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Another Harry imagine...This is a non-personal one....If you like it, you can cheek out my other ones I have posted too! :D And, I guess, if you want a personal one, you can message me...I'll try to write one for you, if you wish(: Lots of Love xx

Created by Bloggerdotthreeslashme on Thursday, July 12, 2012

Harry Imagine...
When you wake up, your ankle is throbbing. The wind blows, reminding you of where you are. You can feel his arms wrapped protectively around your waist. You smile and look up at Harry's face. The pain suddenly goes away. He looks so peacful, you decide to let him sleep some more. You lay your head back down on his chest and drift off into a light sleep, dreaming of what happened last night.
"Are you ready, love?" You heard Harry yell from downstairs. "Almost," you reply, finishing the waterfall braid that kept your bangs pulled back. Grabbing your purse, you ran downstairs. "Beautiful," Harry said as he took your hand and pulled you into a hug. "Thank you," you reply, pulling away from him, "so, what do you have planned?" You ask. He laced your fingers together and didn't reply.
As he dragged you out the front door, your couldn't help but wonder what Harry would plan for your first date.
He opened the car door for you, like a true gentleman. You both got in and Harry started to drive. "Dinner?" You guessed.
You decided that he wasn't going to tell you and laid your head on the back of the seat. "You really do look beautiful..." Harry said hesitantly. You smiled to yourself. "You don't look too bad yourself," you say.
The car stopped and Harry shut it off. You looked around to see that you were in the park. "What are we doing here?" You ask. Harry gets out of the car and came around to your side. It startles you when he taps on the window. Seeing you jump, he opens the door, smiling.
"I'm sorry," he laughed. "It's fine," you said, giggling to yourself, "So why are we here?" You ask again. "You'll see," he said, running around to the back of the car, opening the trunk. You walked to his side to find him pulling out a large piknik basket. "Harry, how are we going to have a piknik? It's going to be dark in, like, twently minutes?" You ask.
"We're not," was all he said. You took his hand and started walking in the grass. "I thought Zayn was the mysterious one?" Harry laughed. "Am I surprising you?" He asked. You shrug. "Not really," you say.
You walked hand in hand with Harry until it got dark. He stopped you and pointed in front of you. "See that light?" He asked. You nod in response. "That's where we are going." He said, pulling you towards it. You are right to the spot when you trip on a rock, falling to the ground, twisting your ankle in the process. "Oh my gosh! Are you okay?" Harry exlaimed, pulling you up by your hand. "Yeah," you said, a sudden rush of pain running up your leg, "Okay, no! I'm not! Ouch!" You yell, sitting down and clutching your ankle.
Harry dropped the basket and pulled 2 large blankets out of it. You watch as he smooths one out on the ground close to the light. He smiled as he walked back towards you and picked you up.
You giggle as he sets you down on the blanket, covering you up with the second one. He sat down far away from you. "Harry?" You ask. He looks at you. "Yeah?" You pat the spot next to you. Harry smiles and moves closer to you. You pull the blanket over both you and wrap your arms around Harry's neck.
You are pulled out of your dream by Harry saying your name. " (Y/N), are you awake?" He asks. You open your eyes and look up at Harry. "Yeah," you whisper. "So, was that a good first date?" He asks. You sit up and so does he. "No," you say. He looks confused, then hurt. "It was more than good. It was amazing!" You saying, kissing him on the cheek. "Is that all I get for the most amazing first date ever?" He said, smiling down at his hands. You put your under his chin and make him look at you. "I didn't say it was the most amazing date ever. I just said it was amazing," you say before kissing him on the lips.

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