, huh."
"Shut up!" you screamed and leapt out from your hiding place. You were terrified of Sasuke right now but your anger at Danzo speaking poorly of Itachi far outweighed your fear. "Don't you dare talk about Itachi like that! Itachi loved Sasuke more than anything else and all he did was try and protect him, you stupid cowards!" The hatred was bubbling up in your heart again as tears of frustration, anger, and sorrow spilled from your eyes. "I'll never forgive anyone that talks badly about him!"
Sasuke was deathly still for a moment. Then, he brought his hand to rest on your shoulder. You dared to look into his eyes. Now they were kind. "Akane, I need you to leave. I'm going to deal with him." He spoke with a deadly quietness.
"I'll take her." a voice said, somebody swooped down and scooped you up before returning to his spot high above the battle ground. He put you down beside him and chuckled when you scooted as far away from him as possible. It was Madara. "Your hatred is growing. That's good. Let it continue to grow and fester." he snickered with glee.
You bit your lip to keep more tears from coming out. "I won't help you in turning Sasuke to the darkness! I won't do whatever it is you want me to do!"
Madara grabbed your arm. "Silly girl, who said it was ever about Sasuke?"
Your eyes widened. He dragged you over so you were sitting beside him. "Don't worry. You need not do anything right now. Just nurture your hatred and watch. You want Danzo dead just as much as Sasuke, don't you?"
You took in deep, shuddering breaths as you watched Danzo somehow appear beside Sasuke instead of in the hands of whatever monster Susanoo had created. "...No, because Mamoru taught me to live."
The hatred was slowly dissipating as you thought about not just Itachi, but Hiro, Naruto and the other Konoha ninjas, your mother and father, and Sasuke. "I won't let hate rule my life. He said, I should always smile because he doesn't like it when I'm sad. So, even if I hate Danzo and the Konoha elders and Madara," your eyes cut over to Madara as you smiled brightly. "I won't let my hatred control me because that would make everyone sad."
Madara stared at you for a moment. "You may not let your hatred control you but it's still there, deep in your heart. Someday, it will spin out of your control and you will be consumed by it, just like Sasuke."
As you continued to watch the fight, you wished that you could go into the battlefield. You knew what to say to Sasuke to make him stop. Knowing Madara wouldn't release you anytime soon, you pulled your knees to your chest and watched the fight.

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