Our Love Story (Jayy Von Monroe

Created by IheartJayy on Thursday, July 05, 2012



I remember when I first met Jayy. It was back in high school. I guess you can say I was one of the “cool kids” and Jayy.. Well, he wasn’t. He was what everyone called ‘a freak.’ Everyone teased him. Everyone except me. I wasn’t one to judge. I admired Jayy because he was openly gay. I was in the closet because I was scared of being judged. I saw what they did to Jayy, and I definitely didn’t want to go through that. I remember Jayy had to go to school 30 minutes early and leave 30 minutes before school ended to avoid all the bullies.

When I first talked to Jayy, It was to tell him I liked his style. He flipped me the bird and walked away. I figured he probably thought I meant it sarcastically like all the other kids. The second time I spoke to him, I told him that I was being sincere. That I really did like his style. He thanked me, his facial expression not too sure. He warned me that I shouldn’t talk to him if I wanted to keep my reputation as a cool kid. I told him I didn’t care. I would even arrive to school 30 minutes early just so I could talk to him.

Jayy and I became close friends. He was the first friend I came out to, telling him I was gay. We would go over to each others’ houses and hang out. I wished we could have hung out in school, but he had to stay inside a classroom while other students were in break. But the one moment that I remember the most, was when I made our friendship public.

Jayy was walking to the bathroom with campus security. The “cool kids” table was first to see this. They called out fag and freak, throwing things at him. I watched in horror as Jayy just took it. I stood up and rushed over to Jayy, standing in front of him. Everyone stared. I told them to leave him alone. That he was my friend and if they wanted to mess with him, they’d have to go through me. You’d expect them to leave him alone. Instead, they called me a fag lover and threw things at me. But I didn’t care. My one true friend was Jayy.

We eventually dropped out, not wanting to deal with ignorant people. Later on, we got our GEDs together. We even moved in together with our good friend Dahvie. And soon after that, Jayy became one of the lead singers for Blood on the Dance Floor.

Jayy and I got even closer than before. After a couple of years of knowing him, I fell in love with him. Unfortunately for me, he fell in love with someone else. Daniel Ferrara. I remember the day he told me. He seemed so happy and in love. I told him I had lunch with my grandma, when really, I went to the park and cried until there weren’t anymore tears to cry.

I stayed away from Jayy for a while. I grabbed a week’s worth of clothes and visited my grandma. Jayy would call me, come visit me. I told my grandma to tell him I wasn’t home, or I was busy. Anything to make myself distant. Jayy finally had enough of my bullshit and climbed through my window one night. I remember having a huge fight and almost lost my friendship with him. I finally pushed my feelings for him aside and apologized. He forgave me. No matter how much it hurt to see him be all lovey dovey with Daniel, I needed him in my life, and I wasn’t going to end our friendship.

I waited. I waited until they would break up. I waited almost two years. I didn’t date anyone. I didn’t have sex with anyone. I waited for Jayy. Once again, unfortunately for me, he got engaged to Daniel. And once again, I cried my eyes out.
It was time for me to move on. I started dating here and there. I went out to clubs and met guys, but never had sex with them. One night, Jayy and I went out to a club. We danced the night away. That night I pretended that he was mine. I pretended that he was my fiancĂ©e. Later that night, things turned for the worse. Across the dance floor was Daniel, making out with another guy. I watched as tears flooded Jayy’s eyes. Anger filled mine. Jayy grabbed my hand to walk out of the club and I pulled away. I pushed and shoved people out of my way, making it across the dance floor and over to Daniel. I tapped his shoulder. He pulled away from the guy and looked at me. Before he could explain anything, I punched his nose, making him bleed on the dance floor. (A/N: I had to. xD)

That night I comforted Jayy. I held him as he cried on my shoulder. And I comforted him the day after that. And the day after that. I would coo soothing words into his ear, telling him that he was amazing and that Daniel made the biggest mistake ever. But none of it worked. Jayy went into a depression. He never wanted to do anything. Never wanted to go out. Never wanted to hang out with our friends. Nothing.

