Are You Right For Me?~Sesshomaru Love Story~ Chapter 4

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Created by ihcatilover14 on Tuesday, July 03, 2012

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Yuki's POV

"--ke up!"

I sat up and rubbed my eyes, "Whadda ya want?" I asked, pulling the blanket over my head.

"Get up and change into this, now!" Aiko said, tearing the blanket off my head, and tossed a thick kimono on me.

"Fine." I grumbled, as I grabbed the kimono and walk into the closet to change.

I hate today!!!! Why can't I sleep in like usual?! And whats with this kimono?!!! Why does it have so much layers?! I don't care anymore!!! I walked out the closet and stood there, yawning.

"Put your kimono on right for once!" Aiko sighed as she fixed my kimono, and placed a bow on my hair.

"Leave my hair alone, it's fine as it is." I mumbled, after the bow was place on my hair.

"Stop complaining, Father is waiting along with the others." Aiko said leading me out the room.

She's lucky that I'm still half a sleep or else I would have been thrown a fit for waking me up when I'm in the middle of my sleep!! T_T

"Why are you rushing me?" I asked, walking slowly behind her rubbing my eyes.

I'm so damn tired to the point where I just want to lay back on my bed...I slept in the guest room, how did she know where I was? Oh well, it doesn't matter I always knew she had a third eye.

"Because I wasted time looking for you and you took too long to change into your kimono! Now go sit down!" she said and opened the door.

In the room was a bunch of random people I don't know, I walked over to Natsume and sat down.

"Your still not awake?" he asked.

I yawned. "Leave me alone, I'm tired." I mumbled.

"Told you to go to bed early last night." he snickered.

"No you didn't."

"Yeah, blame everything on your brother." he said and rubbed my head.

"Aniki! You're going to mess up her hair!" Aiko scolded Natsume.

"It's already messed up anyway." Natsume shrugged.

"You mean your hair?" I asked. T_T

"Hey, don't insult my hair!" He replied putting me in a headlock.

"Aniki!" AIko started.

I don't like this....Sorry but, "You asked for it!" I said as I grabbed one of his arm and throwed hime across the room. Then I stretched my arms.

"Yuki!" Aiko said, kind of mad.

"What?" I asked plainly bored.

"That is really unappropriate for a lady!" she scolded.

Umi schuckled, "She was never like a lady to start with."

I agree, even if it's an insult. Most of the guest had their mouth dropped open, not like I care, they are no one to me anyway.

Everyone's attention turned to the door when Father cleared his throat. Standing behind him was Sesshomaru and his Mother, follpwed by the imp.

"What happened here?" Father asked.

"Don't bother, should we announce the news now?" Aiko asked.

What news? About what? Is it that important that they have to drag me out of bed? Anyway, if it's not important I was throw someone out the window...ok I'm not going to throw someone put the window but I will probably beat someone up. >< ''

"Yuki, come over here." Father said in a cammanding voice.

What now?! I hate being commanded for god's sake!!! I walked over to him in silence, eyeing him suspiciously.

Father took hold of my hand and Sesshomarus', "Today I will announce that my youngest daughter, Yuki, will be betrothed to Lord Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Land. And their marriage ceremony will be tomorrow night." He said as he put our hand together.

Huh? Wait...what just happened?!!!! Damn it, curse my sleepiness!

"Congratulations Soku-sama, Kimi-sama, Sesshomaru-sama, and Yuki-sama!" The guests cheered.

I growled...what the heck is their issue?! "Can I leave now?" I mumbled in a whisper.

"Yes, Sesshomaru-sama should accompany you." Father said.

"Do what you want!" I stated and stormed out the room.

Heck is everyone's problem today?! First I was awaken from my sleep for some useless meeting and now Father announced that I'm going to marry someone I barely know of by tomorrow night?! I don't think so!

"Woman, where are you going?" Sesshomaru asked.

"I'm going back to sleep! Leave me alone!" I hissed.

"Remove your hand."

"What?" I looked at the hand Father had touched, it was still holding onto Sesshomarus' hand.

I let go...what the hell? My hand won't move! "You try to move your hand." I said, irritated.

"My hand won't budge."

"Well my hand's not budging either. This is my worst day ever!! I'm going to kill Father when I see him later!" I growled.

"Show me around the castle." he stated. It's more like a demand.

"I want to go back to sle--...Fine." I mumble in defeat. I don't want someone to watch me while I sleep, it's rather creepy than fun. ToT

I showed him around the castle and the garden and the forest in the garden.

"Where are you planning to go?" He asked.

"I showed you around the castle already, now can't I do something I want?" I said in boredom.

His face with the same indifferent look, so I took it as a yes.

"Aki!!! Come here!" I shouted as a red and green bird flew down from the tree.

"Aki here, Aki here." AKi repeated.

"Do you know a way to separated our hand?" I asked, holding up my hand.

Aki shook his head. "Ok, thanks..." I said as he flew off my shoulder.

Damn Father, I hate him and his sneakiness.

"Woman, do you not know how to separate our hand?" He asked plainly.

"If I do, I would have been separated my hand from yours already!" I growled, irritated.

I'm starting to hate Father with my heart, why do I have to marry someone I don't know? Why do I have to be the one who's being torture by life? And why the hell am I even born?!!! I should've just died in Mother's womb so Mother wouldn't die giving birth to me!

"Women are useless creatures, including you." He stated.

I snapped. "WIll you just shut up for God's sake?! My name is Yu-Ki not woman! And if we woman are useless then we're did men come from?! And if you think I'm useless why don't you find a way to sseparate our hand!"

