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Maryjane’s P.O.V.:

*Blink, blink, blink* “Where am I?” I look at my shoulder and I scream again. “CIEL, BETHANY, SEBASTIAN, ANNA, HELP!!”

Bethany’s P.O.V.:

“Did you hear that?” “Yeah it’s Maryjane!!” “It came from that way, Sebastian stop the cart!” *Screech* “Wait listen” … “HELP, I’M OVER HERE!” “Maryjane!?!” “We found you!” “Who did this you?” “I don’t know” “We figure this out for now lets get you B—““MASTER CIEL!! MASTER CIEL!!” “What happened Finnian?” “Maryjane’s house it’s caught on fire not to long ago!” “WHAT??” Maryjane’s eyes start to fill with tears. “WHAT DID I DO!?!” Every one turned at her. “Maryjane lets hurry back!”

*Arriving at the Burned Mansion*

When we arrive I see my mansion burning. (Flames again) Then I see a miracle, Mey-rin and Bard are bring out my prized possessions. “There are truly nice people in this world.” I said with a smile. Then when Mey-rin and Bard got all that they could they came running to me. “Are you all right, Maryjane?” “Besides the knife in my shoulder, I’m perfect” Tears of joy mixed with pain streamed down my face. “Thank you truly Ciel, Anna, Sebastian, Bethany, Finny, Mey-rin, and B-bard.” Everything goes dark again. “Maryjane!” “Every on lets go to my mansion we need to help Maryjane!”

*When I Woke Up*

*Opens Eyes* “W-where am I?” “Maryjane, you’re awake!” “How long have I been out?” “Since last night” “Ciel, where am I?” “You’re in my room” “Ciel, thank you so much” “There’s no need to thank me” “Are you sure?” “Positive, by the way how is you shoulder?” “It hurts, but fine” “Do you know who did this to you?” “No, but all I know she was in a black frill dress and had blond hair, it happened so quick” “Hmm, I’ll figure this out you just rest he stood up and walked out of the room. (My shoulder seriously hurts) Then the door opened in walked Bethany. “Maryjane!” She hugged me so tight. “I thought I was going to lose you!” Tears streamed out of her eyes. “Are you crying?” “N-no” “Ok” “By the way, Maryjane I brought you something from the kitchen.” She handed me a glass of Orange Juice and a Blueberry Scone. “Thank you” “Don’t thank me thank Sebastian, I just brought it here and he made it.” “Haha” “Maryjane, you know Ciel was the most worried about you” “Really?” “Yes, I think he loves you” “Maybe” *sigh* “I wonder who could be so evil to you, despicable if you tell me” “…” “I mean if I ever get my hands on the person who did this they will never see the light of the next day.” “Bethany?” “Oh sorry, nah I won’t kill them that’s up to Ciel.” “How about you just hit the with a big stick” “Still got your humor.” “Indeed I do” “Ahh I got to go se what every one else is up too see if any one needs help” “Alright” She walks out of the room. (I want to sing so badly right now *sigh* is that weird?)

*10 minutes later*

I hear a song go through out the mansion. (Sound less voice I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I sang along just once.) “At night when silence envelopes the town. It is raining white I hold up my palms. The snow melts as soon as touch it. A transient piece of light…”

Ciel’s P.O.V.:

*Playing the violin* “Sebastian do you hear that?” “Yes, it sounds like singing” “Sebastian I’ll be right back” “Yes my lord” Walking down the hallway fallowing that beautiful singing. (My room?) Presses ear up to the door. I open the door and see Maryjane singing the song I was playing.

*He walks in my room*

“Until all is white…” “Just lovely” “Oh Ciel, How long have you been standing there?” “Not too long” “I’m sorry I just love Soundless voice.” “Its ok to sing, Maryjane and I admire your voice.” “It’s not that great” “Well, if you’re well enough to come sing while I practice your welcome you know.” “Can I?” “Of course, lets go” We walk down the hallway to the music room. “Sebastian if you don’t mind can Maryjane sing along while I practice?” “Of course, lets begin” (Wow taken in when my time of need and I get to sing to seems like a dream come true. I should do something for him hmm I think of some thing I’ll ask the servants and I’ll do something for them to maybe help out with work yes ok just Ciel…., Got to sing now)

“At night when silence envelopes the town. It is raining white I hold up my palms. The snow melts as soon as touch it. A transient piece of light, Snow accumulates without a sound like light, you smile as you gathered it, hey, how do I sound? Even if I reply, you cannot hear anymore, Say you’re in pain ,Say you’re lonely, I’ll find you, Wherever you are…Don’t leave me behind aren’t we always together as one? As the snow becomes thicker, You gradually fade away I can’t do anything but embrace you, I wish, just one more time to hear your voice, One more time, just one more time…Say my name…From your unfocused, blank eyes A drop appeared In this gray world, Everything has stopped except for the quietly falling snow, You are becoming cold, Your voice has not come back, We’ve given up understanding each other, Hear my voice, smile for me once more I have ran out of tears ,I cannot, Melt you…If possible, my voice ,Take it all away. And give it to the person dear to me…If I’ll be in a world alone without you, Just Take me away with you…I love you, even that Can not be said Our era Is about to close Forever…Even if I shout, I can’t get You or your voice back…To the falling snow…Please don’t stop falling Take me away with her…Everything transient, my voice, my life Erase all of them…Until all is white…”

“…” (There not talking… are they amazed, shocked, horrified, or disgusted?) “Amazing” “Wow I never had heard s girl that could actually sing good” “Was it really that good?” Bethany walks by the door. “I think so too” (that was random but ok) *smiles* “*cough* U-uhm, Boucher its time for your afternoon tea.” “Alright Sebastian, Maryjane would you like to join me?” “Sure”

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