After a month, I decided to snap him out of it. I decided to tell him my true feelings for him. That I would love him more than anyone else ever would. I thought maybe if I told him, he’d be happy again. I was wrong. He became angry, saying he would never love anyone again. My heart broke. And I myself went into a depression. I packed all my things and moved back in with my grandma. Jayy and I stopped talking.

After a month of not talking, he finally came by my house. Drunk. He was crying, slurring words, and stumbling around. I snuck him up into my room where he stumbled around more. He finally passed out on my bed, but not before kissing my lips sloppily. I couldn’t sleep after that. I waited until the sun rose. Jayy finally woke up. He was confused as to where he was until he saw me sitting across the room. I didn’t wait for him to speak. I simply pointed to the door and told him to get out. He didn’t. He sat on my bed and cried. I didn’t want to give in, but I did. I sat there with him and let him cry into my shoulder like I had done many times before.

The next thing I did not expect. He apologized. Jayy never apologizes. I sighed and held him while he cried more. He once again reeled me in. He convinced me to move back in with him and Dahvie. After a couple of days, I noticed that Jayy was being weird towards me. Not distant and silent weird like before. He was being clingy and never left me out of his sight, which I had no problem with. Until one night.

Jayy snuck into my bedroom while I was sleeping. He tried to climb into my bed without waking me up. I, being the light sleeper that I am, woke up. I stared at him with a confused look on my face. Before I could ask him what was wrong, he kissed me. I kissed back. When I tried pulling away, he pulled me back in. That night, I gave him my virginity.

The next morning, I woke up and Jayy was nowhere to be seen. I would have thought that it had been a dream, but the aching in my lower back was telling me different. He thought it was a mistake, I thought. He only wanted me for sex. I was his booty call. All these negative things going through my head. That day, Jayy first witnessed my one of many panic attacks.

I was on the bed, having trouble breathing. He had walked in with breakfast he went to buy. He dropped whatever he was carrying when he saw what a mess I was on the bed. I gasped through breaths, telling him to grab my inhaler from my dresser. He quickly searched for it and handed it to me. He waited until I calmed down to ask what happened. I explained my thoughts to him. He then kissed me. My heart raced. He told me that he wanted to be with me. That he should have never of shot me down the first time I confessed my feelings for him. He then gave me the most softest kiss anyone had ever given me. He pulled away and asked me to be his boyfriend. I, of course, agreed with a ‘fuck yes.’ Jayy once again gave me the softest kiss ever.

Now, after 3 amazing years, I watched Jayy and Dahvie dance around the living room. We were currently having a house party. The strobe lights almost blinding me and the music almost making me go deaf. I sat on the floor against the wall and laughing at Jayy’s and Dahvie’s silliness. Jayy looked over at me and smiled. I returned his smile.
He danced over to me and plopped himself on my lap. I groaned, his boniness hurting my thighs. Jayy placed his hands on the sides of my neck as I placed mine on his hips.

Jayy smiled, “Come dance, Baby.” He pleaded.
I shook my head, “You know I suck at dancing.” I replied.

He pouted, “Please? It’s only us,” he said, referring to himself, Dahvie, Haley Rose, Sally, Andrew, Jeffree Star, and the rest of our crew. Jayy smiled, “We all know you suck, but we won’t judge. Harshly.” He laughed.

I frowned, “Now I’m definitely not going to dance.” I pouted.

Jayy laughed again, “I’m kidding, Jakey. Come on, dance, please?” He pleaded once more. I shook my head, crossing my arms. He leaned in closely, resting his forehead against mine, then brushed his lips against mine softly, “Please?” He whispered against my lips. The scent of Jack Daniels and a hint of cigarette on his breath.

I tried not to swoon. I pursed my lips and shook my head. Jayy pouted once again. I laughed and pecked his lips softly, “Go dance, Jayy.” I mumbled against his lips.

Jayy sighed dramatically, “Fine.” He got up from my lap and walked back to the dance floor. He started dancing with Haley Rose and Jeffree. I smiled slightly. I had hoped he would take a small break from dancing to sit with me. I sighed quietly and picked at the rip in my jeans. I looked back up to see Jeffree grinding on Jayy. I bit my lip and suddenly found myself more interested in my jeans. After a while, I looked back up to see them still grinding. Jeffree wrapped his arm around Jayy’s neck bringing him closer.