Damn this bastard...I haven't snapped in so long that this bastard just made me snap. What is wrong with him?

"You will respect me...cut it."

"What?" I look at him, not understnading what he is saying.

"Cut our hand off." He explained.

"NO! I need my right hand!" I said.He is asshole.

"Then do you plan on holding my hand?" He asked.

"No, I need my right hand! Think of something else." I mumbled.

Why do I have to marry a ruthless guy? He's not kind at all!! I want to choose who I marry not an arranged marriage like this.

"All you woman do is talk."

....*Anger mark* "I have a name, bastard." I said, trying to controll my temper. For some reason I want to hit this bastard so bad.

"Un-Lady like...."

Can I just kill him already? I want to kill him, I want to kill...but if I kill him...I'll be dragging his dead body with me everywhere and who knows how heavy he is....

Sesshomaru's POV

This girl is so un-lady like, is she really the youngest daughter of Soku? There was rustle from the bushes and from the's a tiger.

"Rika!" The girl ran towards the tiger.I pulled her back as she glared at me. "What do you want this time?"

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm giving her a hug... as you can tell? you know how to separate our hands?" She asked the tiger, lifting our hand.

The tiger, Rika, started licking our hands. "What is this thing doing?"

"Trying toseparate our hand, idiot."

"I do not like to be licked by something I do not approve of."

"Shut up."

This girl.... The tiger stopped licking our hands, only our fingers were able to move while the rest of the palm is glued together.

"Damn...thanks Rika." She patted the tiger's head as it growled. "He's no one, don't worry." She said to the tiger as the tiger left.

"Calling your fiance a nobody, very intelligent."

"I don't care, not like I'm yours." she shrugged.

"By tomorrow night you will." I stated.

She growled. "Shut up! Damn Father, of everyone out there why this guy?!" She mumbled.

I started walking, to where the sound of a lake is.

"Where are you going?"

I ignored her, such a disgraceful woman is going to be my mate...impossible.

"Slow down!"

Impudent... I put my hand in the water to wash off the tiger saliva.

"Will you say something before doing it? Now my sleeve is wet and it's making this kimono heavier!" She complained.

"Stop complaining."

"No! I can complain whenever I want, it's my mouth."

I glared at her as she rolled her eyes, there is no fear in her eyes...why?

"If you're trying to scare me, it's not going to work...I've been through a hell lot of experience so why don't you give up on trying to scare me?"

What do she mean?...

"Sesshomaru-sama, Yuki-sama!" a voice called, coming towards us.

"Aya...what is it now?" she groaned in annoyance.

The maid appeared in front of us and bowed. "Am I interrupting you?"


"Well it's time for your bath, Yuki-sama."

"Aya...there is no way I'm taking a bath."

"Why not?"

"Unless you know a way to separate our hands, I'm not going to take a bath."

The maid looked at our hand. "Soku-sama's doing...I apologize but I do not know how to undo the spell."

"Huh? When was Father caple of using spells?"

"Ever since I was serving him, now go take a bath."

"No! I'm not going to take a bath cause he will have to be there too!" She pointed at me.

"Sesshomaru-sama is your fiance."

"I don't care!"

Troublesome girl...

"Yuki-sama, you are no longer a child."

"Then don't treat me like a chil-- Put me down!" She shouted as I threw her over my shoulder.

"Lead the way." I commanded.


Yuki's POV

"I hate you guys..." I mumbled as Aya prepare the bath.

"Yuki-sama, the bath is ready."

"Aya....Blindfold this guy at least!!" I shouted pointing at Sesshomaru.

"W-what?" Aya said confused.

"Blindfold him, please...I don't want someone to watch me while I'm taking a bath." I sighed in defeat.


"No buts'" I cut her off.

"Leave." Sesshomaru said.

"Yes." Aya said and left.

I wanted to complain but he covered my mouth with his hand and dragged me into the bathroom with him. Then he threw me into the tub.

"What the hell are you trying to do?!" I shouted as my kimono got heavier in the water.

"Catch a cold or undress, your choice." he said indifferently.

"I can't undress if my other hand is holding yours?" I asked, extremely irked. This damn kimono is getting heavier and heavier each second, either way I rather drown to death. T_T

He picked me out the bath tub and cutted the sleeve on my right hand to the collar. I placed my free hand on my right shoulder to prevent the clothing from falling so have my chest won't be reveal, half of my back was revealed though.

"What are you doing?!" I shouted as he put his sword away.

"Making it easier for you to undress."

I growled in frustation. "It's not helping...besides there's another problem, how am I suppose to dress after I took a bath when my right hand is stuck with your left hand?"

"Cut the right sleeve."

"No thank you! I do not like showing the tiniest skin!" I stated.

"...Then your saying that you prefer to catch a cold?" He asked.

"I gues...yes?" I replied, not really sure if I want toget sick.

"Hm...interesting. Help me undress."


"Hurry up!"

"Fine!" I sighed in defeat.

I removed my left hand from right shoulder and helped him untie his armor as a part of the kimono on my right fell off revealing my shoulder, along with my birthmark that I hate.

"That mark..."

"It's a birthmark, don't bother." I said plainly as he took off his top.

"Do you hate it?"

I shrugged. Then he put his finger on it which I slapped off. "Don't touch me. The only person who is allowed to touch my bare skin is not you." I stated coldly. That person is dead anyways...meaning no one is alloed to touch me.

He smirked, "Heh, will know whether or not will I be able to touch you by tomorrow." He said as he stepped into the bath.

I sat down next to the tub, our hand still together. It feels nice to hold hands with someone again..except he's not him...I rested my head on my knees and closed my eyes, letting darkness take over.


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