Red Moon Dream Catcher (Chapter 1)

So first chapter with Jacey narrating sorry it's kind of boring right now. Message me to tell me what you think and all suggestions are appreciated, don't forget to rate and enjoy. Love, Rocky :)

Created by NillyBerry on Friday, July 13, 2012

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Red Moon Dream Catcher

Chapter 1

“Have a nice day beautiful!” The cashier hollered after me as I push through the gas station door.

“Sounds like you’ve got an admirer.” My dad teased me as he finished filling up the old convertible.

Rolling my eyes I tried to slouch lower in the passenger seat. The boy who was only a few years older than me was still staring at me from his post behind the window. “Oh shut up. Almost done?”

He nodded and got in the car. “What did you get?”

As he started to drive away I pulled out my treasures. A few cans of monsters, some water, three jumbo sized packages of the most amazing licorice in the world, a bag of chips, and a bag of pretzels. Although as much as I didn’t care for my dad and what lay in my families past, the once in a blue moon adventures were the best. Maybe it was that he didn’t know, or he just didn’t care, I could get away with anything when I was with him. When I was fourteen he took me snowboarding and he let me have five servings of monster in one day, I practically vibrated down the slopes. This summer he wanted to take me camping.

This place would be more fun. I’d outgrown the other camp ground. All things he told me to try to get me over my child hood camp ground. How could I ever get over the only place I could ever be truly happy? Get over home? But none of that mattered to anyone; even my mom had told me I would have more fun on the west side of the state instead.

Shaking all of the good memories out of my head I tried to focus on the present. Tearing open the licorice and shoving one in my mouth I let the taste of actual raspberries dance on my taste buds. They only make real licorice in the west and northern parts of the state. After handing my dad a few I pop my monster can, hand him one, and take a long swallow. With the wind whipping my short hair back at my face and sun glaring into my dark shades I couldn’t help but sigh. The feeling was amazing.

Sadly we only had two more hours until we reached the camp ground. By the time we got there it would be too late to climb any sand dunes. Instead we had decided to first set up camp before going into town to grab some dinner, and then go look at all the shops. But tomorrow, those dunes were mine. Putting in another mixed CD I had made for the trip I propped my head on my hand and let day dreams come as I stared down the road.

The smell of campfire smoke filtered through the tall ancient trees. It smelled like home, trees and campfire smoke, the best smell in the world. The stronger the smell got, the jumpier I became. It was good we had the roof off or I would have gone right through it. After checking in we headed to our site.

Jumping out of the car I called to my dad that I would be right back. I really needed to use the restroom. A four hour drive with a can of monster and bottle of water had taken its toll on me. Doing nothing less than a dead sprint I raced toward where the map had said the restrooms would be. That dead sprint turned into a sudden stop when I ran into a brick wall of a guy. A shirtless, brick wall of a guy. An attractive, shirtless, brick wall of a guy.

When I had run into him I had done it with so much force I felt slightly dizzy. “Woah there Darling, are you alright?” His voice was smooth like chocolate and his hands sent warmth coursing through my body as he gripped my biceps to help me steady myself.

I tore my eyes away from his perfectly lean and sculpted bare chest where I had been just a second before. Barley getting a glance of his face before forcing myself to glare at my feet I realized I was now barefoot. I must have fallen out of my flip flops when we collided. “I’m really sorry I ran into you but I need to get somewhere.”

Wiggling out of his strong grip, and it was pretty strong, I slipped my flip flops back on and rushed away to my original destination. After taking care of my situation I stood looking into the mirror. Could I have been a bigger freak? That guy was gorgeous, and I had run away from him? I moaned at my own weirdness and inability to resist monster. I could not even look him in the face! It was too perfect, and his eyes, the color of coffee and they melted me more than his voice.

In reality how I acted probably did nothing more than amuse him, he was one of those guys who was too hot to be single for any amount of time. Shaking my head of hair and fixing a few stray pieces I decided to head back to my camp site. Chances were I would never even see him again.


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