I frowned slightly to see Jayy do nothing about it. I sighed and got up, dusting off my bum and walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a soda. Just as I was about to head upstairs, Dahvie called out for me.

“Jake! Where ya going?” He asked as he was walking up to me.

I smiled slightly, “The loud music is giving me a heachache. I think I’m just gonna watch a couple of movies then sleep.” I half lied. I didn’t have a headache, but I was going to watch some movies.
Dahvie nodded, “Alright then, man. Hope you feel better. You want me to tell Jayy you’re heading to bed early?” He asked, pointing to the dance floor. I looked towards the dance floor to see Jayy and Jeffree still dancing together.

I looked back to Dahvie, “No, that’s fine. Let him have his fun. But thanks anyways, Dahv.” I replied. Dahvie hugged me goodnight and headed to the dance floor.

I headed back upstairs and walked into my and Jayy’s room. I looked through our movies. I picked out a couple before putting in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I sat against the headboard of the bed and watched as the movie started. I quietly sung along with the songs from the movie, my voice drowned out by the loud music and laughter downstairs.

After about an hour, I watched as Sally and Jack walked closer together, singing to each other. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed. I smiled slightly. I got up to switch movies.
Suddenly, the door busted open. I jumped and gasped, feeling startled. In walked a tipsy Jayy,

“Baby, why aren’t you downstairs? I just noticed you were gone.” He slurred slightly.

I frowned slightly, “I’ve been up here for almost two hours. You just noticed?” I asked.

Jayy nodded, “Yeah. I was too busy dancing. When I stopped to grab a drink, I noticed you weren’t sitting on the floor anymore.” He replied, stumbling over to me.

The image of him grinding with Jeffree came back into my head. I looked down and bit my lip, “My head. It hurts..” I stated quietly. Jayy hugged me close to him and grabbed my chin, tilting my head up so he could look into my eyes. I avoided his gaze.

Jayy frowned, “You’re lying.” He proclaimed. He knew me so well.

Thoughts raced through my mind. What if he liked Jeffree? What if he didn’t love me anymore? What if he left me for Jeffree? I mean, they are close. Really close. Jeffree is way more beautiful than I am. Jayy and Jeffree would be a perfect couple. Jayy could have cheated on me when I was upstairs and I wouldn’t ever know about it.
Tears filled my eyes and my breathing quickened. I gasped, trying to catch my breath. Jayy pulled away and looked down at me, “Baby?” He asked in a panicked tone. I closed my eyes and tried gasping harder to catch my breath. Jayy pushed me back to sit me down on the bed. He rushed to our dresser and opened the top drawer. He quickly rummaged through the dresser. He then grabbed my inhaler and slammed the drawer shut and rushed over to me, handing me my inhaler.

I took a couple of puffs before calming down. I panted quietly and stared down at my inhaler. I finally looked up to see that Jayy had sobered up and was staring down at me, his eyes filled with concern. I kept my mouth shut, too scared to speak.

Jayy spoke first, “Jake.. Are you okay? What happened?” He asked quietly.

I opened my mouth, but no words came out. Instead, a whimper left my lips. Jayy kneeled down and pulled me close to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. I shut my eyes tightly and a whimper once again escaped from my lips.

Jayy rubbed my back gently, “It’s okay, Baby. Just tell me what’s wrong, so I can fix it.” He murmured into my ear.

I sniffled, “My head hurts. A lot. I feel like it’s going to burst.” I lied.

Jayy pulled away from me and pushed my hair back, looking into my eyes, “Do you want to go to the hospital?” He asked quietly. I quickly shook my head. He placed his hand behind my head and pushed my head back gently onto his shoulder,

“Okay, okay. We won’t go to the hospital. Let me just go downstairs really quick. See if I could find any medicine.” He said, pulling away. He kissed my forehead then walked out of the room and down the stairs. I heard the music being turned off and people complaining. I slowly walked towards the door and peeked down the stairs.

