Teacher & Student = LOVE {Forbidden love story} {70}

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Created by xoxFiFixox on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Do you need me to carry you inside?” Eric asks as we arrive back at my house.

No,” I yawn and push my head off the headrest with great effort. “It's only a little walk, I'll be fine.”

Are you sure? I'm pretty positive you fell asleep a few times on the way back.”

I'm fine, okay? Stop with your worrying.”

Well, come on then. The sooner we get you and your shopping inside-”

Most of it's your shopping,” I cut him off.

The point it, the sooner we get inside the sooner you can have a nap.”

Mmmm, that sounds perfect,” I smile, pushing myself out of the car.

I'm glad I remembered to call Mum as we were leaving to tell her we would be home soon. I hate to think what we might have interrupted otherwise. Harrison's probably still here, but hopefully Eric and I will be able to slip up to my room so I can take my nap without having to talk to him. Don't get me wrong, he's a lovely guy, but whenever I see him I automatically think about that night when he told me about Dad.

Please let me carry something,” I say softly as Eric and I begin up the path to my front door. He was carrying all seven bags.

You're practically asleep on your feet, I don't think you should.”

It's not like they're heavy,” I reason.

Which is why there's no problem with me carrying them all,” he smiles down at me as he opens the door. “We're home!”

Okay, so he just ruined my plan. “Eric, help me upstairs, I don't feel like talking to them. I just want to sleep.”

Of course, babe," he puts the bags down and hoists me into his arms.

Thank you,” I snuggle into his chest.

How did the shopping go? You took quite a long ti- is she asleep?” Mum's voice barely reaches me.

Almost. I'm going to put her to bed,” Eric tells her, kicking open my bedroom door.

Okay, the sleep will do her good.”

Seconds later I feel myself being lowered onto the soft mattress of my bed. I open my eyes when I feel his arms leave me and see him walking to the door.

Don't go,” I beg.

I'm just going to get the shopping from downstairs, I'll be back real soon.”

I nod weakly and toe my shoes off, before undressing down to my singlet and underwear. My bed is freezing and I curl myself into a ball, shivering ever-so-slightly as Eric comes back into the room. I look up and smile sleepily.

Stay with me,” I whisper.

There's no where else I'd rather be.”

His words make me smile as he kisses my cheek before taking his jeans and jacket off and getting in next to me in his boxers and t-shirt. He must think it's cold, too, if he's leaving his top on. His body pressing up against me is starting to warm me up nicely, though.

I love you,” I murmur into his chest.

I love you, too, Kaity,” his arms tighten around me as my eyelids become too heavy for me to keep open.

Good morning, sleepyhead,” I hear someone say as I shift in my bed.

I look over at Eric and yawn, lifting my arms up above my head as I stretch. “What time is it?”

Nearly eight.”

I'll never get to sleep later,” I groan, rubbing my eyes.

I think you'll be surprised, you still look pretty tired.”

So, what did you do while I was asleep?”

Talked to Georgina and Harrison,” he hands me my fluffy pink dressing gown so I don't get cold.

About what?”

You, mostly. The hospital called while we were out. Your appointment is at ten tomorrow morning.”

Too early,” I complain, leaning my head on his shoulder.

I'm sure you'll feel better in the morning.”

Hopefully,” I pull my dressing gown tighter around me as I start to feel the cold of being out of bed.

Are you hungry? Your mum and Harrison are having fish 'n' chips downstairs, I could bring some up for you if you want?”

That would be nice, thank you,” I lift my head and kiss his cheek.


Just water.”

Okay, I'll be back in a minute.”

I nod and watch him leave. Ten o'clock tomorrow. I sigh, I really hope Dr Harper was right and I do only have a concussion. Although, thinking back over everything he said, I don't think a concussion is much better than something more serious. I'm starting to think I'll have to repeat this year of school with all the time I've lost for different reasons.

Miss me?” Eric asks, walking back into my room and shutting the door behind him.

Of course not,” I grin at him.

That's not nice,” he puts our glasses of water on my bedside table and sets the bundle of newspaper between us. “I might not give you any food now.”

But I'm sick,” I tell him, pouting. “You need to be nice to me.”

He smiles slightly and places a soft kiss on my forehead, “You shouldn't use that to make me feel guilty.”

You shouldn't let it make you feel guilty,” I counter.

Just eat,” he says, taking one of my hands in his.

How can I eat when you have one of my hands held captive?”

Do you want me to let go?” he asks, looking down at me.

Not really,” I grin, leaning up to kiss him.

He puts a finger to my lips and pushes me away, “Eat, Kaity.”

One kiss?” I beg, looking up at him with big, sad eyes. “Please?”

After you eat something,” he tells me, pushing a small piece of fish towards me. “Kiss this instead.”

Fine, but don't expect me to want to kiss you anytime soon,” I say, shoving some chips into my mouth.

