Created by AkuDemy64 on Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moving to Quotev.com

Sorry guys, but I've been putting up with Quizilla for years and I can't do it anymore

Plus, it's easier to interact with people on there (in my opinion)

So, come be my friend on Quotev!

Just go to Quotev.com/TwilightThorn to see new stuff and vote on an all new poll for my next story :D

Sorry guys, we'll make it through this together!

Just, come on.

It's just one little click.

Click the new tab button.

Do it.


ANYWAY, I love you guys (:

But I'm still moving so I'll still check back here every once in a while (mostly for my horoscope xD)

:* Those of you who won't come with me, you will be missed

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