Jayy stood by the stereo, “Party’s over. Jake just had an asthma attack. His head is hurting. No more music.” He explained.

Dahvie spoke first, “Is he alright? Does he need to go to the hospital?” He asked worriedly.

Jayy shook his head, “He doesn’t want to go to the hospital. I’m just gonna grab him some Advil then make him go to sleep.” He replied.

I smiled slightly. And to think that I actually thought that Jayy would leave or cheat on me. I suddenly felt guilty. Lying to him is wrong. I made myself present by walking out of the room and towards the stairs.

Jayy looked up towards the stairs, “Jake, what are you doing? Go back inside the room. I don’t want you having another asthma attack.” He demanded. I walked towards him and took his hand then led him into the kitchen. I heard the others raise the stereo back up a little.

Jayy looked down at me, “I thought your head hurt.” He stated.

I shook my head, “I lied.. I didn’t have an asthma attack. I had a panic attack.” I replied looking away.

Jayy took my chin in his hand and brought my gaze back to him, “Panic attack? What made you have a panic attack?” He asked.

I sighed quietly, “I’m.. I got jealous.. And scared.” I replied.

Jayy’s eyes filled with confusion, “Of what, Jake?” He asked.

I looked up at him, “Of Jeffree. The way you were dancing with him. I didn’t like it.” I told him.
Jayy laughed. He laughed even more. He laughed harder. After a minute, I shook my head and walked towards the kitchen exit only to be pulled back.

Jayy pulled me into his arms. Still laughing slightly, he finally spoke, “Baby, Jeffree has nothing on you. He’s just a friend. A brother almost. You’re the only one I want and love. I’m so in love with you and all the things you do.” He quoted Lovestruck as he stroked my cheek gently.

I pouted, “Well, how would you feel if I grinded with highly attractive men?” I asked.

Jayy pulled me closer by my hips, “Mine.” He growled into my ear.

I shivered slightly and buried my face into his shoulder. I breathed in deeply. Jayy nuzzled my hair and rub my lower back. I pulled away and looked up at him. He stared back. I smiled, “I love you, Jayy. I’m sorry I’m such a jealous twit.” I apologized.

Jayy smiled back, “I love you too, Jakey. And you’re not a jealous twit. I understand why you were scared. If I saw you dancing with another guy like that, I’d be jealous and scared too. I’m sorry, Baby.” He apologized.

I shook my head, “It’s okay, Cupcake. I was just being insecure.” I told him.

He stared into my eyes, “You have no reason to be. You’re amazing. You’re beautiful. You’re funny. And you’re sweet. I wouldn’t trade you for the world.” Jayy finished, laughing slightly.

I blushed profusely and bit my lip. I placed my hand behind his neck and brought him down, crashing my lips against his. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck. I stood on my tippy toes, pushing my lips against his harder. He slipped his hand under my shirt and rubbed at my lower back gently. I ran my fingers through his hair then scratched his scalp lightly, which caused to groan quietly against my lips. He bit my lower lip and tugged on it lightly making me moan quietly against his lips.

Just as Jayy was pulling me closer, someone cleared their throat. Jayy and I pulled away slowly and looked to kitchen entrance. Dahvie stood at the entrance grinning, “I see you feel much better, Jake.” He said slyly.

I blushed and hid my face in Jayy’s chest. I could feel laughter abrupt from Jayy’s chest as he rubbed my lower back, his hand still under my shirt, “He feels much better. He says his head doesn’t hurt anymore.” Jayy replied. He kissed the top of my head. I smiled, my face still hidden in his chest. I lightly kissed his ‘Live’ tattoo. He tilted my head up and pecked my lips. I smiled against his lips and placed my hands on his chest. He hugged me tightly to his body. I groaned slightly then nuzzled his collar bone.

Dahvie laughed, “So, back to the party?” He asked as he pointed back into the living room.
Jayy looked down at me, waiting for my answer. I bit my lip and nodded. Jayy grinned and grabbed my hand then leading me to the dance floor. Jayy started to dance while I stood there watching him and the others dance. I felt awkward standing in the middle of the dance floor. I turned to leave only to be pulled back by Jayy, again.