He laughs at me and starts eating too, while I ignore him. If he doesn't want to kiss me that's fine, but I won't talk to him. And I definitely won't be kissing him when I'm finished. I'm being totally immature and childish, I know, but I am a child, so that's okay.

Come on, babe,” he's still trying to get me to talk to him ten minutes after we finish eating.

I shake my head and turn away from him.

You are so stubborn,” he tells me, as if I don't already know.

As I continue to ignore him, he moves closer to me and pushed me gently backwards, pinning me to the bed. I glare at him, while he just smiles down at me. Turning my head away from him, I close me eyes so I don't have to look at his gorgeous face any longer and risk giving in to the temptation of kissing him.

I love your stubbornness,” his breath washes over my cheek and I have to suppress a shiver. “It makes this even more fun.”

Before I have time to wonder what he's talking about I feel his lips on my neck. Fighting back a moan, I do my best not to show that I'm enjoying him doing this to me.

Kaity,” he brushes his teeth over my collarbone. “Are you sure you don't want to kiss me?”

I nod my head slowly, my eyes tightly shut as I force myself not to give in. He chuckles against my skin and pushes my dressing gown open and off my shoulders. With his knees either side of my body and his arm wrapped around my waist, I know I have no chance of getting free – not that I really want to anyway.

You're not even going to talk to me?” he nips at my jaw as one hand slowly snakes its way up under my singlet.

The feeling of his hand on my skin makes me bite my lip to stop myself from groaning. His fingertips run up my back and around to the front, barely brushing against the side of my breast before retracting. With his lips at my throat, one hand tangled in my hair and the other tracing the edge of my underwear around my thigh, I know I won't be able to resist him for much longer.

I'll just have to stop, then,” he mumbles against my throat, giving my thigh a gentle squeeze before pulling back.

Giving up completely, I crash my lips against his, moaning into his mouth as his hands return to my body. I roll us over and straddle his hips, my hands working to free him from his t-shirt as I kiss him hungrily. Once the obstructing material is gone, my lips attack his chest with kisses and gentle nips here and there. I hear his breathing become more rapid and smile against his skin, scraping my teeth over his hip bone.

He groans deeply and sits up, pulling me into his lap. I grin at him, kissing him again as he tugs my singlet off me and disposes of it somewhere across the room. My hands pull his head closer to me as our kiss becomes rougher and his fingertips ignite shivers along my spine. I pull back, panting and move my lips along his jaw.

I should deny you kisses more often,” he tells me breathlessly. “If you do this every time.”

I'm not doing this because you wouldn't let me kiss you,” I move my lips up to his ear. “I'm doing this because you're too sexy for your own good.”

I grin at him as he pushes me backwards and stares down at me. “I don't think I'm the sexy one in this relationship,” he says as he runs his hands over my body.

Lying there in nothing but my underwear, I blush and squirm slightly as self-consciousness floods me as his eyes wander over my curves. “Stop looking at me,” I whisper pathetically.

You're beautiful,” he says, covering my body with his. “I can't help it.”

I bite my lip and look up at him, “You're wearing too many clothes.”

He chuckles and allows me to strip him of his jeans, “I love you, Kaity.”

I love you too, Eric,” I kiss him soundly as the rest of our clothes are shed.

I snuggle into Eric's chest and try to regulate my breathing, “We should probably get into bed.”

Probably,” he agrees, but neither of make any attempt to move from our positions on top of the covers.

It's too hot,” I complain and roll off his chest to get cooler.

It's probably about five degrees outside, you know,” he tells me.

But it's hot in here.”

I blame you,” he whispers in my ear as one of his hands runs over my stomach.

I smile and try to wriggle away from his hands, but it's not working very well for me. My eyes meet his and I notice that he looks sad. “What's wrong?” I ask him, frowning.

It's so flat,” he murmurs, his hand resting on my belly.

I know. I'm sorry, Eric,” I rest my head on his shoulder and look at his hand.

Why are you sorry?”

Because I wasn't strong enough.”


I lost your baby,” I look up at him with teary eyes. “I'm sorry.”

That's not your fault, you know it's not.”

If I'd been stronger, if I'd protected her better-”

Stop, Kaity. It wasn't your fault.”

I just wish it hadn't happened. I wish we still had her. I was her mother, I was supposed to protect her,” the tears start running down my cheeks.

Shh,” he soothes me, pulling the blanket over us. “I wish she was still here, too, but she's not. It wasn't your fault and no one blames you, okay?”

I look up into his eyes and nod, “It just doesn't feel right not being pregnant.”

Some things happen and there's no way of explaining why, and we can't do anything to stop it. We just need to accept what's happened.”

I bury my head into his chest again and wipe my eyes, “I'm sorry for breaking down like this.”

I'll always be here for you,” he says against my hair. “I love you.”


What is it, babe?”

We should probably start using protection unless we want to get pregnant again.”

He chuckles and kisses my head, “You're right.”

Aren't I always?” I ask, smiling at him through my watery eyes.

Of course you are.”

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