Just another Narnia love story " Edmund" ....chapter 7...................the ice kiss

Created by longtheway on Friday, July 20, 2012

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" At Jadis preson edmund was still sleeping but he heard a voice & started to open his eyes "
Jadis : edmund wakeup .......edmund
Julian : shouldn't we just kill him they will come for him soon
Jadis : shut up & leave us
Julan : my queen
edmund : where am I
Jadis : you don't remember ? you have been here befor
edmund :" starts to wake & looking around " yes I remember
Jadis : you know edmund I did want you to be my son but I had to kill your siblings & you were in my way so I had to give you up
edmund : am not the same person Jadis I don't want to be your son even if you leave my siblings
Jadis : do you know what I love the most about you ed
edmund : it's king edmund
Jadis : yes so I have heard , still do you know ?
edmund : I don't even care to think
Jadis : yet you should know , your just like me edmund & you know it
edmund : maybe once but not anymore am nothing like you
Jadis : are you certin I mean you did kiss eva & you knew your brother likes her
edmund : well she doesn't like him back I love her & she love's me back
Jadis : that's the other thing I love about you
edmund : what do you mean ?
Jadis : what do you know about the ice kiss
jadis : do you know the pain when your very cold & your almost freezing from the inside .....when you get this kiss your bones will freeze just one by one you will feel that every bone of your body is cracking over & over again & only one thing can heal it not even your sister's juice " she called for julian "
Julian : my queen
Jadis : hold edmundtight I don't think it's the kind of kiss he would want " julian held edmund & jadis kissed him " don't worry edmund you wont die but no one can handle the pain so sweet dreams , let's go julianit's gonna be a long night with aot of pain & maybe some screaming as well
Julian : my queen I think they will attack soon you should go somewhere safe
Jadis : they wont come for me julian gaurd edmund yourself

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