He smiled and talked loudly over the music, “Just follow the beat, Baby.” He said as he grabbed my hips. I tried following the beat, swaying slightly, moving my hips and arms. Pretty soon, I got the hang of it and danced along with Jayy. We were dancing closely, grinding on each other. My hands were moving from his flat stomach and up his chest, to around his neck and down his back. His hands stayed on my bum, squeezing it every now and then, which would make me to moan quietly in his ear and earning a growl back into my ear.

After about two hours, everyone was tired or a bit too drunk. People went into the guest bedrooms to sleep while others, like Alex Gilbertson, laid out on the floor with his girlfriend. Jayy and Dahvie looked at each. They smiled mischievously and nodded. They quickly walked to the bathroom. I could hear them laughing. Jayy walked out and hurried up the stairs, but not before smacking my bum. I laughed and swatted his hand away. Dahvie came out of the bathroom with baby powder and Jayy came downstairs with a camcorder.

Dahvie turned on the camcorder and explained that they were going to antique people. He then pointed it to Jayy, “Mr. Monroe, are you ready? Are you ready to antique these motherfuckers?” He asked. Jayy, playing and tugging on his turquoise plugs, answered with a yes. Dahvie then pointed the camera towards me, “You ready, Sugar Dick?” He asked. I laughed and nodded as he handed me the baby powder.

Dahvie pointed the camcorder back to Jayy. Jayy looked into the camera, “I’ll fucking kill these people.” He said before walking up the stairs quietly. Dahvie and I followed close behind. When Jayy got the the top of the stairs, he did a somersault and held up his hands together in a form of a gun. I held my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. He crawled over to where Alex and his girlfriend were sleeping and peeked his head in.

He looked back at us with his jaw hanging, “Oh, my fucking God,” he whispered, “they’re naked.” He laughed quietly. Dahvie and I looked at each other. Dahvie then walked forward quietly to film them. Alex had a blanket around his waist while his girlfriend was only in her bra and underwear. Dahvie laughed quietly as Alex snored. I quietly walked over to him and handed him the baby powder, then quietly walked back and stood by Jayy. Jayy wrapped his arm loosely around my waist and smiled cutely. I scrunched my nose at him then smiled in return.

Dahvie held the camcorder in one hand and the baby powder in the other. He filmed while he sprinkled the baby powder on him slowly, all the while laughing quietly. Jayy unwrapped his arm from around me to signal Dahvie to just dump a whole bunch on Alex. I pushed Jayy towards Dahvie gently, telling him to help Dahvie. Jayy grabbed the baby powder from him then quickly poured a whole bunch on Alex’s face. Dahvie started laughing more and louder than before.

Alex’s girlfriend woke up and looked over at Alex. She held her hand over her mouth and looked back at Dahvie. Dahvie kept laughing, getting louder and louder. I held my hand over my mouth, laughing quietly. Jayy hugged me to his chest and laughed into my hair. Alex finally woke up and touched his face. He kept his eyes closed to keep the baby powder from entering his eyes. He wiped some off and looked up, trying to grab his girlfriend.

“No, no. No, no, stop.” She said, laughing. We all laughed loudly.

Dahvie bent over and grabbed the baby powder from the floor, “I’ll just take my Mr. Johnson back,” he turned to leave, then turned back, “you have a great fucking evening, there, Snow White. You have a great fucking evening. See you later, uh, Snow Mountain.” He said, laughing hard.

“What is it with everybody in our house doing coke?” Jayy joked.

“Lay off the coke, buddy.” Dahvie laughed.

“Seriously, Scarface. What the fuck? This isn’t Miami Vice, hoe.” Jayy replied jokingly. I giggled into Jayy’s chest. He ticked my sides and I giggled more.

Dahvie pointed the camera the camera to Alex’s half naked girlfriend, “Look at this trick.” He laughed.

