Smosh milk fanfic

this isnt the real thing, so just shut up

Created by kittehluvear on Wednesday, June 27, 2012


okay, first off, this isnt the real thing or anything like that. just read. i kno im late on this, butbi just read the smosh milk fanfic. all i can say is that i can never drink milk again. ohmygod. it was the worst thing that ever reached my eyes. like if they for some hell like reason actully did that, it would be the new 2 girls 1 cup. (im a pussy whi hasnt seen it, but imagine its this bad) it was horrilbe.not to brag, but im a pretty good reader. so i visuilize what im reading as i read it. and that totally backfired. ill give you a brief summary Bout what happened trying the hardest i can to not puke all over my laptop. first i have to say that ian is the bottom. witch i kinda get cause anthonys a few months older than him. okay, so ian is anthonys manbitchwhore and anthony takes water and milk, puts it in a turkey baster or some shit and shives it in ians ass. its like a quater gallon and he takes it all and its nasty then they go to bed and the firetrucked up author says that they have been firetruckin around with toys and shit, but they havent had gaybuttsecks in a while. then anthony starts frickin choking ian and then they go to sleep. my childhood is no more. so, please tell me if youve seen it, or if you want t read it ill send you the link---------------•------------

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