Jayy laughed loudly. Dahvie continued to film Alex’s powdered face and laughing. I giggled then turned to walk down the stairs. Jayy followed closely behind. I walked outside to get some fresh air. I breathed in and exhaled slowly. Jayy sat down on a lawn chair and pulled out his cigarettes, lighting one up. Dahvie came out to join us. Jayy looked at me and patted his lap. I smiled and walked over, plopping down. He wrapped one arm around my waist, keeping his other arm away to keep the smoke from blowing in my face.

Dahvie spoke into the camcorder, “That was like a mountain of coke,” he stated. I laughed. He pointed the camcorder to Jayy and I, then back to himself, “I’ve never seen that much crack.” He said, then pointed the camcorder back to Jayy.

Jayy pulled me closer, “I haven’t seen that much crack since that last house party we had.” He said jokingly, then took a puff from his cigarette, blowing the smoke away from me. I laughed and pecked his lips slowly. I could taste a hint of Marlboro cigarettes on his lips. I pulled away and licked my lips, smirking slightly.

Dahvie spoke into the camcorder again, “That shit was crazy.” He said.

He pointed the camcorder at me. I smiled, “I haven’t seen that much crack since last night.” I joked and giggled. We all laughed.

Dahvie finally turned off the camcorder, “Alright, I think I’m gonna go to sleep now. You bitches better not antique me.” He pointed at us.
Jayy and I laughed, “No promises,” I replied. Dahvie glared at me playfully. I smiled, “Kidding, Dahv. Goodnight, see you tomorrow.” I said. Jayy and I waved bye at him as he walked back inside the house.

I sat in silence, snuggled up to Jayy’s chest. I watched as he took drag after drag of his cigarette. He looked so beautiful. I closed my eyes and rested my head against Jayy’s shoulder. A gust of wind blew our way. I shivered slightly and rubbed my arms.

Jayy finished off his cigarette and flicked it onto the ground, “Come on, let’s go to sleep.” He murmured. I nodded and got off his lap. He grabbed my hand and led me inside. He shut the sliding door and locked it. We proceeded up the stairs and into our room. Jayy stripped down to his boxer briefs. I stripped down to my short boxer briefs, then grabbed Jayy’s shirt from the floor and put it on. It was long enough to cover half of my bum.

Jayy smirked, “Why do you always do that?” He asked.

I blushed lightly, “Because it smells like you.” I replied shyly.

Jayy laughed, “Why smell the shirt when you can just smell me?” He asked. I shrugged shyly. He smirked once again, “Well, you look sexy in my shirts. Now, come to Daddy.” He patted my spot on the bed, his seductive eyes on. My face heated up. I nodded and quickly turned off the light, then crawled into bed.

Jayy pulled me to lie down on top of him. I smiled shyly down at him. No matter how long I’ll ever be with him, he’d still make me feel like a little school boy with their first crush. I could feel Jayy slip his hand under his shirt I was wearing. He rubbed my lower back gently, stopping right above my bum. I leaned down and kissed his neck lightly. I traced his tattoos slowly with my tongue. He moaned quietly as scratched at my lower back. I moaned into his neck and nibbled on it. Jayy slipped his hands under my short boxer briefs and rubbed my bum gently. I gasped quietly into his neck.

Jayy flipped us over so he was on top of me. He proceeded to take off the shirt I was wearing and throwing it in an unknown direction. I stared up at him, biting my lip. He ran his hands down my chest slowly, then lightly traced the hem of my boxer briefs, teasing me. I whined slightly and arched my hips. Jayy chuckled sexily and slowly pulled off my boxer briefs.

I stared at him nervously as he kissed my hips and abdomen. His hands slowly crawled up my thighs and gently wrapped a hand around my cock. I gasped quietly and bit my lip as I watched him. He stroked it gently as he licked the tip, staring up at me seductively. I moaned quietly and closed my eyes.

Jayy sucked on my head gently then pulled off slowly, “Look at me, Baby.” He whispered huskily. I could feel his hot breath against my cock. I groaned quietly and looked down at him. He smirked and took my cock back into his mouth.

I gasped, “Oh, fuck.” I whispered. I ran my fingers through his hair and tugged as he bobbed his head up and down, sucking gently. I whimpered and arched my hips. Jayy held my hips down and bobbed down lower, taking more of me into his mouth. He pulled off and scraped his teeth lightly against the head of my cock. I groaned and pulled him up then flipped us over. I straddled his hips and grinded my bare bum into his clothed cock. He groaned and smacked my bum making me moan.

I crawled off backwards, taking his underwear with me. I leaned down, face to face with his cock. He stared down at me, waiting for my next move. I leaned down even lower and licked from the base to the tip. I slowly wrapped my lips around his head and sucked gently. He exhaled heavily, “Shit, Jake.” He murmured quietly. I pulled off and kissed down his cock and passed his balls. I stared at his pierced scrotum and licked my lips. I took the piercing between my teeth and pulled on it lightly.

Jayy gasped and grabbed a handful of my hair, “Holy fuck, Jake.” He groaned. I giggled quietly and sucked on his piercing lightly before pulling away and crawling back up. Jayy placed his hand behind my head and pulled me down, “Ride me.” He growled and demanded against my lips.

I smirked slightly, “Oh, yes, Daddy.” I whispered against his lips. Jayy bit my bottom lip and tugged on it. He then reached into our nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube. He squirted a generous amount into his hand, then squirting some in mine. I watched as he spread it onto his cock. He watched me hungrily as I spread the lube against my entrance. Jayy moved his hand from his cock to my entrance, helping me spread the lube, stretching me in the process.

I straddled Jayy’s hips once again and grabbed his cock, placing it against my entrance. I could feel his cock twitch in anticipation. I placed my hands on Jayy’s chest and slowly lowered myself onto his cock. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes. Jayy slid his hands up my thighs and onto my hips, gripping them tightly. I slid lower, taking all of him in.

“Oh, fuck.” Jayy moaned with a shaky breath. I whimpered quietly, slowly moving up and down, adjusting to his size. Jayy bucked his hips hard, thrusting in deeper. I moaned loudly then quickly covered my mouth, afraid that someone would hear us.

Jayy moved my hand, “They’re all sleeping, Baby. They won’t hear you.” He whispered huskily. I bit my lip and rocked back onto his cock, moaning quietly. Jayy dug his fingers into my hips, guiding me back and forth. I moved moved up and down faster, finding a steady rhythm.

I threw my head back, moaning as Jayy bucked his hips up, “Oh, fuck, Jayy.” I whispered. Jayy bucked his hips again, harder, and smacked my bum. I moved faster, my muscles tightening around him.

Jayy let out a guttural moan, “Don’t stop, Jake.” He murmured. I clawed at his chest and stomach, moving even faster and harder. I can feel warmth pooling in my abdomen. I slowed down to a very slow rhythm, teasing Jayy.

He growled, “Faster.” He demanded. I smirked and moved even slower. He growled once again and grabbed my hips, quickly, but carefully flipping over on top of me. I moaned in surprise and wrapped my legs around his waist. Jayy leaned down and kissed my lips passionately, yet fiercely. I moaned quietly against his lips.

Jayy pulled away and gripped tightly onto my hips. He thrusted in and out, trying to find a steady rhythm. I bit my lip, trying to keep my moans in, but failing miserably, “Baby, harder.” I whined as I clawed at his back. Jayy thrusted into me faster and harder, groaning under his breath. I gasped in pleasure and Jayy thrusted into a certain spot, making me tingle, “Fuck, there, Jayy. Right there.” I begged, thrusting back onto his cock.

Jayy groaned and thrusted back then stopping all movement, “Beg me. Beg for Daddy to fuck you. Tell me how bad you want my cock.” He murmured against my lips. I whimpered and tried to thrust down onto his cock. He smirked and pulled back until only the tip of his cock was inside me, “Beg me.” He demanded.

I whimpered once again, “Please, Daddy. Fuck me hard, fuck me fast. I want it. Please. I want your dick so fucking bad. Please, Daddy.” I moaned, scratching at his back. He smirked and slammed back in. I arched my back and moaned loudly. Jayy kept a fast rhythm, thrusting in harder each time. I pulled down Jayy onto my body, kissing and biting at his luscious lips. Jayy kept his rhythm, going lightly faster and moaning against my lips. I can feel the warmth in my abdomen spreading throughout my body. I gasped and pulled away from Jayy’s lips, “So close..” I whimpered. Jayy nodded, signaling me he was close too.

I grabbed my dick and stroked in time with Jayy’s thrusts. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge. Jayy grabbed my thighs, squeezing them and thrusting into me even harder.
He groaned, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He moaned into my ear.

I whimpered, “Me too..” I moaned quietly into his ear. Jayy moved in and out even faster, his thrusts sporadic. He leaned down and bit down onto my neck hard. I gasped and arched my back, cumming onto my stomach and chest. I moaned loudly and convulsed as my orgasm passed. Jayy quickly pulled out and stroked his cock quickly until he came onto my stomach, groaning and moaning at the same time.

“Fuck.” He whispered. He collapsed down onto the bed next to me, panting heavily. I panted quietly as I reached down on the floor and searched blindly for clothing. I grabbed what felt like a shirt and wiped off the sticky mess on my stomach. After I was done, I snuggled up to Jayy’s side. I felt him wrap his arms around me lazily.

I rested my head on his chest, over his heart. I listened as his heart raced. Once we caught our breath, we looked at one another. Jayy smiled lazily and leaned down, kissing my lips softly. I kissed back with what little energy I had left. I pulled away and placed my head back onto his chest. I sighed contently as I traced his tattoos. Jayy rubbed my back lightly, his fingers tracing little shapes. I shivered slightly.

“You cold, Baby?” Jayy asked. I nodded slightly. Jayy moved to grab the covers, then placed them over us.

I closed my eyes and listened to his heartbeat. I felt as he scratched my back lightly. Something he loved to do. I purred quietly and nuzzled his chest. He laughed quietly.

He placed a kiss on my forehead, “I’m gonna marry you.” He said quietly.

I froze. I looked up at him slowly, “What?” I asked.

He smiled down at me, “I’m going to marry you. Not now, but in the future, I will. I can’t imagine my life without you. When I’m not with you, I spend all day thinking about you. Missing you. And when I am with you, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’ve never smiled so much in my damn life. You’ve changed me for the good. I’m never negative like I was before. I’ve cut down on the smoking and drinking because I don’t need it anymore. Not like I need you. I want to marry you. Buy that fucking perfect house with you. Have your adopted kids. And you know how much I can’t stand kids, but if it’s with you, I know I’ll be able to stand children. Our children. I love you so much and I don’t want to live without you. I want to grow old with you.” He confessed as he stroked my cheek.

My eyes teared up as I stared up at him. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. I was speechless. I took a deep breath, “Jayy, I...” I trailed off. Jayy stared into my eyes and continued to stroke my cheek. I smiled slightly, “I want all of that and more. I love you so much. Words can’t express my love for you.” I whispered.

Jayy kissed my lips lightly then pulled back. He looked down at his hand and took off his ring. He grabbed my hand and slid it onto my finger, “A promise ring. I’m promising everything I just said. I promise to give you everything.” He said, kissing my hand.

I smiled widely and crashed my lips against his, straddling his hips. Jayy wrapped his arms around my waist and flipped us over, grinding his hips into mine. We went for another round. And another. We soon passed out after our third round.
I could hear birds chirping outside. The morning sun hit my eyelids. I opened my eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the brightness. I stretched as much as I can without disturbing Jayy. I turned over to stare at my Sleeping Beauty. He looked so peaceful. I lightly traces his cheekbones, his jawline, his nose, and those luscious lips. I stopped and looked at my hand, seeing the ring Jayy had given me. Remembering last night, I grinned to myself.

“Why’d you stop?” Jayy asked in a groggy voice. I giggled and lied back down, scooting until our noses were an inch apart. I traced his beautiful features lightly.

“I love you, Jayy.” I whispered quietly.

Jayy smiled sleepily, “I love you too, Jake.” He whispered back. I watched as he slowly fell back to sleep.

I smiled and snuggled back into him, “I can’t wait for our forever.” I whispered quietly before I drifted off to sleep in his arms. Right where I belonged.
The End

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